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A National FA Community Charter Club

Founded - 1991  

Men's Reserves 2006/2007 - Norwich Sunday League Division 2B

DATE V Opponents Type Score Scorers
Sept 3rd H Thorpe Rovers Lge 0-1
Sept 10th A Mad Moose C Cup 3-2

Holl 2, Rudd

Sept 17th A Ex Mile Cross Lge 1-4 Milne
Sept 24th H Bayer Lge 3-2 Rudd, Navarrina, Warman
Oct 1st A Champion Athletic Lge 0-7
Oct 8th H Ribs of Beef C Cup 0-2
Oct 15th A Saxlingham Res Lge 2-1 Manington, Cameron
Oct 22nd H Ketts Tavern Lge 1-0 Cameron
Oct 29th A Earlham Utd Lge 2-6 Milne, Rudd
Nov 5th A Salhouse Lge 1-3 Cameron
Nov 12th H Wymondham Rangers Lge 0-7
Nov 26th H AFC Rompers Lge 6-3 Manington 2, Cameron, Leveritt, Warman, own goal
Dec 10th A Drayton Lge 6-6 Cameron 2, Leveritt 2, D. Bradfield 2
Dec 17th A Thorpe Rovers Lge 1-4 Leveritt
Jan 14th A Bayer Lge 1-0* D. Bradfield
Feb 4th A Ketts Tavern Lge 1-4 Manington
Feb 18th A Wymondham Rangers Lge 1-13 Holl
Mar 4th A AFC Rompers Lge 15-0 Holl 7, D. Bradfield 2, Manington 2, Leveritt 2, Bradley, Shaw
Mar 11th H Salhouse Lge 1-7 Burton
Mar 18th H Ex Mile Cross Lge 2-6 Leveritt 2
Mar 25th H Champion Athletic Lge 0-5
April 1st H Earlham United Lge 3-1 Johnson 2, Rainsford
April 8th H Drayton Lge 0-3
April 15 H Saxlingham Lge 2-1 P. Martin, Oliver

 *- Match abandoned after opponents refused to play on. Subsequently points awarded to Hethersett with a 0-0 scoreline


Season 2006/2007


App Goals App Goals
BARRETT Matt 2 0 See first team
BARRETT Michael 1 0 1 0
BECK Steven 9 0 279 64
BOLDERSTONE Chris 2 0 See first team
BOREHAM Kristian 3 0
BRADFIELD Daniel 23 5 183 18
BRADFIELD Matt 1 0 see A team
BRADLEY Matt 5 1
BROWNBRIDGE Chris 7 0 See A Team
BROWNE Scott 2 0
BURTON Ashley 10 1 19 1
CAMERON Justin 15 6 15 6
COLLINS Ashley 12 0 32 3
COLLINS Matthew 5 0 5 0
COX Jim 3 0
FAYERS Graham 5 0
FISHER Richard 4 0 4 0
FORD Ashley 2 0 2 0
GANLEY Daniel 3 0 see first team
HOLL Chris 5 10 5 10
HOLLAND Stuart 1 0 see A team
HOLMAN Danny 3 0 see A team
JOHNSON Mark 5 2
LAKEY Colin 5 0 5 0
LEVERITT James 13 8 40 39
MANINGTON Richard 15 6 181 12
MARTIN Paul 1 1 see A team
MILNE Andrew 21 2 265 48
MIDDLETON-KEEN Craig 2 0 31 5
NAVARRINA Danny 3 0 20 20
NORMAN Danny 2 0 2 0
OLIVER Andy 2 1 see A team
PARFITT Andrew 7 0 7 0
PUGH Rob 1 0 see A team
RAINSFORD Tom 21 1 161 2
RICE James 4 0 see first team
RODI Steve 1 0
ROUGHSEDGE Michael 8 0 30 4
RUDD Bradley 16 2 25 3
SHAW James 2 1
STEWARD Matt 2 0 see first team
TURNER Nathan 1 0 see first team
TYRRELL Ben 13 0 163 1
WARMAN Steven 15 1 24 3
WHITMORE Ollie 12 0 66 0
WILLIS Adam 2 0 0 0
WRIGHT Jamie 4 0 0 0
WRIGHT Lee 2 0
own goals 1


  P W D L F A Ps
Wymondham Rangers 22 15 4 3 101 23 49
Salhouse Rovers 22 14 5 3 114 51 47
Champion Athletic 22 14 4 4 82 37 46
Ex-Mile Cross 22 11 5 6 128 59 35
Bayer 22 8 7 7 66 54 31
Ketts Tavern 22 8 4 10 68 67 28
Drayton 22 8 4 10 63 87 28
Hethersett Athletic Reserves 22 9 1 12 48 84 28
Earlham United 22 7 6 9 60 61 27
Thorpe Rovers 22 8 2 12 54 70 26
Saxlingham Reserves 22 7 4 11 62 72 25
AFC Rompers 22 0 0 22 17 198 0


September 3rd, 2006: League match:   Hethersett Reserves    0 Thorpe Rovers    1

Hethersett battled well but couldn't convert their chances into goals.

TEAM: T. Rainsford; B. Tyrrell, A. Collins, A. Milne, D. Ganley, B. Rudd, D. Bradfield, S. Warman, S. Beck, C. Middleton-Keen, C. Holl. Subs (all used) - A. Burton, R. Fisher, J. Cameron.

Referee: B. Bolingbroke (awarded nine marks out of 10).

September 10th, 2006: Norfolk Sunday Intermediate Cup: Mad Moose 2, Hethersett  Res 3

Hethersett came from two goals behind to win this tense county cup match.

TEAM: T. Rainsford; B. Tyrrell, A. Milne, N. Turner, A. Collins, S. Warman, R. Manington, B. Rudd, C. Holl, S. Beck, D. Bradfield. Subs (all used) - J. Cameron, A. Burton, C. Middleton-Keen

Referee: T. Nelson (awarded 70 marks out of 100).

September 17th, 2006 League Match:  Ex Mile Cross    4    Hethersett Res   1

Hethersett dominated the first half and took the lead through Andrew Milne only for the home side to hit back strongly after the break

TEAM: C. Brownbridge, S. Beck, A. Milne, B. Tyrrell, A. Burton, D. Bradfield, A. Collins, S. Warman, B. Rudd, J. Cameron, D. Navarrina. Subs - R. Fisher, J. Wright.

Referee I Selwood awarded seven marks out of 10.

September 24th, 2006 League Match:        Hethersett Res     3,   Bayer        2

Hethersett struggled to find 11 fit players due to late call offs, but battled hard against a strong Bayer team. Hethersett's goals came from Rudd, Navarinna and Warman.

TEAM: C. Brownbridge, J. Parfitt, A. Milne, B. Tyrrell, A. Collins, D. Bradfield, R. Manington, S. Warman, B. Rudd, D. Navarinna, J. Cameron. Sub T Rainsford.

Referee S. Boddy awarded six marks out of 10

October 1st, 2006 League Match:        Champion Athletic    7  Hethersett Res  0

TEAM: C. Brownbridge, T. Rainsford, A. Milne, B. Tyrrell, A. Collins, D. Bradfield, A. Burton, S. Warman, R. Fisher, A. Parfitt, J. Cameron. Sub J Wright.

Referee S. Hood awarded seven marks out of 10.

October 8th: County Cup            Hethersett   Reserves      0    Ribs of Beef      2

TEAM: T. Tainsford, B. Tyrrell, A. Collins, A. Milne, D. Ganley, D. Bradfield, R, Manington, S. Warman, A. Burton, B. Rudd, J. Wright.

Referee: V. Petri 65 out of 100

October 15th          Saxlingham Res       1      Hethersett Res     2 

Hethersett dominated the first half with goals from Manington and Cameron. In the second half they lost control of the midfield and let Saxlingham back into the game, but they held on for victory.

TEAM: C. Bolderstone, M. Barrett, M. Steward, A. Milne, B. Tyrrell, A. Parfitt, R. Manington, J. Rice, A. Collins, S. Warman, J. Cameron. Subs - T. Rainsford, J. Wright

Referee A Warnes 9 out of 10

October 22nd       Hethersett Res        1    Ketts Tavern        0

This was a good sporting match with Cameron scoring the only goal to give Hethersett their second consecutive win.

TEAM: T. Rainsford, Michael Barrett, A. Milne, B. Tyrrell, A. Collins, R. manington, D. Bradfield, A. Parfitt, S. Warman, J. Cameron, M. Collins. Subs - R. Fisher, O. Whitmore.

Referee J Lord Rogers 7 out of 10

October 29th         Earlham             6       Hethersett Res      2

TEAM: Tom Rainsford, Adam Willis, Andy Milne, Ashley Collins, Danny Bradfield, Andy Parfitt, Steve Warman, Justin Cameron, Bradley Rudd, Danny Navarrina, Matthew Parfitt, Ashley Burton, Ollie Whitmore

November 5th              Salhouse        3     Hethersett Res    1

Hethersett were slow to get going and imporved in the second half.

TEAM: Tom Rainsford, A. Ford, A. Collins, S. Warman, B. Tyrrell, D. Bradfield, R. Manington, A. Parfitt, B. Rudd, J. Cameron, S. Beck. Subs - A. Willis, M. Collins, M. Roughsedge

November 12th          Hethersett  res     0      Wymondham Rangers 7

Hethersett were forced to switch this match to Easton College following vandalism to their usual pitch. They were also hit by late call offs but battled well against a good Wymondham side.

TEAM: T. Rainsford, A. Ford, A. Milne, B. Tyrrell, A. Collins, M. Roughsedge, R. Manington, S. Warman, J.Leverett, J. Cameron, D. Bradfield, O. Whitmore.

Referee N. Raven 9

November 26th              Hethersett Res        6       AFC Rompers    3

Hethersett dominated the first half and raced into a 5-0 lead. After the break Rompers did their best to get back into the game.

TEAM: T. Rainsford, B. Tyrrell, A. Milne, M. Steward, C. Bolderstone, R. Manington, J. Rice, S. Warman, D. Bradfield, J. Cameron, J. Leveritt. Subs - M. Collins, M. Roughsedge, O. Whitmore.

Referee B. Drewery   9

December 10th               Drayton              6         Hethersett       6

This was a great match played in excellent spirit with goals galore.

TEAM: T. Rainsford, B. Tyrrell, D. Norman, A. Milne, S. Warman, B. Rudd, J. Cameron, J. Leveritt, D. Bradfield, O. Whitmore, C. Lakey

Ref M. Holmes 10

December 17th                    Thorpe Rovers      4    Hethersett    1

Hethersett lost Ben Tyrrell early in the game with a broken foot and then had injuries to Collins and Cameron. Their only goal came from a James Leverett penalty.

TEAM: T. Rainsford, M. Barrett, A. Milne, B. Tyrrell, A. Collins, S. Warman, J. Rice, S. Beck, D. Bradfield, J. Cameron, J. Leverett, M. Collins, D. Norman

Ref D Godbold 10

Jan 14th                           Bayer         0    Hethersett       1

This game was abandoned after 21 minutes when the Bayer players walked off the pitch. Hethersett were leading 1-0 at the time through a Danny Bradfield goal. The Bayer players argued with the ref from the start of the match. Bayer were a disgrace.

TEAM: S. Holland, T. Rainsford, A. Milne, D. Holman, S. Warman, J. Cameron, D. Bradfield, M. Bradfield, B. Rudd, A. Oliver, J. Leveritt. Subs (not used) - O. Whitmore, M. Pugh, M. Collins

Feb 4th                  Kett's Tavern     4     Hethersett    1

Hethersett suffered a number of late call offs. All credit must go to the 11 who turned out.

TEAM: T. Rainsford, J. Cameron, M. Bradley, B. Rudd, M. Collins, C. Lakey, D. Bradfield, R. Manington, M. Johnson, J. Leveritt, O. Whitmore.

Feb 18th              Wymondham Rangers      13      Hethersett    1

Hethersett were forced to play this match with just nine players, but still took the lead through Chris Holl before conceding 13 goals.

TEAM: G. Fayers, M. Johnson, D. Bradfield, L. Wright, C. Holl, S. Browne, C. Lakey, O. Whitmore, T. Cox

Mar 4th       AFC Rompers       0     Hethersett      15

TEAM: Tom Rainsford, Graham Fayers, Matt Bradley, Andy Milne, Jim Cox, Danny Bradfield, Richard Manington, Michael Roughsedge, Bradley Rudd, Chris Holl, James Leveritt, Lee Wright, Jimmy Shaw, Steve Rodi

Mar 11th           Hethersett      1    Salhouse   7

Hethersett suffered late call offs and had to re-arrange their side. Hethersett's goal came from Ashley Burton playing his first game after a long lay off through injury.

TEAM: Tom Rainsford, Andy Milne, Matt Bradley, Danny Holman, Ashley Burton, Danny Bradfield, Mark Johnson, Michael Roughsedge, Scott Browne, Chris Holl, James Leveritt, Jimmy Shaw, Chris Brownbridge, Olly Whitmore.

Mar 18th             Hethersett       2 Ex-Mile Cross    6

TEAM: Tom Rainsford, Graham Fayers, Matthew Bradley, Andy Milne, Steven Beck, Danny Bradfield, Richard Manington, Michale Roughsedge, Bradley Rudd, James Rice, James Leveritt. Subs - Jim Cox, Ashley Burton, Ollie Whitmore

Mar 25th         Hethersett      0   Champion      5

TEAM: Chris Brownbridge, Colin Lakey, Andy Milne, Steven Beck, Ashley Burton, Danny Bradfield, Bradley Rudd, Richard Manington, Kristian Boreham, Tom Rainsford, James Leveritt

April 1st          Hethersett    3   Earlham     1

Goals from Mark Johnson and Tom Rainsford sealed victory

TEAM: Tom Rainsford, Graham Fayers, Andy Milne, Steven Beck, Danny Bradfield, Ashley Burton, Richard Manington, Bradley Rudd, Kristian Boreham, James Leveritt, Mark Johnson, Chris Brownbridge, Colin Lakey, Olly Whitmore.

April 8th         Hethersett     0   Drayton   3

TEAM: Chris Brownbridge, Graham Fayers, Andy Milne, matt Bradley, Steven Beck, Mark Johnson, Richard Manington, Bradley Rudd, Michael Roughsedge, Tom Rainsford, James Leveritt, Danny Bradfield, Danny Ganley, Ollie Whitmore

April 15th        Hethersett      2   Saxlingham Res    1

TEAM: Tom Rainsford, Andy Oliver, Andy Milne, Robert Pugh, Danny Bradfield, Richard Manington, Michael Roughsedge, Bradley Rudd, Danny Holman, Paul Martin, James Leveritt, Ollie Whitmore, Kristian Boreham

This was a match played in good spirit to end Hethersett's season. Hethersett's goals were scored by Paul Martin and Andy Oliver, both of whom had stepped up from the A team