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A National FA Community Charter Club

Founded - 1991  

Under-12s Fixtures 2006/2007 - Norfolk Youth Combination Under-12 B

Date V Opponents Type Score Scorers
Sept 10th A Lakeford Lge 0-0  
Sept 17th H Drayton Lge 1-6 Wilcox
Sept 24th A St Andrew's Lge 0-4  
Oct 1st H Attleborough Lge 4-3 Kinnier 2, Wilcox, Gorbutt
Oct 8th A Horsford Lge 1-9 Kinnier
Oct 15th H Costessey Lge 1-5 Gorbutt
Oct 22nd A Fakenham Lge 0-9  
Oct 29th H Norman Lge 2-6 Spalding, Wilcox
Nov 5th H Thorpe LC1 0-4  
Nov 12th A Poringland Lge 0-5  
Nov 19th H Firside Lge 0-7  
Nov 26th H Mulbarton Lge 1-3 Wilcox
Dec 10th H Lakeford Lge 3-5 Bell, Wilcox, own goal
Dec 17th A Drayton Lge 0-4  
Jan 7th H St Andrew's Lge 1-8 Spalding
Jan 14th A Attleborough Lge 3-5 Wilcox, Spalding, Mott
Jan 21st H Horsford* Lge 2-6 House, Wilcox
Jan 28th A Costessey Lge 0-5  
Feb 4th H Fakenham Lge 1-3 Wilcox
Feb 11th A Norman Lge 3-8 Wilcox 3
Feb 18th H Poringland Lge 0-7  
Feb 25th A Firside Lge 0-5  
Mar 25th A Mulbarton Lge 4-0 Spalding 2, Wilcox 2

*- Played at Horsford


  2006/2007 Career
ALLANSON Henry 7 0 12 0
ANNIS Ben 16 0 75 0
BELL Oliver 18 1 18 1
BUGG Josh 2 0 2 0
COONEY Adam 21 0 62 0
COOPER Daniel 18 0 38 0
DIX Stuart 16 0 30 1
FIELD Daniel 22 0 38 0
FINCH Liam 18 0 18 0
FORD Louis 2 0 19 0
GORBUTT Jack 16 2 24 2
HOUSE Luke 16 1 84 6
KINNIER Christopher 5 3 5 3
MAXEY 1 0    
MOTT Edmund 17 1 17 1
RICHARDSON Alex 22 0 73 3
SPALDING William 19 5 39 5
STACEY Daniel 5 0 18 2
WILCOX Josh 23 13 32 23
WOOLLARD Lewis 4 0    
WOODS Jonathan 6 0 10 0
own goal   1    


  P W D L F A Ps
Fakenham 22 18 3 1 92 20 39
Poringland 22 17 3 2 95 29 37
Firside 22 14 4 4 87 36 32
Costessey 22 14 3 5 76 46 31
St Andrew's 22 13 4 5 78 39 30
Horsford 22 12 1 9 74 44 25
Norman 22 10 0 12 111 101 20
Drayton 22 7 3 12 52 86 17
Lakeford 22 4 3 15 32 82 11
Mulbarton 22 4 2 16 20 86 10
Attleborough 22 3 1 18 40 102 7
Hethersett Athletic 22 2 1 19 27 113 5

Hethersett came eighth in the Sporting Awards table with an average mark of 7.48


Sept 10th:                        Lakeford    0                 Hethersett    0

A very tight competitive game was played in good spirit. Both teams had good chances but the defences were on top throughout and a draw was a fair result.

TEAM: A. Richardson, A. Cooney, D. Field, L. Finch, D. Cooper, H. Allanson, W. Spalding, J. Gorbutt, D. Bell, S. Dix, B. Annis, E. Mott, J. Wilcox.

Sept 17th                 Hethersett 1               Drayton 6

Hethersett were second to the ball and 3-1 down at half-time.

TEAM: A. Richardson, A. Cooney, L. Finch, J. Gorbutt, B. Annis, D. Cooper, J. Wilcox, W. Spalding, S. Dix, O. Bell, E. Mott.

Sept 24th                     St Andrew's      4    Hethersett      0

Hethersett defended well but lack of midfield edge meant that most of the pressure came from Saints. Hethersett only created a small number of chances.

TEAM: A. Richardson, D. Field, A. Cooney, D. Cooper, J. Wilcox, B. Annis, S. Dix, O. Bell, H. Allanson, W. Spalding, L. Finch, E. Mott.

Oct 1st               Hethersett      4     Attleborough     3

Hethersett had a superb first half, scoring four goals without reply as they sprung the offside trap to good effect. After the break Attleborough had the wind advantage and pulled three back but Hethersett held on to win.

TEAM: A. Richardson, L. Finch, D. Stacey, D. Field, D. Cooper, J. Wilcox, W. Spalding, B. Annis, J. Gorbutt, C. Kinnier, D. Bell.

Oct 8th                   Horsford       9    Hethersett    1

Hethersett seemed to be asleep for this game, although they did restrict the home team to three second half goals after a poor first half.

TEAM: A. Richardson, B. Annis, L. Finch, P. Field, D. Stacey, D. Cooper, H. Spalding, J. Gorbutt, A. Cooney, J. Wilcox, D. Kennier, E. Mott, O. Bell.

Oct 15th             Hethersett          1     Costessey      2

Hethersett started well and took the lead, but then failed to make the most of their chances and their opponents stepped up a gear to win the match.

TEAM: A. Richardson, L. Finch, P. Field, A. Cooney, W. Fielding, J. Gorbutt, R. Stacey, D. Cooper, C. Kinnear, J. Wilcox, O. Bell, E. Mott

Oct 22nd               Fakenham          9      Hethersett      0

Hethersett seemed to suffer from a lack of cohesion and self-belief and the tackling was once again poor.

TEAM: A. Richardson, A. Cooney, L. Finch, J. Gorbutt, B. Annis, L. House, H. Allenson?, G. Mott, D. Maxey?, D. Cooper, J. Wilcox

Oct 29th                     Hethersett        2     Norman    6

TEAM: A. Cooney, L. House, L. Finch, D. Field, J. Bug? D. Stacey, W. Spalding, S. Dix, Josh Wilcox, J. Gorbutt, B. Annis, G. Mott, O. Bell, C. Kinnear

Nov 5th                      Hethersett          0     Thorpe Rangers    4

TEAM: A. Richardson, J. Wilcox, D. Field, J. Gorbutt, B. Annis, H. Allenson, D. Cooper, D. Stacey, G. Mott, W. Spalding, S. Bugg

Nov 12th                 Poringland         5    Hethersett     0

Hethersett worked hard but defensive lapses allowed Poringland to score five times. Nevertheless it was a good performance by Hethersett.

TEAM: A. Richardson, L. Finch, D. Field, A. Cooney, J. Wilcox, D. Cooper, J. Gorbutt, W. Spalding, G. Mott, O. Bell, L. House

Nov 19th:                    Hethersett                 0    Firside    7

Hethersett battled hard but ran out of steam in the second half.

TEAM: A. Richardson, A. Cooney, D. Field, J. Wilcox, B. Annis, H. Allenson, J. Gorbutt, D. Cooper, W. Spalding, L. House, O. Bell, L. Finch.

Nov 26th                     Hethersett           1       Mulbarton      3

This was a good competitive game with both teams trying very hard. Mulbarton took the lead just before half-time, but the final score was not a true reflection of the game as Hethersett created five or six excellent chances.

TEAM: A. Richardson, A. Cooney, L. House, D. Field, B. Annis, S. Dix, J. Wilcox, J. Gorbutt, L. Ford, O. Bell, C. Kinnier.

Dec 10th            Hethersett                  3   Lakeford              5

Hethersett went two up before poor defending allowed Lakeford to surge ahead. In the second half Hethersett missed numerous chances and could have had double figures.

TEAM: A. Richardson, A. Cooney, L. House, D. Field, B. Annis, J. Wilcox, S. Dix, W. Spalding, D. Bell, D. Cooper, J. Gorbutt, J. Woods.

Dec 17th               Drayton               4      Hethersett       0

TEAM: J. Woods, B. Annis, L. House, A. Cooney, D. Field, S. Dix, W. Spalding, B. Wilcox, D. Cooper, A. Richardson, O. Bell, E. Mott, C. Field

Jan 7th                  Hethersett         1     St Andrew's     8

Windy conditions and a bumpy pitch made attractive football difficult. Poor defending by Hethersett led to St Andrew's scoring four first half goals. Will Spalding scored our only goal in the second half.

TEAM: J. Woods, B. Annis, A. Cooney, L. House, L. Finch, A. Richardson, W. Spalding, L. Ford, J. Wilcox, S. Dix, H. Allanson

Jan 14th              Attleborough     5   Hethersett   3

This was a good, competitive game. Hethersett took the lead and looked to be in control, but Attleborough hit back with three goals. After the break Hethersett attacked strongly but couldn't claw the deficit back.

TEAM: J. Woods, B. Annis, P. Field, L. House, A. Cooney, S. Dix, A. Richardson, J. Gorbutt, W. Spalding, J. Wilcox, O. Bell, E. Mott, L. Finch

Jan 21st:               Hethersett     2     Horsford     6

This match was played at Horsford as Old Hall School pitch was waterlogged. Despite the scoreline much of the game was keenly contested and close. Hethersett conceded some silly goals but scored two good ones of their own.

TEAM: J. Woods, B. Annis, A. Cooney, D. Field, L. Finch, D. Cooper, L. House, W. Spalding, S. Dix, J. Wilcox, A. Richardson, E. Mott, O. Bell

Jan 28th:                Costessey      5     Hethersett   0

This was a disappointing performance where Hethersett failed to pass and run. Richardson and Woods had good games.

TEAM: A. Richardson, D. Field, A. Cooney, B. Annis, J. Gorbutt, W. Spalding, L. House, J. Wilcox, O. Bell, D. Cooper, S. Dix, J. Woods, L. Finch.

Feb 4th              Hethersett      1    Fakenham    3

The play didn't reflect the fact that this was a top v bottom clash. Hethersett played very well and created a number of chances.

TEAM: A. Richardson, D. Cooper, D. Field, A. Cooney, E. Mott, S. Dix, L. House, W. Spalding, J. Gorbutt, J. Wilcox, O. Bell

Feb 11th                  Norman      8     Hethersett    3

Hethersett's defence went to sleep for long periods of this game. A battling show by the midfield and the forwards kept the team in the game but there were just too many defensive errors. Josh Wilcox had a great game, scoring a hat-trick.

TEAM - A. Richardson, D. Cooper, A. Cooney, D. Field, E. Mott, L. House, S. Dix, O. Bell, J. Wilcox, L. Finch,  L. Woollard

Feb 18th                   Hethersett     0     Poringland    7

Poringland proved to be strong opponents and Hethersett created few chances.

TEAM: A. Richardson, A. Cooney, L. House, D. Field, D. Cooper, L. Woollard, J. Gorbutt, S. Dix, H. Allenson, J. Wilcox, W. Spalding, L. Finch, E. Mott

Feb 25th                   Firside      5        Hethersett      0

Hethersett created some good chances in the first half but defences lapses allowed Firside to score twice. Firside increased their lead in the second half but the scoreline wasn't a true reflection of play.

TEAM: A Richardson, D. Cooper, D. Field, A. Cooney, L. House, L. Finch, W. Spalding, E. Mott, S. Dix, L. Woollard, J. Wilcox.

March 25th       Mulbarton    0      Hethersett    4

Today was the day that everything came together for Hethersett. There was excellent movement off the ball and some fine goals.

TEAM: A. Richardson, D. Field, A. Cooney, L. House, L. Finch, S. Dix, L. Woollard, W. Spalding, O. Bell, E. Mott, J. Wilcox