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A National FA Community Charter Club

Founded - 1991  

Under-13s Fixtures 2006/2007 - Norfolk Youth Combination Under-13 A

Date V Opponents Type Score Scorers
Sept 10th A Fakenham Lge 1-4 Dyson
Sept 17th H Bressingham Lge 2-5 Dyson, Bensley
Sept 24th A St Andrew's Lge 2-4 Ford, Wilford
Oct 1st H Dereham Lge 3-12 Keeley 2, Springall
Oct 8th A Norman Lge 1-1 Bensley
Oct 15th H Hellesdon Lge 2-4 Keeley, Edwards
Oct 29th A Sprowston Lge 3-6 Dyson, Bensley, own goal
Nov 5th A Fakenham LC1 2-2 Springall, Dyson Lost 3-2 on pens aet
Nov 12th A Thorpe Lge 0-2  
Nov 19th H Old Catton Lge 3-3 Ford 2, Keeley
Nov 26th H Firside Lge 1-1 Keeley
Dec 10th H Fakenham Lge 6-1 Bentley 2, Keeley 2, Ford, Springall
Dec 17th A Bressingham Lge 1-3 M. Edwards
Jan 7th H St Andrew's Lge 3-3 Bensley 2, Smith
Jan 14th A Dereham Lge 2-2 Keeley, Ford
Jan 28th A Hellesdon Lge 2-4 Ford, Springall
Feb 4th A Lakeford Lge 2-1 Smith 2
Feb 18th H Thorpe Lge 1-2 Keeley
Mar 4th A Firside Lge 4-1 Springall, Bensley, Keeley, Ford
Mar 11th H Lakeford Lge 1-2 Smith
Mar 17th H Norman Lge 1-1 Smith
Mar 25th H Sprowston Lge 0-3  
Apr 1st A Old Catton Lge 1-8 Keeley


2006/2007 Career
BENSLEY Ryan 18 8 19 8
BLANCHFLOWER Craig 16 0 123 2
BUNN George 3 0 89 29
DALLAS Thomas 1 0 10 0
DALMAY Daniel 23 0 110 23
DREWRY Benjamin 20 0 61 1
DYSON James 23 4 46 12
EDRES Abdul 2 0 2 0
EDWARDS Adam 21 1 21 1
EDWARDS Michael 14 1 54 6
FORD Darren 23 7 109 43
FRYER Ben 1 0 62 0
KEELEY Jake 23 10 113 59
LUTHER-VEITCH Blair 18 0 18 0
PRICE Christopher 20 0 57 0
RISEBOROUGH Alex 20 0 23 0
A. SMITH 3+1? 0+1 26? 13?
SMITH Shane 17? 0+5 17 0+5
SPRINGALL Jamie 22 5 31 10
WILFORD Ben 19 1 34 3
own goals 1


P W D L F A Ps
Thorpe 22 21 1 0 111 13 43
Old Catton 22 16 2 4 85 38 34
Bressingham 22 15 4 3 93 48 34
St Andrew's 22 11 2 9 67 42 24
Sprowston 22 12 0 10 77 60 24
Dereham 22 10 3 9 66 60 23
Hellesdon 22 9 4 9 57 48 22
Lakeford 22 8 2 12 41 70 18
Norman 22 7 3 12 36 57 17
Hethersett Athletic 22 3 6 13 42 73 12
Fakenham 22 5 1 16 44 65 11
Firside 22 0 2 20 17 162 2

Hethersett came 10th in the Sporting league with an average mark of 8.16.


SEPT 10TH:            Fakenham          4         Hethersett         1

Hethersett missed numerous chances in a very tight game and paid the penalty.

TEAM: Fryer, Keeley, Edwards, Luther-Veitch, Wilford, Dalmay, Ford, Dallas, Bunn, Dyson, Price, Drewry.

SEPT 17th            Hethersett      2,               Bressingham     5

TEAM: Riseborough, Bensley, Edwards, Springall, Smith, Drewry, Price, Dyson, Bunn, Dalmay, Ford, Wilford, Luther-Veitch, Keeley

SEPT 24th             St Andrew's      4           Hethersett          2

Hethersett conceded some soft goals and failed to pass the ball as well as they had done in the previous two matches.

TEAM: Riseborough, Springall, Price, Drewry, Smith, Edwards, Blanchflower, Keeley, Dalmay, Ford, Wilford, Luther-Veitch, Dyson.

OCT 1st              Hethersett           3         Dereham     12

After a very poor first half, Hethersett improved in the second to score three times.

TEAM: Riseborough, Keeley, Blanchflower, Springall, Bensley, Edwards, Luther-Veitch, Dyson, Drewry, Smith, Wilford, Ford, Dalmay, Bunn.

Oct 8th               Norman                1       Hethersett            1

Norman were the better team in the first half, but Hethersett scored. Hethersett were the better team in the second half, but Norman scored. There were some very rough challenges from the home side.

TEAM: Riseborough, Drewry, Price, Edwards, Springall, Ford, Wilford, Dalmay, Dyson, Smith, Keeley, Bensley, Luther-Veitch

Oct 15th                 Hethersett         2      Hellesdon           4

Hellesdon had lots of possession but Hethersett worked hard to keep them out.

TEAM: Riseborough, Drewry, Luther-Veitch, Price, Edwards, Springall, Dalmay, Ford, Dyson,  Wilford, Bensley, Keeley, Smith

Oct 29th               Sprowston      6       Hethersett         3

TEAM: Riseborough, Luther-Veitch, A. Edwards, M. Edwards, Price, Blanchflower, Smith, Springell, Dalmay, Dyson, Wilford, Ford, Bensley, Keeley.

Nov 5th               Fakenham       2    Hethersett     2 Fakenham won 3-2 on penalties

This was a very good and tight match. Hethersett wasted numerous chances as the match went to extra-time and penalties and it was a shame there had to be a loser.

TEAM: Riseborough, Drewry, Blanchflower, A. Edwards, Price, Luther-Veitch, M. Edwards, Dalmay, Ford, Dyson, Springall, Wilford, Bensley, Keeley.

Nov 12th            Thorpe       2       Hethersett   0

Hethersett kept battling against the league champions and put up a very good performance, but two goals decided the game.

TEAM: Riseborough, A. Edwards, Blanchflower, M. Edwards, Price, Drewry, Luther-Veitch, Ford, Dyson, Springall, Bensley, Wilford, Dalmay, Keeley

Nov 19th          Hethersett         3      Old Catton       3

This was an excellent game.  Catton had most of the possession but Hethersett had the better chances.

TEAM: Riseborough, Drewry, Blanchflower, Price, Springell, A. Smith, Ford, Dalmay, Dyson, Wilford, Keeley, Smith.

Nov 26th               Hethersett      1      Firside         1

An evenly contested game and a fair result.

TEAM: Riseborough, Drewry, Blanchflower, Price, Smith, M. Edwards, A. Edwards, Dalmay, Dyson, Ford, Wilford, Springell, Keeley, Bensley.

Dec 10th                Hethersett     6     Fakenham     1

This was a very good team performance from Hethersett and gave them their first win of the season.

TEAM: Springall, Keeley, Smith, A. Edwards, Drewry, Blanchflower, Price, Ford, Dalmay, Bensley, Dyson, Edres

Dec 17th                Bressingham      3    Hethersett   1

Hethersett gave away two soft goals in the first five minutes but came back strongly in the second half.

TEAM: Riseborough, Drewry, Blanchflower, M. Edwards, E. Edwards, Price, Ford, Smith, Dalmay, Springall, Halford, Dyson, Keeley, Luther-Veitch.

Jan 7th                 Hethersett        3,  St Andrews     3

This was a well contested game. Hethersett missed numerous chances to score the winner in the last five minutes.

TEAM: Riseborough, Price, Luther-Veitch, Drewry, A. Edwards, M. Edwards, Ford, Dalmay, Dyson, Springall, Bensley, Smith, Keeley

Jan 14th                   Dereham            2    Hethersett    2

Dereham had the better of the play in the first half, but Hethersett came back strongly after the break and could have won it.

TEAM: Riseborough, M. Edwards, Luther-Veitch, Price, Drewry, A. Edwards, Dalmay, Springall, Ford, Dyson, Bensley, Wilford, Keeley, Smith

Jan 28th:                Hellesdon       4     Hethersett       2

A good competitive game. With a bit more luck Hethersett could have got a draw.

TEAM: Riseborough, M. Edwards, Blanchflower, Smith, A. Edwards, Springall, Edres, Ford, Dalmay, Wilford, Dyson, Keeley.

Feb 4th:         Lakeford        1     Hethersett   2

This was an even game but for once the luck went Hethersett's way as they snatched their second win of the season.

TEAM: Riseborough, Drewry, A. Edwards, Price, M. Edwards, Luther-Veitch, Ford, Dalmay, Dyson, Springall, Smith, Bensley, Keeley

Feb 18th:      Hethersett       1     Thorpe    2

Hethersett played really well, with accurate passing and good defending. They were unlucky not to gain a draw against a side that haven't dropped a single point.

TEAM: Riseborough, A. Edwards, Luther-Veitch, Blanchflower, M. Edwards, Price, Springall, Dalmay, Ford, Keeley, Smith. Bensley, Dyson.

March 4th       Firside     1     Hethersett   4

TEAM: Riseborough, Drewry, Blanchflower, A. Edwards, Price, Luther-Veitch, Springall, Dyson, Bensley, Wilford, Dalmay, Smith, Keeley, Ford

March 11th        Hethersett     1    Lakeford    2

A very even game that saw Lakeford take their chances.

TEAM: Riseborough, Drewry, Blanchflower, M. Edwards, Price, A. Edwards, Dalmay, Dyson, Springall, Smith, Ford, Wilford, Keeley, Bensley

March 18th          Hethersett      1     Norman    1

This was a very even game and there wasn't much between the two teams and a draw was a fair result.

TEAM: M. Edwards, Drewry, Blanchflower, Wilford, Price, Luther-Veitch, A. Edwards, Springall, Ford, Dalmay, Dyson, Bensley, Keeley, Smith

March 25th               Hethersett    0   Sprowston   3

Sprowston played good possession football and deserved to win.

TEAM: Riseborough, M. Edwards, Luther-Veitch, Springall, Drewry, A. Edwards, Smith, Dalmay, Dyson, Ford, Wilford, Blanchflower, Bensley, Keeley

April 1st            Old Catton    8   Hethersett   1

Hethersett performed as if this was a friendly fixture.

TEAM: Riseborough, Drewry, Blanchflower. A. Edwards, Price, Luther-Veitch, M. Edwards, Ford, Dyson, Springall, Wilford, Dalmay, Keeley, Bensley.