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A National FA Community Charter Club

Founded - 1991  

Men's A Team Fixtures 2007/2008

Date V Opponents Type Score Scorers
Sept 2 A Dynamo Denmark League 1-5 L. Allen
Sept 9 H Dynamo Denmark C Cup 0-2  
Sept 16 H Mischief Tavern League 1-5 Newbury
Sept 23 A Royal Oak League 2-1 Oliver, M. Bradfield
Sept 30 H Thorpe Marriott League 3-6 Newbury 2, J. Martin
Oct 7 A Felmingham League 2-2 Allen, J. Martin
Oct 14 A Hingham League 1-7 Oliver
Oct 21 H Sprowston Rovers League 1-5 Oliver
Oct 28 A Dancing Farmers League 2-4 Arnall, own goal
Nov 11 H Felmingham League 0-5  
Nov 18 A AFC Fifers League 1-4 Newbury
Nov 25 H Mundesley League 4-3 Rainsford 2, Oliver, Waters
Dec 2 A Mundesley League 2-5 Raven, Oliver
Dec 30 A Mischief Tavern League 2-4 Kavanagh, Oliver
Jan 6th H Royal Oak League 2-1 Raven, Oliver
Jan 13th A Thorpe Marriott League 1-1 Rainsford
Jan 27th A Sprowston Rovers League 0-2  
Feb 3rd H Dancing Farmers League 5-3 Waters 3, Kavanagh 2
Feb 17th H AFC Fifers League 3-4 Thirtle, Newbury, Oliver
Mar 2nd H Freethorpe League 3-5 J. Martin, Newbury, Oliver
Mar 9th H Dynamo Denmark League 5-1 Newbury 2, Waters 2, Raven
Apr 6th A Freethorpe League 1-3 Oliver
Apr 13 A Hingham League 3-1 Newberry 2, Waters


  Current Season Career
  App Goals App Goals
ALLEN Lewis 6 2 190 170
ARNALL Jamie 3 1 75 5
BAXTER Paul 21 0 125 1
BRADFIELD Matt 7 1 227 36
CHADWICK Craig 11 0 46 0
COOK Will 1 0 See first team
HOLLAND Stuart 5 0 122 1
KAVANAGH Andy 10 3 10 3
MANN Josh 4 0 29 0
MARTIN Jonathan 22 3 48 5
MILNE Andy 1 0 See Reserves
MORRISON Jacob 23 0 151 0
NEWBURY George 19 10 61 15
OLIVER Andy 21 11 182 21
PAPWORTH Freddie 3 0 3 0
PARKHOUSE Matt 2 0 See Reserves
PUGH Mike 1 0 See Reserves
RAINSFORD Tom 14 3 See Reserves
RAVEN Jack 23 3 149 13
SHEARING Ben 16 0 39 0
STICKLAND James 2 0 23 1
THIRTLE Chris 13 1 129 6
TOMPKINS Richard 2 0 2 0
TOWNSEND Darren 6 0 see reserves
WARMAN David 1 0 1-0
WATERS Adam 14 7 see reserves
WHITE Alex 13 0 107 0
WHITMORE Oliver 8 0 78 0
WRIGHT Jamie 2 0 see reserves
Own Goal   1  




September 2nd:               Dynamo Denmark        5           Hethersett Athletic    1


Hethersett scored first but Dynamo then stepped up through the gears and began closing their opponents down well. They then took their chances.


TEAM: Stuart Holland, Alex White, Jacob Morrison, Jonathan Martin, Paul Baxter, Matt Bradfield, Jack Raven, Andy Oliver, George Newbury, Lewis Allen, James Stickland. Subs (all used) - Ollie Whitmore, Darren Townsend, Jamie Wright.


September 9th                 Hethersett       0            Dynamo Denmark            2


TEAM: Ben Shearing, Alex White, Jacob Morrison, Jonathan Martin, Paul Baxter, Matt Bradfield, Jack Raven, Josh Mann, George Newbury, Lewis Allen, Andy Milne. Subs (used) - James Stickland, Jamie Wright. Sub (not used) - Oliver Whitmore.


September 16th            Hethersett A   1          Mischief Tavern   5


For the second match in succession Hethersett took the lead early in the game but were then unable to contain a lively Mischief Tavern team. Hethersett tried to get back into the game but left their defence exposed.


TEAM: Ben Shearing, Will Cook, Oliver Whitmore, Jonny Martin, Paul Baxter, Matt Bradfield, Jack Raven, Josh Mann, Lewis Allen, George Newbery, Andy Oliver, Stuart Holland, Jacob Morrison.


September 23rd                 Royal Oak     1   Hethersett   A     2


This was a close game between two teams playing good football. Hethersett once again took the lead only for their opponents to hit back to hit the woodwork twice. Royal Oak missed a penalty and then equalised but Hethersett scored the winner on the break.


TEAM - George Newbury, Alex White, Jacob Morrison, Jonny Martin, Paul Baxter, Matt Bradfield, Jack Raven, Adam Waters, Lewis Allen, Josh Mann, Andy Oliver


September 30th          Hethersett     3   Thorpe Marriott  6


Hethersett matched Thorpe Marriott for large periods of the game but defensive errors gave them a mountain to climb in the second half. Hethersett responded well but missed chances.


TEAM - Ben Shearing, Alex White, Jacob Morrison, Jonny Martin, Matt Bradfield, Jack Raven, George Newbury, Lewis Allen, Josh Mann, Andy Oliver, Stuart Holland


October 7th          Felmingham        2      Hethersett A   2


Lewis Allen gave Hethersett the lead in a close first half. Hethersett then controlled the game only to see Felmingham get back into the match with a hotly disputed penalty. A thunderbolt free kick by Jonny Martin restored Hethersett's lead before Felmingham took a point with a well struck shot from the edge of the penalty area.


TEAM: Ben Shearing, Jacob Morrison, Matt Parkhouse, Jonny Martin, Paul Baxter, Matt Bradfield, Jack Raven, Andy Oliver, Lewis Allen, George Newbury, Stuart Holland, Mike Pugh


October 14th           Hingham         7      Hethersett   A 1


For the fourth time this season, Hethersett took an early lead but were unable to hold off a strong Hingham side. A number of Hethersett players were carrying injuries and this didn't help.


TEAM: Ben Shearing, Darren Townsend, Jacob Morrison, John Martin, Chris Thirtle, Matt Bradfield, Jack Raven, Ollie Whitmore, George Newbury, Stuart Holland, Andy Oliver. Sub Alex White


October 21st           Hethersett   A      1   Sprowston Rovers    5


A very depleted Hethersett team worked their socks off to get soemthing from a strong Sprowston side. A number of heroic performances were not enough to keep Sprowston at bay. Sprowston also wasted a number of excellent chances.


TEAM: Stuart Holland, Alex White, Jacob Morrison, Chris Thirtle, Paul Baxter, Jamie Arnall, Jack Raven, Ollie Whitmore, Ben Shearing, Darren Townsend, Andy Oliver


October 28th             Dancing Farmers     4    Hethersett A    2


Dancing Farmers used the strong wind and long ball tactics to go in at half-time 2-1 up. In the second half, Hethersett attacked strongly but found the opposition 'keeper in top form.


TEAM: Ben Shearing, Alex White, Jacob Morrison, Jonny Martin, Paul Baxter, Andy Oliver, Jack Raven, Jamie Arnall, George Newbury, Tom Rainsford, Adam Waters. Sub Ollie Whitmore.


November 11th           Hethersett       0       Felmingham     5


TEAM: Ben Shearing, Alex White, Paul Baxter, Jonny Martin, Jacob Morrison, Andy Oliver, Jamie Arnall, Jack Raven, Adam Waters, George Newbery, Richard Tompkins, Ollie Whitmore, Darren Townshend


November 18th           AFC Fifers     4   Hethersett   1


Hethersett dominated much of this game and led 1-0 at half-time. A disputed penalty brought the home team level and Hethersett lost their concentration and discipline.


TEAM: Ben Shearing, Alex White, Jacob Morrison, Jonny Martin, Paul Baxter, Andy Oliver, Jack Raven, Chris Thirtle, George Newbury, Tom Rainsford, Adam Waters


November 25th          Hethersett     A     4     Mundesley    3


This was anybody's game with both teams without key players and Hethersett led 3-1 at half-time. Mundesley clawed their way back to 3-3 before Hethersett broke away to score the winner.


TEAM: George Newbury, Alex White, Jacob Morrison, Jonny Martin, Paul Baxter, Andy Oliver, Jack Raven, Chris Thirtle, Tom Rainsford, Richard Tompkins, Adam Waters, Darren Townsend, Craig Chadwick


December 2nd        Mundesley       5     Hethersett   A   2


The conditions were difficult for both teams but Mundesley adapted better in the first half with their long ball tactics which put the Hethersett side under pressure and gave them a 3-0 lead. Hethersett pulled a goal back and missed numerous good chances only for Mundelsey to make it 4-1 at the break. Hethersett improved after the break but again squandered numerous chances.


TEAM: Ben Shearing, Alex White, Jacob Morrison, Jonny Martin, Paul Baxter, Craig Chadwick, Jack Raven, Tom Rainsford, George Newbury, Chris Thirtle, Andy Oliver. Subs - Stuart Holland, Darren Townshend


December 30th            Mischief Tavern     4    Hethersett   A  2


Mischief took a 2-0 lead with two goals in the opening two minutes. Hethersett were pushed back for much of the first half and struggled to make ground. A change of formation in the second half provided the platform for a much improved performance and Hethersett did enough in the second half to have gained something from the match.


TEAM: Ben Shearing, Craig Chadwick, Jacob Morrison, Jonny Martin, Paul Baxter, Andy Kavanagh, Jack Raven, Chris Thirtle, Tom Rainsford, Adam Waters, Andy oliver, Alex White, Ollie Whitmore, Darren Townsend.


January 6th               Hethersett  A       2     Royal Oak    1


Hethersett started well and dominated much of the game without turning their hard work and good passing into goals. It took a superb freekick from Andy Oliver to break the deadlock midway through the second half. Jack Raven made it 2-0 before Royal Oak pulled a goal back.


TEAM: Ben Shearing, Craig Chadwick, Jacob Morrison, Jonny Martin, Paul Baxter, Andy Kavanagh, Jack Raven, Adam Waters, Tom Rainsford, George Newberry, Andy Oliver, Mike Pugh, Matt Parkhouse. Sub (not used) Alex White


January 13th      Thorpe Marriott      1     Hethersett   A   1


This was a game played in good spirit. Hethersett took the lead in the first half but Thorpe Marriott equalised before the break. Both teams had chances but a draw was a fair result.


TEAM: Ben Shearing, Jacob Morrison, Craig Chadwick, Chris Thirtle, Paul Baxter, Jonny Martin, Jack Raven, Andy Kavanagh, Tom Rainsford, Adam Waters, George Newberry, Ollie Whitmore.


January 27th                 Sprowston Rovers      2     Hethersett  A  0


Hethersett started brightly but then the game became scrappy with neither side looking likely to score. A well taken goal by Sprowston turned the game and Hethersett were forced to chase the game and conceded a secod goal.


TEAM: Tom Rainsford, Alex White, Jacob Morrison, Jonny Martin, Paul Baxter, Andy Kavanagh, Jack Raven, Chris Thirtle, George Newberry, Adam Waters, Craig Chadwick, Andy Oliver


February 3rd               Hethersett A     5      Dancing Farmers     3


The strong wind played a role in this game. Dancing Farmers played the long ball game whilst Hethersett tried to keep it on the ground. Hethersett went into a 3-2 lead only for Dancing Farmers to equalise to make it 3-3 at half-time. In the second half Hethersett used their wind advantage with the midfield setting up the strikers for two further goals.


TEAM: Tom Rainsford, Craig Chadwick, Jacob Morrison, Jonny Martin, Paul Baxter, Freddie Papworth, Jack Raven, Chris Thirtle, Adam Waters, Andy Kavanagh, Andy Oliver, Ollie Whitmore.


February 17th        Hethersett   A     3    AFC Fifers     4


Hethersett dominated much of the play and took an early two goal lead but then allowed the opposition to come back into the game. Fifers scored three times before the break to take the lead. Hethersett pressed forward and equalised only for AFC to bag the winner.


TEAM: Shearing, Chadwick, Baxter, Papworth, Morrison, Newbury, Thirtle, Raven, Oliver, Kavanagh, Rainsford, Waters, Jonny Martin


March 2nd                 Hethersett   A    3    Freethorpe     5


Despite a good first half Hethersett were incapable of dealing with Freethorpe's breakaways and were punished for not clearing the ball. Hethersett were without any luch, however.


TEAM: Shearing, Chadwick, Morrison, J. Martin, Baxter, Newbury, J. Raven, Kavanagh, Rainsford, Waters, Oliver


March 9th                Hethersett    A     5     Dynamo Denmark    1


Hethersett were in the mood to make up for the poor performance of the previous week and took an early 2-0 lead in the first half. Ben Shearing also made a crucial penalty save. Dynamo came back into it and pulled a goal back early in the second half but Hethersett stepped up another gear and scored three further goals.


TEAM: Shearing, Baxter, Morrison, J. Martin. Thirtle, Newbery, J. Raven, Kavanagh, Rainsford, Waters, Oliver, Papworth, White, Whitmore


April 6th                Freethorpe        3       Hethersett    1


Early morning snow soon vanished and the first half was very even and goalless. Hethersett lost their composure after Freethorpe took the lead and Freethorpe ran in three before Hethersett replied from the penalty spot.


TEAM: D. Warman, C. Chadwick, J. Morrison, J. Martin, P. Baxter, A. White, J. Raven, C. Thirtle, T. Rainsford, A. Kavanagh, A. Oliver, D. Townsend


April 13th          Hethersett        3     Hingham    1


This was a first class performance from Hethersett to beat the league champions. Hethersett controlled the first half but couldn't score. Hingham ttok the lead after the break but Hethersett replied immediately with Waters heading home a good cross from Raven. A brace from Newbury underlined Hethersett's superiority as they gained in strength.


TEAM - Rainsford, Chadwick, Morrison, Martin, Baxter, Kavanagh, Raven, Thirtle, Newbury, Oliver, Waters. Subs (not used), White, Whitmore, Warman