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A National FA Community Charter Club

Founded - 1991  

Men's Reserve Team Fixtures 2007/2008

Date V Opponents Type Score Scorers
Sept 2 H Ex Mile Cross League 2-9 P. Martin 2
Sept 9 H Coltishall Colts CCup 0-4  
Sept 16 A Ketts Tavern League 0-5  
Sept 23 H Costessey Sports League 1-6 Bullard
Sept 30 A Drayton League 1-2  
Oct 14 H Haig League 0-5  
Oct 21 A Horsford Social Club League 1-2 Eastman
Oct 28 H Thorpe Rovers League 5-3 Eastman 4, P. Martin
Nov 11 A Bayer League 0-2  
Nov 18 H Wilco Fast Fit League 6-2 Eastman 3, Cook 2, P. Martin
Nov 25 A Earlham League 1-2 P. Martin
Dec 9 H CEYMS League 3-6 Eastman 2, Allen
Dec 16 A Ex Mile Cross League 2-9 P. Martin 2
Dec 30 H Ketts Tavern League 0-3  
Jan 13 H Drayton League 4-2 Eastman 3, P. Martin
Jan 27 H Horsford Social Club League 2-1 Allen 2
Feb 3 A CEYMS League 2-2 Allen, N. Steward
Feb 10 H Bayer League 1-2 Allen
Feb 24 H Earlham United League 0-4  
Mar 3 A Costessey League 1-3 P. Martin
Mar 16 A Wilco Fastfit League 4-1 M. Steward 2, Cook, L. Allen
Mar 30 A Haig League 3-6 L. Allen 2, Waters
Apr 6 A Thorpe Rovers League 2-2 L. Allen, P. Martin


Current Season Career
App Goals App Goals
ALLEN Lewis 17 8 See A Team
ALLEN Scott 3 0 See First Team
ALLEN Ricki 1 0 17-2
ALLENDEN Tim 11 0 95 11
BRADFIELD Danny 6 0 189 18
BRADFIELD Matt 13 0 See A Team
BULLARD Alex 2 1 2 1
BURGESS D 2 0 2 0
CARTER Kristian 1 0 1 0
COOK Will 9 3 See First Team
COOKE Benjamin 2 0 15 0
CURTIS John 1 0 See First Team
EASTMAN Sean 13 13 13 13
EVERINGTON Ross 20 0 20 0
FINCH Ben 14 0 14 0
HAYWARD Karl 2 0 32 11
HOLMAN Daniel 17 0 341 11
JOHNSON Mark 2 0 7 2
LEMMON Matthew 1 0 105 2
MANN Josh 14 0 29 0
MANINGTON Richard 21 0 202 12
MARTIN Jonny 3 0 See A Team
MARTIN Paul 20 10 313 123
MILNE Andrew 1 0 267 48
MOWSER Martin 1 0 249 20
MUNOT J 1 0 1 0
NEWBURY George 1 0 see A Team
NEWSTEAD Scott 3 0 74 14
PARKHOUSE Matt 13 0 49 0
PUGH Mike 17 0 138 2
PUGH Rob 11 0 89 2
RAINSFORD Tom 5 0 180 5
RUDD Bradley 10 0 35-3
SHEPHERTON Darren 2 0 4-0
SPINKS John 5 0 5 0
STEWARD Matt 2 2 See first team
STEWARD Neil 2 0 see first team
THIRTLE Chris 5 0 129 6
TOWNSEND Darren 1 0 7 0
WATERS Adam 7 1 88 52
WISHART Simon 1 0 23 0
WRIGHT Jamie 8 0 14 0
YOUNIE David 1 0 1 0


September 2nd:  Hethersett Res 2 Ex Mile Cross   8

TEAM: R. Evington, T. Rainsford, A. Milne, M. Parkhouse, S. Newstead, M. Pugh, M. Lemmon, R. Manington, A. Waters, P. Martin, M. Johnson. Subs (both used) - R. Pugh, J. Spinks.

September 9th: Hethersett Res   0   Coltishall    4

TEAM: R. Evington, M. Parkhouse, D. Holman, S. Newstead, R. Manington, C. Thirtle, T. Rainsford, D. Townsend, J. Spinks, P. Martin, A. Waters, M. Johnson

September 16th:  Ketts Tavern    5     Hethersett Res  0

The match was abandoned after 85 minutes following a head injury to the Hethersett 'keeper. Ketts Tavern were very sporting about the matter.

TEAM: R. Evington, M. Parkhouse, D. Holman, S. Newstead, R. Manington, K. Carter, M. Pugh, T. Rainsford, C. Thirtle, J. Spinks, C. Haywards, J. Munot, R. Pugh, P. Martin

September 23rd          Hethersett Res     1   Costessey Sports    7

TEAM: Mike Pugh, Tom Rainsford, A. Bund?, Martin Mowser, D. Burgess, B. Cooke, R. Manington, D. Bradfield, M. Starkwood, J. Wright, D. Holman, sub Simon Wishart

September 30th         Drayton      2     Hethersett Res 1

A close game, well contested and Hethersett were unlucky to lose.

TEAM: R. Everington, M. Pugh, R. Pugh, T. Allenden, D. Holman, R. Manington, D. Bradfield, J. Spinks, D. Burgess, B. Cooke, A. Bullard, P. Martin, C. Thirtle

October 14th             Hethersett Res   0     The Haig    5

TEAM: Ross Everington, John Spinks, Danny Holman, Matt Parkhouse, Will Cook, Richard Manington, Josh Mann, Adam Waters, Lewis Allen, Bradley Rudd, Paul Martin. Subs - Danny Bradfield, Tom Rainsford

October 21st           Horsford SC      3          Hethersett Reserves    1

TEAM: R. Everington, D. Holman, T. Allenden, M. Parkhurst, M. Pugh, A. Waters, J. Mann, W. Cook, M. Bradfield, L. Allen, S. Eastman. Subs - R. Manington and D. Bradfield.

October 28th          Hethersett    Res    5       Thorpe Rovers     3

TEAM: R. Everington, D. Holman, M. Parkhouse, T. Allenden, M. Pugh, J. Mann, L. Allen, M. Bradfield, W. Cook. S. Eastman, B. Rudd. Sub - P. Martin, R. Manington, D. Bradfield

November 11th         Bayer        2     Hethersett   0

TEAM: R. Everington, M. Pugh, T. Allenden, M. Parkhouse, R. Pugh, R. Manington, M. Bradfield, D. Holman, D. Bradfield, B. Rudd, P . Martin

November 18th             Hethersett    6 Wilco Fast Fit     2

TEAM: R. Everington, M. Pugh, B. Finch, T. Allenden, M. Parkhouse, W. Cook, M. Bradfield, D. Holman, L. Allen, P. Martin, S. Eastman, R. Manington

November 25th            Earlham      2        Hethersett     1

TEAM: R. Everington, M. Pugh, R. Manington, B. Finch, M. Parkhouse, M. Bradfield, L. Allen, P. Martin. J. Mann, R. Pugh, R. Allen, J. Wright, K. Haywards

December 9th          Hethersett    3    CEYMS   6

This was a good match of end to end football and was much closer than the scoreline suggests with Hethersett missing numerous chances.

TEAM: Ben Finch, Mike Pugh, Matt Steward, Matt Parkhouse, Richard Manington, Will Cook, Matt Bradfield, Bradley Rudd, Josh Mann, Sean Eastman, Lewis Allen. Sub - Paul Martin

December 16th        Ex Mile Cross     9   Hethersett   2

TEAM: R. Everington, M. Pugh, B. Finch, M. Parkhouse, R. Pugh. L. Allen, A. Waters, R. Manington, J. Wright, P. Martin, J. Martin, C. Thirtle, B. Rudd


December 30th    Hethersett      0    Ketts Tavern      3

A hard fought game between two sides struggling at the foot of the division.

TEAM: Ross Everington, Mike Pugh, Ben Finch, Tim Allenden, Matt Parkhouse, Richard Manington, Matt Bradfield, Danny Holman, Lewis Allen, Paul Martin, Sean Eastman, Rob Pugh, Jamie Wright

January 13th        Hethersett    4   Drayton    2

A hard fought game between two sporting sides.

TEAM: Ross Everington, Danny Holman, Tim Allenden, Mike Pugh, Matt Bradfield, Richard Manington, Jamie Wright, Josh Mann, Bradley Rudd, Lewis Allen, Sean Eastman, Will Cook, Ben Finch, Paul Martin.


January 27th       Hethersett Res      2    Horsford SC    1

Lewis Allan scored twice as Hethersett continued their improved form in an excellent game played in good spirit

TEAM: Ross Everington, Richard Mannington, Mike Pugh, Danny Holman, Darren Shepherton, Matt Bradfield, Josh Mann, Rob Pugh, Sean Eastman, Lewis Allen, Tim Allenden, Paul Martin, Ben Finch, Jamie Wright.

February 3rd            CEYMS      2        Hethersett Res  2

TEAM: Ross Everington, Tim Allenden, Bradley Rudd, Richard Manington, Ben Finsh, Lewis Allen, Sean Eastman, Danny Holman, John Curtis, Josh Mann, Neil Steward, Paul Martin, Matt Bradfield, Darren Shepperton

February 10th       Hethersett     1    Bayer      2

TEAM: Ross Everington, Ben Finch, Jonny Martin, Tim Allenden, Richard Manington, Matt Bradfield, Bradley Rudd, Lewis Allen, Darren Shepherd, Sean Eastmna, Josh Mann, Rob Pugh, Paul Martin

February 24th         Hethersett     0   Earlham United    4

TEAM: Everington, Finch, Cook, Manington, Bradfield, Eastman, Thirtle, Mann, Rudd. L. Allen, J. Martin, P. Martin, Shepherd

March 3rd             Costessey Sports     3     Hethersett   1

TEAM: Everington, Allenden, Holman, Fitch, Eastman, R. Pugh, L. Allen, Mann, P. Martin, Wright, Cook, Parkhouse

March 16th              Wilco Fast Fit       1       Hethersett    4

TEAM - Everignton, Mannington, Holman, Allenden, Finch, Rudd, Mann, M. Steward, W. Cook, P. Martin, L. Allen, M. Bradfield, M. Pugh, S. Allen

March 30th               The Haig      6    Hethersett    3

TEAM - Finch, M. Pugh, R. Pugh, L. Allen, Holman, Waters, Mann, Younie, S. Allen, Eastman, P. Martin, J. Wright, G. Newbury

April 6th               Thorpe Rovers     2    Hethersett   2

TEAM - Everington, Fitch, Holman, Eastman, Mann, N. Steward, L. Allen, Waters, S. Allen, R. Mannington, Newbury, J. Wright, P. Martin, M. Pugh