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A National FA Community Charter Club

Founded - 1991  

Under-14 Team Fixtures 2007/2008

Date V Opponents Type Score Scorers
Sept 16 A Thorpe League 0-11  
Sept 23 H Lakeford League 1-7 Bensley
Sept 30 A Sheringham C Cup 7-2 Smith 3, M. Edwards, Bensley, Keeley, Wilford
Oct 7 H Hellesdon League 1-2 Smith
Oct 14 A Hellesdon League 2-6 Bensley 2
Oct 21 A Horsford League 2-4 Poole, A. Edwards
Oct 28 H Norman League 2-5 Bensley, Smith
Nov 4 A St Andrew's C Cup 0-1  
Nov 11 A Old Catton League 0-3  
Nov 18 A Rocklands L Cup 4-0 A. Edwards 2, Keeley, Davies
Nov 25 H Sprowston League 2-10 Bensley, Price
Dec 16 H Thorpe League 0-3  
Jan 6 A Lakeford League 3-2 Bensley 2, Smith
Jan 13 H Taverham League 6-2 Davies 2, Dalmay, Smith, A. Edwards, Ford
Jan 27 H Old Catton L Cup 0-1  
Feb 3 H Horsford League 6-0 Smith 2, Davies 2, Ford, Keeley
Feb 10 A Norman League 1-1 Keeley
Feb 17 H Old Catton League 1-5 Keeley
Feb 24 A Bressingham League 2-3 Keeley, Smith
Mar 2 A Sprowston League 3-3 Ford 2, Wilford
Mar 9 A Dereham League 2-6 Ford, M. Edwards
Apr 6 H St Andrew's League 1-3 Keeley
Apr 13 H Bressingham League 1-4 Keeley
Apr 20 H Dereham League 1-5 Smith
Apr 27 A St Andrew's League 1-3 Davies
May 4 H Taverham League   Cancelled by Taverham


Current Season Career
App Goals App Goals
BENSLEY Ryan 11 8 30 16
BURLINGHAM Daryl 25 0 25 0
DALMAY Daniel 21 1 131 24
DAVIES Kieran 21 6 21 6
DREWERY Ben 24 0 85 1
EDWARDS Adam 25 4 46 5
EDWARDS Michael 25 2 79 8
FORD Darren 21 5 130 48
FROST Dominic 23 0 23 0
KEELEY Jake 23 8 136 67
LUTHER-VEITCH Blair 14 0 32 0
POOLE 2 1 2 1
PRICE Christopher 24 1 81 1
SMITH Shane 24 11 41 16
WILFORD Ben 24 2 58 5



Sept 16th                      Thorpe      11     Hethersett    0

Hethersett never really got going in this match and showed far too much respect to the champions of the past two years.

TEAM: Burlingham, Drewry, Davies, Price, Frost, Luther-Veitch, M. Edwards, A. Edwards, Dalmay, Ford, Bensley, Keeley, Smith.

Sept 23rd          Hethersett       1    Lakeford   7

Hethersett played much better than in the previous week but mistakes by the defence gifted a number of goals to Lakeford.

TEAM: Burlingham, Drewry, M. Edwards, Price, Frost, Davies, Dalmay, A. Edwards, Ford, Wilford, Smith, Bensley, Keeley

Sept 30th         Sheringham      2    Hethersett   7

TEAM: D. Burlingham, B. Drewery, M. Edwards, D. Frost, R. Bensley, D. Dalmay, A. Edwards, D. Ford, J. Keeley, S. Smith, B. Wilford, C. Price

October 7th           Hethersett    1     Hellesdon    2

Hethersett played very well against a good Hellesdon side. The game would have ended in a draw had the referee stopped the game when a Hethersett player was down with a head injury.

TEAM: Burlingham, Price, Frost, Drewry, M. Edwards, Luther-Veitch, A. Edwards, Dalmay, Ford, Wilford, Bensley, Keeley, Smith

October 14th        Hellesdon     6      Hethersett    2

Hethersett started very well and were unlucky to lose the first half. After the break Hellesdon played well and deserved to win.

TEAM: Burlingham, Drewry, Luther-Veitch, Price, M. Edwards, Davies, Frost, Wilford, Dalmay, A. Edwards, Ford, Smith, Bensley

October 21st          Horsford    4    Hethersett     2

Horsford played a long ball game and Hethersett failed to deal with them in a poor game.

TEAM: Burlingham, Price, Frost, Davies, Drewry, M. Edwards, Wilford, Dalmay, Poole, A. Edwards, Smith, Keeley

October 28th          Hethersett      2   Norman    5

An entertaining game played in terrible conditions.

TEAM: Burlingham, Price, M. Edwards, Frost,Drewry, Davies, Dalmay, Ford, A. Edwards, Wilford, Bensley, Smith, Keeley.

November 4th       St Andrew's      1    Hethersett   0

TEAM: D. Burlingham, D. Dalmay, K. Davies, B. Drewery, A. Edwards, M. Edwards, D. Ford, D. Frost, J. Keeley, C. Price, S. Smith, B. Wilford

November 11th      Old Catton     3    Hethersett   0

TEAM: Burlingham, Price, M. Edwards, Frost, Davies, A. Edwards, Ford, Drewry, Dalmay, Smith, Bensley, Keeley, Wilford

November 18th        Rocklands    0     Hethersett     4

TEAM: Burlingham, Price, M. Edwards, Frost, Drewry, A. Edwards, Dalmay, Davies, Wilford, Smith, Keeley

November 25th          Hethersett     2   Sprowston    10

Hethersett played better in the second half after sleeping through the first.

TEAM: Burlingham, Drewry, A. Edwards, Price, Davies, M. Edwards, Dalmay, Keeley, Poole, Wilford, Smith, Bensley

December 16th            Hethersett      0    Thorpe    3

Hethersett defended very well and can be pleased with their performance.

TEAM: Burlingham, Price, Davies, M. Edwards, Frost, Keeley, Dalmay, Wilford, A. Edwards, Bensley, Smith, Drewry

January 6th          Lakeford      2     Hethersett     3

Hethersett's first win of the season came after a very competitive game.

TEAM: Burlingham, Price, Luther-Veitch, Frost, Davies, M. Edwards, Dalmay, Keeley, A. Edwards, Ford, Smith, Drewry, Bensley, Wilford.

January 13th            Hethersett    6    Taverham    2

Hethersett played very well and several of their goals came straight from the training ground.

TEAM: Burlingham, Price, M. Edwards, Frost, Drewry, Luther-Veitch, Ford, Dalmay, A. Edwards, Wilford, Davies, Keeley, Bensley, S. Smith

January 27th              Hethersett    0    Old Catton   1

Hethersett defended well but found it difficult to create chances. Catton deserved to win but Hethersett are suffering from a number of injuries at the moment.

TEAM: Burlingham, Davies, Luther-Veitch, Frost, Dalmay, M. Edwards, Ford, Wilford, A. Edwards, Smith, Keeley, Drewry

February 3rd                Hethersett     6    Horsford    0

Hethersett played very well to keep their first clean sheet in a good performance.

TEAM: Burlingham, Frost, Luther-Veitch, Price, Dalmay, M. Edwards, Davies, Ford, A. Edwards, Wilford, Keeley, Smith

February 10th         Norman       1     Hethersett      1

This was another good performance from Hethersett although they were rather fortunate in the second half. Norman dominated after the break but Hethersett defended well.

TEAM Burlingham, Frost, Luther-Veitch, M. Edwards, Price, A. Edwards, Dalmay, Drewry, Davies, Ford, Wilford, Keeley, Smith

February 17th           Hethersett     1      Old Catton     5

TEAM: Burlingham, Frost, Price, M. Edwards, A. Edwards, Davies, Ford, Dalmay, Drewry, Smith, Wilford, Keeley

February 24th         Bressingham    3   Hethersett   2

Hethersett started well and went in 2-1 up at half-time but missed numerous chances in the second half and paid the price.

TEAM: Burlingham, Frost, M. Edwards, Price, Drewry, A. Edwards, Davies, Ford, Wilford, Keeley, Smith

March 2nd                Sprwoston      3     Hethersett     3

Hethersett could only field the bare 11 but still battled away and the draw was a fair result.

TEAM: Burlingham, Price, M. Edwards, Davies, Drewry, A. Edwards. Ford, Dalmay, Wilford, Keeley, Luther-Veitch.

March 9th                  Dereham     6     Hethersett     2

Hethersett fell to pieces after a good first half. They never got going after the break.

TEAM: Burlingham, Davies, Luther-Veitch, Drewry, price, M. Edwards, Dalmay, Wilford, A. Edwards, Ford, Frost, Keeley, Smith

April 6th                       Hethersett     1       St Andrew's    3

Hethersett tired in the second half after playing well in the first.

TEAM - Burlingham, Frost, Luther-Veitch, A. Edwards, M. Edwards, Dalmay, Ford, Smith, Drewry, Wilford, Keeley, Price.

April 13th                  Hethersett       1   Bressingham     4

TEAM Burlingham, Drewry, Luther-Veitch, Frost, Price, M. Edwards, A. Edwards, Ford, Wilford, Keeley, Smith

April 20th                   Hethersett      1    Dereham     5

Hethersett made numerous scoring chances but missed them all.

TEAM - Burlingham, Price, Luther-Veitch, M. Edwards, A. Edwards, Drewry, Ford, Wilford, Davies, Keeley, Smith, Frost

April 27th                 St Andrew's      3     Hethersett    1

Hethersett tired towards the end of this match and conceded two goals in the final 15 minutes.

TEAM: Burlingham, Frost, Luther-Veitch, A. Edwards, Wilford, M. Edwards, Price, Ford, Davies, Drewry, Smith.