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A National FA Community Charter Club

 2008/2009 Men's Sunday A Team


Aug 31st H AFC Oak League 2-3 Luther-Veitch, Molloy
Sept 7th A Dereham Wand CC 0-11  
Sept 14th A Moles Rest League 0-9  
Sept 21st A Salhouse League 1-2 Sheppard
Sept 28th H Mill House League 1-2 A. Buffin
Oct 5th A Taverham Res League 3-4 Sheppard 2, Dyson
Oct 19th H Taverham Res League 0-1  
Oct 26th A AFC Fifers League 1-4 Dyson
Nov 2nd H Dancing Farmers League 3-2 Luther-Veitch, Morphew, Dyson
Nov 9th H Salhouse Res League 2-1 Molloy, Dyson
Nov 16th A Dancing Farmers League 3-0 R O'Sullivan 2, Dyson
Dec 7th A Freethorpe League 0-2  
Dec 14th A AFC Oak League 3-2 Waters 2, Dyson
Jan 18th H Mischief Tavern League 1-5 R. O'Sullivan
Jan 25th A AFC Rompers League 6-2 R. O'Sullivan 3, Dyson, Morphew, Dalmay
Feb 1st H AFC Fifers League 0-3  
Feb 8th A Mischief Tavern League 1-1 Dalmay
Feb 22nd A Mill House League 0-2  
Mar 1st H AFC Rompers League 1-4 Dyson
Mar 29th H Moles Rest League 1-6 Seville
Apr 5th A Freethorpe League 1-1 Luther-Veitch



Aug 31st                            Hethersett         2     AFC Oak        3

TEAM: Tom Wadlow, Liam Buffin, Matt Molloy, Henry Dyson, Ryan O'Sullivan, Jack Sanders, Ross Luther-Veitch, Jamie Roberts, Gareth Seville, Tamas Dalmay, Callum Jolly. Sub Freddy Sheppard.

September 7th                Dereham Wanderers    11    Hethersett    0

TEAM: Tom Wadlow, Jack Sanders, Liam Buffin, Callum Jolly, Tamas Dalmay, Gareth Seville, Ross Luther-Veitch, Jamie Roberts, Matt Molloy, Ryan O'Sullivan, Freddy Sheppard

September 14th                  Moles  Rest    9      Hethersett   0

TEAM: T. Wadlow, M. Molloy, R O'Sullivan, L. Buffin, R. Luther-Veitch, C. Jolly, T. Dalmay, R. Martin, R. Pugh, G. Seville, J. Roberts, J. Sanders, N. Luther, F. Sheppard

September 21st                  Salhouse Res   2      Hethersett   1

TEAM: R. O'Sullivan, L. Buffin, M. Molloy, T. Dalmay, G. Seville, F. Sheppard, J. Sanders, C. Jolly, R Luther-Veitch, J. Wright, J. Roberts, H. Dyson

September 28th                    Hethersett      1     Mill House     2

TEAM: T. Wadlow, C. Morphew, L. Buffin, M. Molloy, T. Dalmay, R. Luther-Veitch, H. Dyson, C. Chadwick, J. Roberts. F. Sheppard, G. Seville, A. Buffin

October 5th                       Taverham Res      4     Hethersett   3

TEAM: T. Wadlow, H. Dyson, F. Sheppard, R Luther-Veitch, L. Buffin, C. Chadwick, G. Seville, R. O'Sullivan, M. Molloy, T. Dalmay, C. Jolly, A. Buffin

October 19th                     Hethersett   A    0     Taverham Res    1

TEAM: T. Wadlow, L. Buffin, M. Molloy, J. Wright, R. Luther-Veitch, T. Dalmay, H. Dyson, F. Sheppard, J. Sanders, R. O'Sullivan, C. Jolly, G. Seville

October 26th                     AFC Fifers        4      Hethersett    A   1

TEAM: L. Buffin, M. Molloy, C. Jolly, H. Dyson, R. Luther-Veitch, B. Wright, K. Boreham, J. Sanders, F. Sheppard, G. Seville, J. Wright, R. O'Sullivan, A. Buffin

November 2nd                  Hethersett     3      Dancing Farmers    2

There was sheer delight as Hethersett A comprising most of the previous season's under-16s youth team finally got off the mark with a win in adult football against Dancing Farmers (3-2). On a bright sunny morning Hethersett took the lead twice being pegged back by the resilient Dancers, who they face again in two weeks. Eventually Hethersett scored a third after numerous near misses and held on to take their first  3 points. This A-Team, as their new sponsors, KERLEY RECOVERY, have plenty of back up and wish to thank the Club and other adult teams for their support and encouragement, even if as the picture shows they don't know who their best line up is yet. 

TEAM: T. Wadlow, A. Buffin. L. Buffin, M. Molloy, R. Luther-Veitch, C. Jolly, T. Dalmay, F. Sheppard, J. Sanders, C. Morphew, H. Dyson, R. O'Sullivan, J. Wright

November 9th                      Hethersett     2    Salhouse Res      1

Hethersett reversed an early season defeat at the hands of Salhouse and made it two consecutive wins.

TEAM: T. Wadlow, L. Buffin, C. Jolly, M. Molloy, R. Luther-Veitch, T. Dalmay, H. Dyson, J. Raven, J. Morrison, W. Cook, R. O'Sullivan, J. Sanders

November 16th                    Dancing Farmers      0     Hethersett     3

Hethersett led 1-0 at half-time through Ryan O'Sullivan and then scored twice more in the final 10 minutes.

TEAM: T. Wadlow, L. Buffin, C. Jolly, R. Luther-Veitch, T. Dalmay, J. Sanders, M. Molloy, R. O'Sullivan, H. Dyson, J. Wright, R. Jolly, N. Luther

December 7th                       Freethorpe      2         Hethersett    0

TEAM: T. Wadlow, J. Sanders, C. Jolly, L. Buffin, C. Chadwick, H. Dyson, R. Luther-Veitch, J. Wright, J. Roberts, T. Dalmay, G. Seville

December 14th                 AFC Oak       2       Hethersett     3

TEAM: T. Wadlow, L. Buffin, R. O'Sullivan, H. Dyson, C. Jolly, T. Dalmay, R. Luther-Veitch, J. Sanders, J. Roberts, C. Morphew, A. Waters, G. Seville, J. Wright, F. Sheppard

January 18th                     Hethersett       1     Mischief Tavern      5

TEAM: T. Wadlow, A. Buffin, L. Buffin, R Luther-Veitch, D. Mayes, C. Jolly, J. Wright, T. Dalmay, H. Dyson, J. Sanders, R. O'Sullivan, G. Seville, J. Roberts, F. Sheppard

January 25th               AFC Rompers      2        Hethersett    A    6

This was a fine performance from Hethersett in appalling conditions of driving rain. They fell a goal behind but came back to win comfortably.

TEAM: T. Wadlow, L. Buffin, R. O'Sullivan, H. Dyson, C. Morphew, G. Seville, J. Sanders, D. Mayes, T. Dalmay, R. Luther-Veitch, G. Jolly, N. Luther

February 1st               Hethersett A   0   AFC Fifers       3

TEAM: T. Wadlow, L. Buffin, H. Dyson, C. Jolly, R. Luther-Veitch, T. Dalmay, D. Mayes, J. Sanders, J. Roberts, L. Roberts. G. Seville

February 8th              Mischief Tavern     1      Hethersett    1

Getting up to Mischief
Just a bit. One of the few fixtures to make it against the weather this weekend saw a near full strength Hethersett's Kerley Recovery sponsored, A-Team visit The Mischief Taverners on Sunday. Having come to the Memorial and thumped the young team in their first season of adult football earlier the scent of a second easy kill may have been in the air for the 'Chiefs' but they quickly found out this would be no stroll in the park.
The early exchanges saw some strong tackling form both sides and it was quite clear that the 'Chiefs' were going to try and physically and verbally intimidate the A's, but it was they who were playing the better football, and this epitomised by Dalmay who picked up the ball on the right cut inside and drilled a classy shot passed a hapless keeper.
Molloy chased down the left wing and got a curving shot away which narrowly went past the post, just before the keeper took him out, and had an easier chance when the ball came to him quickly infront of goal but clipped it tamely into the keepers arms. Dyson was also at his best hassling and harrowing the defence, taking on Buffin's flighted crosses, hitting the crossbar or unfortunately just pulling a penalty wide of the post in the secondhalf. A further shot on the crossbar had the A's supporters wishing for Carrow Road holiday vouchers if they couldn't have a second goal. Would it cost them ?
O'Sullivan in goal made 3 memorable saves or blocks, on the odd occaision the chiefs got through the 2 lines of 4 with Roberts and Luther-Veitch crunching in centre mid, and Buffin, Sanders, Chadders and Morph mopping up pretty much everything else leftover.
The 'Chiefs' were left with long balls over the top, bickering and arguing amongst themselves, but they did muster one coherent attack, which although the linesman felt was offside, the ref allowed form his vantage point that the player had timed his run well.
The A's continued to push for the winner, but the near misses were to count dear. A well ref'd game, good commitment from both teams, and grudging acknowledgement form some of the 'Chiefs' that the A's had played well. Final result 1-1.

TEAM: R. O'Sullivan, L. Buffin, M. Molloy, R. Luther-Veitch, G. Seville, J. Sanders, T. Dalmay, H. Dyson, T. Roberts, C. Chadwick, C. Morphew, T. Green, J. Wright, F. Sheppard

February 22nd            Mill House      2       Hethersett    0

TEAM: T. Wadlow, L. Buffin, M. Molloy, R. Luther-Veitch, D. Mayes, J. Roberts, H. Dyson, C. Jolly, J. Sanders, R. O'Sullivan. G. Seville, T. Green


March 1st                    Hethersett    1        AFC Rompers   4

TEAM: T. Wadlow, L. Buffin, C. Jolly, J. Sanders, R. Luther-Veitch, M. Molloy, D. Mayes, G. Seville, H. Dyson, R. O'Sullivan, C. Chadwick, T. Dalmay, T. Green, J. Wright

March 29th                 Hethersett      1   Moles Rest     6

TEAM: T. Wadlow, G. Seville, H. Dyson, T. Green, R. Luther-Veitch, J. Sanders, M. Molloy, C. Jolly, L. Buffin, C. Chadwick, D. Mayes, F. Sheppard

April 5th                      Hethersett     1      Freethorpe       1

Hethersett conceded an own goal in the first half but hit back to equalise with a penalty in added time.

TEAM: T. Wadlow, L. Buffin, M. Molloy, R. Luther-Veitch, T. Dalmay, H. Dyson, G. Seville, J. Sanders, C. Chadwick, T. Green, C. Jolly, F. Sheppard, R. O'Sullivan


  App Goals
BUFFIN Adam 5 1
BUFFIN Liam 21 0
COOK Will 1 0
DALMAY Tamas 20 2
DYSON Henry 19 8
JOLLY Callum 17 0
LUTHER Neil 2 0
MOLLOY Matt 16 2
MORRISON Jacob 1 0
O'SULLIVAN Ryan 17 6
PUGH Rob 1 0
RAVEN Jack 1 0
ROBERTS Jamie 10 0
SANDERS Jack 19 0
SEVILLE Gareth 18 1
SHEPPARD Freddy 15 3
WADLOW Tom 18 0
WATERS Adam 1 2
WRIGHT Jamie 10 0