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A National FA Community Charter Club

 2008/2009 Under-14s

Sept 7th A Hellesdon League 6-5 Wilcox 3, Richardson 2, Leigh
Sept 21 A Wymondham United League 4-5 Leigh 3, Richardson
Sept 28 H Watton League 1-8 Wilcox
Oct 12 A Attleborough League 3-4 Leigh, House, Power
Oct 19 H Costessey League 1-4 Wilcox
Oct 26 A Horsford League 0-4  
Nov 2 H North Walsham C Cup 0-8  
Nov 9 A Aylsham League 1-7 Wilcox
Nov 16 H North Walsham League 0-13  
Nov 30 H Hellesdon League 5-5 Wilcox 3, Leigh, Bell
Jan 18 H Drayton League 3-9 Wilcox 2, Richardson
Jan 25 H Norman LCup 4-10 Richardson 2, House, Wilcox
Feb 1 A Costessey League 0-13  
Feb 8 H Horsford League 1-6 Wilcox
Feb 15 H Aylsham League 4-9 Wilcox 3, own goal
Feb 22 A North Walsham League 0-7  
Mar 1 H Attleborough League 0-6  
Mar 8 H Wymondham League 1-7 Leigh
Mar 22 H Norman League 0-8  
Mar 29 A Watton League 1-6 Wilcox
Apr 5 A Thorpe League 3-1 Leigh, Richardson, Wilcox
Apr 19 A Norman League 0-5  
May 3rd A Drayton League 0-8  
May 13th H Thorpe League 1-6 Wilcox


App Goals
ANNIS Ben 18 0
BELL Oliver 3 1
BURTON Adam 17 0
COONEY Adam 22 0
DIX Stuart 23 0
FIELD Daniel 18 0
FINCH Liam 23 0
GORBUTT Jack 8 0
HOUSE Luke 22 2
KEY Kevin 14 0
LEIGH Declan 23 8
POWER Ryan 15 1
REINTJIS James 5 0
SMITH Alfie 5 0
WILCOX Joshua 22 19
WOODS Jonathan 19 0
own goals 1




September 7th -       Hellesdon      5     Hethersett   6

Not a match for the faint hearted. Hethersett had plenty of attacking play in the first half but found themselves 1-0 and then 2-1 down. Josh Wilcox then scored two fine goals to send Hethersett in 3-2 up at half-time. Hethersett looked more solid in the second half and took a 4-2 and then 5-3 lead before Hellesdon came back to equalise only for Hethersett to score the winner.

TEAM: Jonathan Woods, Adam Cooney, Liam Finch, Ben Annis, Declan Leigh, Jack Gorbutt, Stuart Dix, Luke House, Adam Burton, Alex Richardson, Joshua Wilcox

September 21st       Wymondham      5      Hethersett   4

Hethersett were 4-2 down at half-time having been overrun in midfield. Tactical changes and more urgency after the break saw an exciting match. Hethersett pulled the score back to 4-4 but Hethersett keeper was unable to hold onto a shot and a Wymondham striker tapped home for the winner.

TEAM: Jonathan Woods, Liam Finsh, Daniel Field, Adam Cooney, Luke House, Adam Burton, Jack Gorbutt, Declan Leigh, Stuart Dix, Alex Richardson, Oliver Bell, Kevin Key, Ryan Power

September 28th           Hethersett     1   Watton     8

Hethersett took the lead but then put in a lack-lustre performance. Watton played the ball around well and won virtually all of the 50-50 challenges.

TEAM: Jonathan Woods, Liam Finch, Adam Cooney, Adam Burton, Luke House, Declan Leigh, Stuart Dix, Daniel Field, Josh Wilcox, Alex Richardson, Oliver Bell, Jack Gorbutt, Ben Annis

October 12th             Attleborough    4   Hethersett   3

Hethersett played excellent football and were unlucky to lose.

TEAM: Jonathan Woods, Liam Finch, Adam Cooney, Adam Burton, Ben Annis, Declan Leigh, Stuart Dix, Kevin Key, Luke House, Joshua Wilcox, Ryan Power

October 19th             Hethersett        1     Costessey     4

The first half was very competitive and ended 1-1. Costessey dominated after the break to take the points.

TEAM: Jonathan Woods, Liam Finch, Adam Cooney, Daniel Field, Luke House, Stuart Dix, Joshua Wilcox, Alex Richardson, Kevin Key, Ryan Power, Ben Annis

October 26th            Horsford          4    Hethersett    0

This was a good match overall. Horsford had a powerful and skilful striker who scored two quick goals. Two further goals before Half-time took the match away from Hethersett, although the visitors played well in the second half and created some good chances.

TEAM: Jonathan Woods, Liam Finch, Adam Cooney, Adam Burton, Daniel Field, Kevin Key, Luke House, Joshua Wilcox, Stuart Dix, Alex Richardson, Declan Leigh, Ryan Power.

November 2nd        Hethersett    0      North Walsham    8

TEAM: Jonathan Woods, Adam Cooney, Adam Burton, Kevin Key, Daniel Field, Luke House, Declan Leigh, Joshua Wilcox, Jack Gorbutt, Alex Richardson, Stuart Dix, Ryan Power

November 9th         Aylsham      7       Hethersett   1

This was a strange game. Hethersett were coping comfortably but suddenly seemed to think that the game was won and failed to compete for 50-50 balls. Hethersett then began to leak goals at an alarming rate.

TEAM: Benjamin Woods, Liam Finch, Adam Cooney, Adam Burton, Kevin Key, Stuart Dix, Josh Wilcox, Daniel Field, Ben Annis, Luke House, Declan Leigh, Alex Richardson, Jack Gorbutt

November 16th        Hethersett     0    North Walsham    13

Hethersett 'keeper Woods played well, which sums up the display of the rest of the team in this crushing defeat.

TEAM: Jonathan Woods, Liam Finch, Adam Cooney, Adam Burton, Stuart Dix, Ben Annis, Daniel Field, Kevin Key, Jack Gorbutt, Alex Richardson, Declan Leigh, Ryan Power, Luke House

November 30th           Hethersett     5     Hellesdon   5

This was a roller coaster of a match with the score 2-2 at half-time. Hethersett fell 4-2 behind but came back to take a 5-4 lead only for poor marking to let in Hellesdon for the equaliser.

TEAM: Jonathan Woods, Liam Finch, Adam Cooney, Daniel Field, Kevin Key, Jack Gorbutt, Luke House, Josh Wilcox, Declan Leigh, Oliver Bell, Ryan Power

January 18th               Hethersett       3   Drayton   9

Hethersett battled well despite only having 10 players. Playing conditions were difficult with a hard pitch. At one point Hethersett were only 5-3 down.

TEAM: Jonathan Woods, Liam Finch, Adam Burton, Adam Cooney, Ben Annis, Stuart Dix, Josh Wilcox, Ryan Power, Alex Richardson, Declan Leigh

January 25th             Hethersett      4     Norman    10

Difficult conditions made for a very open game. Both sides showed some good finishing in the first half with the score at 3-3. Hethersett's defending was poor in the second half allowing Norman to run threw time after time.

TEAM: Jonathan Woods, Liam Finch, Adam Cooney, Kevin Key, Daniel Field, Stuart Dix, Luke House, Alex Richardson, Josh Wilcox, Declan Leigh, Ben Annis.

February 1st                 Costessey    13       Hethersett    0

Hethersett only had 10 players and poor early defending gifted Costessey four goals in the opening 10 minutes. Hethersett were 9-0 down at the break but battled well in the second half.

TEAM: Jonathan Woods, Liam Finch, Adam Cooney, Kevin Key, Luke House, Stuart Dix, Declan Leigh, Joshua Wilcox, Ryan Power, Alex Richardson

February 8th           Hethersett      1    Horsford        6

Hethersett had just the bare 11 players and this made them tire in the second half. They took the lead, Horsford equalised but too many second half mistakes allowed the visitros to coast to a comfortable win.

TEAM: Declan Leigh, Liam Finch, Adam Burton, Adam Cooney, Daniel Field, Luke House, Ryan Power, Josh Wilcox, Stuart Dix, Ben Annis, Alex Richardson

February 15th            Hethersett      4    Aylsham     9

Thsi was a good performance from Hethersett against the league leaders. At half-time the score was 2-2. Aylsham played the ball around well and eventually wore down the Hethersett team. Hethersett battled to the end.

TEAM: Declan Leigh, Adam Burton, Liam Finch, Adam Cooney, Daniel Field, Ben Annis, Stuart Dix, Luke House, Ryan Power, Alex Richardson, Josh Wilcox

February 22nd              North Walsham     7      Hethersett    0

A disappointing display from Hethersett in which they showed a lack of determination and resolve.

TEAM: Declan Leigh, Adam Burton, Liam Finch, Adam Cooney, Daniel Field, Ben Annis, Stuart Dix, Alex Richardson, Luke House, Kevin Key, Josh Wilcox, Jonathan Woods

March 1st                    Hethersett     0     Attleborough     6

This was a very poor result with Hethersett lacking commitment and determination. On paper the teams looked equal but on the day there was only one side in it.

TEAM: J. Woods, L. Finch, A. Cooney, A. Burton, J. Gorbutt, S. Dix, J. Wilcox, D. Leigh, A. Richardson, R. Power, B. Annis, L. House

March 8th                       Hethersett       1     Wymondham    7

Windy conditions made for a difficult game. A couple of defensive errors allowed Wymondham to take the advantage. By half-time they were 3-0 down. In the second half Wymondham again proved too strong.

TEAM: Declan Leigh, Liam Finch, Daniel Field, Adam Cooney, Adam Burton, Stuart Dix, Kevin Key, Alex Richardson, Josh Wilcox, Ben Annis, Ryan Power, Jonathan Woods.

March 22nd                        Hethersett    0     Norman      8

Hethersett had good early possession and carved out some chances. Continual defence lapses allowed Norman in to score three goals against the run of play. Hethersett's confidence dropped and Norman went on to score five more.

TEAM: Declan Leigh, Liam Finch, Adam Cooney, Daniel Field, Adam Burton, Luke House, Josh Wilcox, Alex Richardson, Stuart Dix, Ben Annis, Jonathan Woods.

March 29th                       Watton        6     Hethersett     1

Hethersett were much improved despite some defensive lapses. They made some good opportunities but were lacking in front of goal. Poor marking and communication allowed Watton through. Hethersett's goal was a brilliantly executed free kick and a well deserved consolation.

TEAM: Declan Leigh, Liam Finch, Adam Burton, Ben Annis, Luke House, Stuart Dix, Alex Richardson, James Reintjis, Ryan Power, Josh Wilcox, Alfie Smith

April 5th           Thorpe          1            Hethersett      3

Finally Hethersett had a game to celebrate. The boys competed well and let the ball do the work. A solid defence was the backbone of victory.

TEAM: Jonathan Woods, Liam Finch, Luke House, Daniel Field, Adam Cooney, Declan Leigh, James Reintjis, Alfie Smith, Stuart Dix, Alex Richardson, Josh Wilcox.

April 19th                Norman Wanderers    5    Hethersett   0

Hethersett returned to their bad old ways and Normans were just too strong.

TEAM: Declan Leigh, Liam Finch, Luke House, Daniel Field, Ben Annis, Stuart Dix, James Reintjis, Josh Wilcox, Alfie Smith, Alex Richardson, Ryan Power

May 3rd                  Drayton        8         Hethersett      0

The scoreline doesn't truly reflect the game. The early exchanges were dominated by Hethersett but they failed to take their chances. Hethersett then began to concede  some soft goals.

TEAM: Jonathan Woods, Adam Cooney, Daniel Field, Luke House, Liam Finch, Stuart Dix, James Reintjis, Alfie Smith, Josh Wilcox, Alex Richardson, Ben Annis, Declan Leigh, Kevin Key

May 14th                    Hethersett       1      Thorpe     6

Hethersett put in a good overall performance but missed their chances whilst Thorpe took theirs. The half-time score was just 2-1 with Josh Wilcox scoring for Hethersett. Hethersett conceded an early second half goal and the game was over as a contest from that point.

TEAM: Declan Leigh, Kevin Key, Liam Finch, Daniel Field, Luke House, Adam Burton James Reintjis, Stuart Dix, Ben Annis, Alfie Smith, Adam Cooney, Josh Wilcox.