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A National FA Community Charter Club

 2009/2010 Under-8s


Sept 20th A Wymondham League 3-0 Grapes 2, Bussey
Sept 20th A Norman League 2-0 Kemp 2
Oct 18th H Mattishall League 0-1
Oct 18th H Sprowston League 2-0 Kemp 2
Nov 1st A Hillside League 3-1 Grapes, Kemp, Rozer
Nov 1st A Poringland League 5-0 Kemp 3, Rich, Grapes
Nov 29th A Wymondham League 3-3 Clarke 2, Grapes
Nov 29th A Norman League 2-5 Grapes, Bussey
Dec 12th H Toftwood League 7-1 Kemp 5, Grapes, Clarke
Dec 12th H Firside League 0-2
Jan 24th A Mattishall League 1-0 Kemp
Jan 24th A Sprowston League 5-6 Kemp 3, Grapes 2
Feb 6th A Hillside League 6-0 Kemp 4, Grapes, Clarke
Feb 6th A Poringland League 4-1 Bussey 2, Kemp, Grapes
Feb 21st A Spixworth League 4-0 Kemp 3, Banks
Feb 21st A Horsford League 2-4 Kemp 2
March 6th A Firside League 0-2
March 6th A Toftwood League 2-1 Key 2
March 20th A Spixworth League 0-1
March 20th A Horsford League 3-2 Kemp 2, Grapes



BANKS Ethan 16 1
BUSSEY Will 18 4
CLARKE Vashon 10 4
CSORBA Akos 16 0
GRAPES Jackson 18 12
KEY Peter 13 2
KEMP Henry 18 29
RICH Aaron 16 1
ROZIER Max 18 1
SMITH Toby 14 0
WHITING Kieran 11 0


Sept 20th Team v Wymondham - Aaron Rich, Will Bussey, Jackson Grapes, Henry Kemp, Ethan Banks, Max Rozier, Peter Key.

Sept 20th Team v Norman -  Jackson Grapes, Will Bussey, Toby Smith, Henry Kemp, Aaron Rich, Ethan Banks, Max Rozier.

Oct 18th Team v Mattishall - Akos Csorba, Ethan Banks, Will Bussey, Henry Kemp, Jackson Grapes, Kieran Whiting, Aaron Rich, Max Rozier

Oct 18th Team v Sprowston - Akos Csorba, Tony Smith, Aaron Rich, Max Rosier, Jackson Grapes, Will Bussey, Henry Kemp, Ethan Banks

Nov 1st Team v Hillside and Poringland -

Akos Csorba, Aaron Rich, Kieron Whiting, Ethan Banks, Henry Kemp, Jackson Grapes, Will Bussey, Toby Smith, Max Rozier   

Nov 29th Team v Wymondham and v Norman


Akos Csorba, Aaron Rich, Keiran Whiting, Ethan Banks, Will Bussey, Max Rozier, Peter Key, Toby Smith, Henry Kemp, Jackson Grapes, Vashon Clarke.

Dec 12th Team v Toftwood and v Firside

Akos Csorba, Kieran Whiting, Toby Smith, Ethan Banks, Max Rozier, Will Bussey, Henry Kemp, Vashon Clarke, Jackson Grapes, Peter Key

Jan 24th     Team v Mattishall and Sprowston B

Akos Csorba, Ethan Banks, Peter Key, Max Rozier, Aaron Rich, Will Bussey, Henry Kemp, Jackson Grapes, Vashon Clarke.

Feb 6th Team v Hillside and Poringland

Team - Akos Csorba, Toby Smith, Aaron Rich, Will Bussey, Henry Kemp, Jackson Grapes, Vashon Clarke, Max Rozier, Kieran Whiting, Peter Key.

March 6th Team v Firside and Toftwood - Akos Csorba, Aaron Rich, Will Bussey, Vashon Clarke, Jackson Grapes, Henry Kemp, Peter Key, Max Rozier, Ethan Banks, Toby Smith

March 20th v Spixworth and Horsford

Team - Akos Csorba, Kieran Whiting, Toby Smith, Max Rozier, Ethan Banks, Peter Key, Aaron Rich, Will Bussey, Henry Kemp, Jackson Grapes.