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A National FA Community Charter Club

 2010/2011 Sunday Reserves


Sept 5th H Salhouse League 2-1 Worthington, Doggett
Sept 19th H Windmill League 0-3
Sept 26th H Eaton Beehive League 7-3 Worthington 3, Giles 2, Wright, Lincoln
Oct 3rd A Dereham Utd League 1-2 Worthington
Oct 10th H One Love Utd League 1-4 Gaskin
Oct 17th H Hockering CCup 3-4 Worthington 2, Lincoln
Oct 24th A Windmill Elite League 2-2 L. Appleton, Martin
Oct 31st H Spixworth Res League 0-1
Nov 7th A Bell Inn League 0-5
Nov 14th A Wendene League 1-2 Doggett
Nov 21st A Briston Wand League 0-5
January 16 H Dereham Utd League 4-3 Worthington 3, Appleton
January 23 A One Love Utd League 0-3
January 30 A Drayton League 1-1 Worthington
February 6 A Spixwoth Res League 2-0 Parkhouse, Worthington
February 20 H Wendene League 1-1 Worthington
February 27 A Chapelfield Rgr League 5-1 Doggett 4, Thirtle
March 6th H Drayton League 1-0 Wright
March 13th A Salhouse League 1-5 P. Martin
March 20th H Chapelfield Rngs League 3-1 Parkhouse, Wright, Martin
March 27th H Bell Inn League 4-3 Steward 2, Doggett, Brookes
April 3rd A Eaton Beehive League 0-5
April 10th H Briston Wand League 0-2

Norwich Sunday League Division 4B

  P W D L F A  Ps
1 BRISTON WANDERERS 22 18 1 3 97 34 55
2 ONE LOVE UNITED 22 17 2 3 91 28 53
3 SALHOUSE ROVERS 22 16 4 2 82 38 52
4 THE BELL INN 22 13 2 7 100 46 41
5 EATON BEEHIVE 22 11 4 7 74 64 37
6 DRAYTON SUNDAY 22 9 4 9 64 70 31
7 HETHERSETT ATHLETIC RES 22 8 3 11 36 53 27
8 CHAPELFIELD ROVERS 22 5 3 14 51 63 18
9 DEREHAM UNITED 22 5 3 14 37 88 18
10 WINDMILL ELITE 22 5 2 15 38 83 17
11 SPIXWORTH SUNDAY RES 22 4 3 15 34 85 15
12 WENDENE WANDERERS 22 4 3 15 36 88 15


Played Won Drawn Lost For Against
League 22 8 3 11 36 53
Cup 1 0 0 1 3 4
Total 23 8 3 12 39 57


BOREHAM Kristian 21  
BURROWS Craig 12  
COOPER Nathan 23  
DALMAY Daniel 15  
DALMAY Tamas 7  
DOGGETT Dominic 7 7
FINNEY Paul 1  
GASKIN Danny 10 1
GILES Luke 21 2
HICKS John 19  
LINCOLN Robbie 6 2
MARTIN Jonny 1  
MARTIN Paul 15 3
PUGH Mike 1  
RAVEN Freddie 22  
RAVEN Jack 4  
RICE James 1  
STEWARD Matt 1 2
THIRTLE Chris 11 1
VOSPER Tom 19  
WADLOW Tom 1  
WHITE Steven 1  
WRIGHT Jamie 11 3
Own Goals    



September 5th - Hethersett      2    Salhouse     2

TEAM -  Kristian Boreham, Freddie Raven, Jack Raven, Craig Burrows, John Hicks, Nathan Cooper, Tom Vosper, Luke Giles, Grant Worthington, Dominic Doggett, Danny Dalmay

September 19th     Hethersett    0   Windmill Elite      3

This was an excellent game played in good spirit Both teams played good football but Hethersett couldn't break down a solid Windmill defence. Windmill scored twice on the break and the other came from a wind assisted corner.

TEAM - Kristian Boreham, Freddie Raven, Nathan Cooper, Craig Burrows, Paul Finney, Danny Gaskin, Luke Giles, Danny Dalmay, Dominic Doggett, Tom Vosper, Robbie Lincoln, Tamas Dalmay

September 26th     Hethersett     7   Eaton Beehive     3

TEAM - Kristian Boreham, Freddie Raven, Nathan Cooper, Chris Thirtle, Dan Gaskin, Jamie Wright, Luke Giles, Tom Vosper, Grant Worthington, Robbie Lincoln, Danny Dalmay

October 3rd     Dereham United    2     Hethersett    1

This was a very even game but a clash of styles with Hethersett passing along the ground and Dereham employing more direct tactics. After opening goals for both sides, neither team looked like scoring a winner until Dereham notched a late penalty.

TEAM - Kristian Boreham, Tom Vosper, Nathan Cooper, Craig Burrows, John Hicks, Danny Dalmay, Luke Giles, Chris Thirtle, Grant Worthington, Robbie Lincoln, Jamie Wright, Matt Parkhouse

October 10th     Hethersett     1    One Love United    4

This was a very enjoyable game which was even for the first 65 minutes at which point the score was 1-1. One Love then scored a penalty which left Hethersett chasing the game. One Love's superior fitness told as they scored twice more.

TEAM - Kristian Boreham, Freddie Raven, Nathan Cooper, Craig Burrows, John Hicks, Tom Vosper, Dan Gaskin, Chris Thirtle, Grant Worthington, Danny Dalmay, Luke Giles, Jamie Wright, Paul Martin

October 17th     Hethersett     3      Hockering    4

TEAM - Kristian Boreham, Freddie Raven, Matt Parkhouse, Danny Gaskin, John Hicks, Craig Burrows, Danny Dalmay, Tom Vosper, Grant Worthington, Nathan Cooper, Robbie Lincoln, Paul Martin, Tamas Dalmay.


October 24th    Windmill Elite      2       Hethersett        2

Hethersett worked hard to establish a 2-0 lead after 60 minutes and also hit the woodwork several times. Windmill never gave up and shared the points with two late goals.

TEAM - Kristian Boreham, Freddie Raven, Matt Parkhouse, Craig Burrows, John Hicks, Nathan Cooper, Luke Appleton, Tom Vosper, Grant Worthington, Dan Gaskin, Danny Dalmay, Paul Martin.

October 31st       Hethersett     0       Spixworth     1

Neither team played well and probably neither deserved to win. Injuries through the second half disrupted Hethersett as key players had to leave the field. A late goal gave Spixworth the points.

TEAM - Kristian Boreham, Freddie Raven, Matt Parkhouse, Dan Gaskin, John Hicks, Nathan Cooper, Jack Raven, Craig Burrows, Grant Worthington, Robbie Lincoln, Luke Giles, Chris Willimott, Paul Martin

November 7th            Bell Inn    5     Hethersett    0

Soft goals and poor defending cost Hethersett. The best team won but Hethersett made it easy for them.

TEAM - Tom Wadlow, Freddie Raven, Matt Parkhouse, Craig Burrows, John Hicks, Nathan Cooper, Tom Vosper, Chris Thirtle, Grant Worthington, Chris Willimott, Danny Dalmay, Paul Martin

November 14th             Wendene Wanderers     2     Hethersett   1

Another game in which Hethersett were out muscled by the opposition. Hethersett went in at half-time a goal ahead thanks to a strike by Dominic Doggett but they were undone after the break by the home teams bombardment of long balls.

TEAM - Kristian Boreham, Freddie Raven, Matt Parkhouse, Craig Burrows, John Hicks, Chris Thirtle, Tom Vosper, Nathan Cooper, Dominic Doggett, Luke Giles, Chris Willimott, Paul Martin

November 21st               Briston Wanderers     5     Hethersett    0

Hethersett played some of their best football of the season - but only for 60 minutes. Briston ended up romping home as Hethersett undid all their good work.

TEAM - Kristian Boreham, Nathan Cooper, Matt Parkhouse, Craig Burrows, Freddie Raven, Danny Dalmay, Jack Raven, Tamas Dalmay, Grant Worthington, Paul Martin, Robbie Lincoln, Luke Giles

January 16th                Hethersett      4     Dereham     3

A hat-trick for Grant Worthington sealed a welcome win for Hethersett. Credit to Dereham who hit back from 4-1 down to get to 4-3. Hethersett played some excellent football.

TEAM - Boreham, Freddie Raven, Cooper, Burrows, Hicks, Danny Dalmay, Gaskin, Giles, Worthington, Luke Appleton, White, Vosper, Parkhouse, Paul Martin

January 23rd            One Love Utd      3      Hethersett    0

Hethersett played much of the game with just 10 men and gave away two soft goals in the first half and went into the break 3-0 down. Back to full strength in the second half, they played much better against a strong One Love team with 'keeper Kristian Boreham saving a penalty.

TEAM - Boreham, Freddie Raven, Tamas Dalmay, Burrows, Hicks, Danny Dalmay, Gaskin, Giles, Worthington, Cooper, Luke Appleton.

January 30th              Drayton       1        Hethersett     1

Both goalkeepers made some terrific saves to keep the game even. It was an excellent game with both teams playing open football. Hethersett were the better side after the break but couldn't turn their superiority into goals.

TEAM - Boreham, Freddie Raven, Cooper, Thirtle, Hicks, Danny Dalmay, Vosper, Gaskin, Worthington, Luke Appleton, Giles, Parkhouse

February 6th              Spixworth      0      Hethersett      2

Spixworth put Hethersett under tremendous pressure in the first half but the visitors defended well to go in level at half-time. Matt Parkhouse's first goal for the club and a penalty from leading scorer Grant Worthington settles the game as Hethersett made the most of the wind advantage after the break.

TEAM - Boreham, Cooper, Parkhouse, Freddie Raven, Hicks, Wright, Thirlte, Giles, Worthington, Danny Dalmay, Vosper, Brownbridge, Willimott.

February 20th        Hethersett      1      Wendene    1

A sticky surface made passing football difficult. Both teams tried hard to play and Wendene hit the woodwork on a number of occasions belying their lowly league position.

TEAM - Boreham, Freddie Raven, Cooper. Vosper, Hicks, Willimott, Gaskin, Giles, Worthington, Martin, Wright, Brownbridge.

February 27th       Chapelfield Rangers    1       Hethersett    5

Chapelfield took the lead and dominated much of the first half. Hethersett defended well and then broke well to take a 2-1 half-time lead. Hethersett dominated the second half with the wind advantage and scored a further three goals with Dominic Doggett finishing with four.

TEAM - Boreham, Vosper, Cooper, Freddie Raven, Hicks, Wright, Giles, Thirtle, Worthington, Doggett, Willimott, Brownbridge, Martin

March 6th               Hethersett         1     Drayton    0

This was an excellent game of football between two teams playing a passing game and bringing youth through. Hethersett dominated the first half but couldn't make the most of their chances. Kristian Boreham made some excellent saves to keep them in the game. The second half was more even and Jamie Wright won it for Hethersett with a looping shot.

TEAM - Boreham, Vosper, Parkhouse, Freddie Raven, Hicks, Cooper, Giles, Thirtle, Worthington, Brookes, Danny Dalmay, Wright.

March 13th        Salhouse Rovers     5        Hethersett    1

Three easy goals gave Hethersett a mountain to climb. Hethersett improved after the break but Salhouse were worthy winners.

TEAM - Boreham, Vosper, Parkhouse, Freddie Raven, Hicks, Cooper, Wright, Giles, Martin, Dalmay, Brownbridge, Worthington

March 20th              Hethersett      3    Chapelfield Rangers     1

The first half was even with Chapelfield opening the scoring and Hethersett missing a penalty. Hethersett's equaliser in the second half paved the way to two more goals as Chapelfield pushed forward.

TEAM - Boreham, Vosper, Parkhouse, Freddie Raven, Hicks, Cooper, Danny Dalmay, Rice, Doggett, Brookes, Giles, Wright, Martin, Brownbridge

March 27th              Hethersett     4     Bell Inn     3

This was an excellent game and a superb result for Hethersett who dominated the first half, going in 2-1 ahead. Bell Inn came back strongly to equalise. Both teams went for the win. Hethersett made it 3-2, Bell Inn made it 3-3 and Hethersett won it at the death with a goal from Dom Doggett.

TEAM - Boreham, Vosper, Cooper, Freddie Raven, Jonny Martin, Giles, Danny Dalmay, Steward, Doggett, Brookes, Thirtle, Wright, Paul Martin

April 3rd               Eaton Beehive    5     Hethersett    0

Hethersett started with just 11 players with a number carrying injuries but that wasn't an excuse for a poor performance for the first 35 minutes.

TEAM - Brownbridge, Wright, Cooper, Freddie Raven, Hicks, Thamas Dalmay, Brookes, Giles, Worthington, Paul Martin, Thirtle

April 10th               Hethersett    0   Briston Wanderers    2

This was a very even contest with both teams playing good football and a goalless draw would have been a good result. Two lapses in concentration in the space of three second half minutes gifted the game to Briston.

TEAM - Boreham, Vosper, Cooper, Freddie Raven, Hicks, Mike Pugh, Jack Raven, Giles, Worthington, Doggett, Brookes, Wright.