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A National FA Community Charter Club

 2010/2011 Under-11s

September 12 H Toftwood League 1-5 Hudson-Church
September 19 A Wymondham League 0-13  
September 26 H Drayton League 2-10 Stennett 2
October 3 A Costessey League 1-11 Kirby
October 10 H Mattishall League 1-7 Walker
October 17 A Watton LCup 0-29  
October 24 A Watton League 2-23 Hudson-Church, Kirby
October 31 H St Andrew's League 1-3 Kirby
November 14 H Poringland League 0-12  
November 21 A Fakenham League 0-19  
December 12 A Toftwood League 2-9 Stennett, Kirby
January 9 A Dereham League 2-9 Stennett, Kirby
January 16 H Costessey League 1-4 Kirby
January 23 A Mattishall League 0-6  
January 30 H Watton League 0-18  
February 6 A St Andrew's League 1-2 Kirby
February 20 A Poringland League 1-14 Kirby
February 27 H Fakenham League 0-16  
March 6 A Sprowston League 0-14  
March 13 H Wymondham League 0-10  
March 20 H Sprowston League 0-15  

Final Table

      W D L F A W D L F A W D L F A    
1 Watton 20 10 0 0 102 9 7 1 2 80 12 17 1 2 182 21 161 52
2 Sprowston 20 9 1 0 75 8 7 2 1 48 6 16 3 1 123 14 109 51
3 Wymondham 20 8 2 0 44 12 8 0 2 45 18 16 2 2 89 30 59 50
4 Fakenham 20 7 1 2 57 5 7 1 2 68 15 14 2 4 125 20 105 44
5 Poringland 20 4 1 5 38 36 5 2 3 32 27 9 3 8 70 63 7 30
6 Drayton 20 3 3 4 29 25 5 1 4 30 32 8 4 8 59 57 2 28
7 Costessey 20 4 1 5 33 46 2 2 6 19 43 6 3 11 52 89 -37 21
8 Toftwood 20 2 3 5 24 37 2 3 5 17 47 4 6 10 41 84 -43 18
9 Mattishall 20 2 1 7 18 30 2 1 7 11 44 4 2 14 29 74 -45 14
10 St Andrews 20 1 1 8 10 57 1 1 8 6 72 2 2 16 16 129 -113 8
11 Hethersett 20 0 0 10 6 100 0 0 10 9 120 0 0 20 15 220 -205 0


Played Won Drawn Lost For Against
League 20 0 0 20 15 220
Cup 1 0 0 1 0 29
Total 21 0 0 21 15 249



(players in bold appeared in every game)

ALBOROUGH Harrison 2 0
ANDERTON Thomas 15 0
BARRETT Oliver 2 0
BETTERIDGE Hector 16 0
BION Charlie 1 0
BRADSHAW Josh 21 0
COWAN James 7 0
DOWE Darcie 17 0
HAMLING Luke 4 0
HARRIS Lewis 13 0
INGHAM James 12 0
KIRBY Jack 21 8
MORRIS Taylor 4 0
NOBBS Liam 2 0
PELL Nathan 2 0
RODDERMAN Fredi 13 0
THAKE Tom 2 0
WALDRON Edgar 18 0
WALKER Aaron 21 1
Own Goals   0



September 12th   Hethersett   1    Toftwood   5

Hetherset got off to a great start and dominated the play in the first 10 mins with all the play being in the Toftwood half. Toftwood then broke away and scored the first goal. The game then became more evenly matched.Toftwood scored again to make the half time score 2-0. Toftwood scored their third goal straight from half time kick off. Hetherset continued to battle hard and had plenty of chances in front of goal which would not fall kindly for them. Charlie Bion replaced Aaron Walker in midfield and worked hard before being carried off after twisting his knee. Oli Hudson Church then fired a fine 20 yard shot that rocketed into the corner of the net giving the Toftwood keeper no chance to make the score 3-1. Hethersett should have had a penalty after Liam Nobbs was tripped in the area but this was not given and Toftwood broke away twice more to make the final score 5-1. Nathan Pell had a good game in goal with some fine saves. Man of the match: Oli Hudson Church

TEAM - Nathan Pell, Darcie Dowe, James Cowan, Hector Betteridge, Josh Bradshaw, Ollie Hudson-Church, Aaron Walker, Thomas Anderton, Liam Nobbs, Joe Stennett, Jack Kirby, Joe Kirkendale, Charlie Bion, Fredi Rodderman

September 19th    Wymondham   13     Hethersett     0

Hethersett went into this game with only 10 players available and Aaron Walker taking the unfamiliar role as goalkeeper after 7 changes from last weeks game.The team showed good spirit despie going in 7-0 at half time.Jack Kirby took over in goal and pulled off some great saves but Wymondham continued to dominate and finished the game 13-0 winners.The management team would like to congratulate the Hethersett team for battling hard and not giving up despite the result and for giving full commitment.

Man of Match: Jack Kirby.

TEAM - Aaron Walker, Josh Bradshaw, Oliver Hudson-Church, Joe Kirkendale, Edgar Waldron, Harrison Alborough, Lewis Harris, Tom Anderton, Jack Kirby, Joe Stennett

September 26th    Hethersett     2      Drayton    10

Hethersett and Drayton played some good football in this match in wet conditions. Both sides battled hard with most of the play in the Hethersett half.Half time score 5-0.Second half Hethersett pushed up more and played in Drayton half and scored 2 good goals from Joe Stennett. Drayton scored 5 more by breaking through Hethersett defence leaving Jack Kirby no chance in the Hethersett goal.Jack pulled off some great saves again this week and Darcie Dowe was awesome at right back to claim Player of the match.

TEAM - Jack Kirby, Darcie Dowe, James Cowan, Hector Betteridge, Edgar Waldron, Tom Anderton, Ollie Hudson-Church, Lewis Harris, Joe Stennett, Josh Bradshaw, Aaron Walker

October 3rd      Costessey      11    Hethersett    1

Hethersett battled hard again this week against an evenly matched Costessey side.Joe Kirkendale took up the role of goalkeeper this week.Hethersett struggled to clear the ball in the first half and went in at half time 6-0 down.Second half looked more promising with Hethersett playing the game more in their opponents half.Liam Nobbs hit a great free kick from 20 yards which the keeper could not hold and Jack Kirby pounced to score the rebound.Darcie Dowe was great in defence to pick up player of the match and player of the month award for September.Final score 11-1 to Costessey.

TEAM - Joe Kirkindale, Darcie Dowe, Josh Bradshaw, James Cowan, Lewis Harris, Ollie Hudson-Church, Aaron Walker, Tom Anderton, Joe Stennett, Liam Nobbs, Jack Kirby, Harrison Alborough

October 10th            Hethersett   1     Mattishall   7

Hethersett played their best game of the season so far and dominated the first half. Joe Stennett and Jack Kirby came close to scoring on a number of occasions. Aaron Walker supplied a lot of good crosses and Oli Hudson Church won everything in midfield. The defence worked hard and Mattishall had 2 shots and scored both times to go in 2-0 up at half time.S econd half Hethersett continued to battle and Aaron Walker made it 2-1 with a cracking free kick which left the Mattishall keeper no chance. Hethersett began to tire in the heat and Mattishall centre forward made some great runs through the defence to score. Taylor Morris pulled off some great saves in goal and stood no chance with the goals.The final score was 7-1 to Mattishall.HAFC Man of the Match went to Oli Hudson Church

TEAM -  Taylor Morris. Darcie Dowe, Joe Kirkendale, Josh Bradshaw, Hector Betteridge, James Cowan, Aaron Walker, Ollie Hudson-Church, Joe Stennett, Tom Anderton, Jack Kirby, Edgar Waldron, Freddi Rodderman

October 17th    Watton    29     Hethersett   0

Hethersett lost heavily to a good well organised Watton side.Fredi Rodderman played well in goal to pick up Man of the Match.HAFC managers would like to praise the boys on their attitude after this difficult game.

TEAM - Freddi Rodderman, Darcie Dowe, Joe Kirkendale, Edgar Waldron, James Cowan, Josh Bradshaw, Aaron Walker, Ollie Hudson-Church, Jack Kirby, Joe Stennett, Tom Anderton, Lewis Harris

Ocotber 24th      Watton   23     Hethersett    2

After last week's heavy defeat (29-0) Hethersett had the daunting task of returning to Watton in the league.The spirits were high as they started the game with 10 men for 20 mins.Watton took the lead and Hethersett replied with a fine goal from Oli Hudson Church.Watton then made it 2-1 and Hethersett came back again to make it 2-2 after 10mins with a goal from Jack Kirby.Watton then pushed men forward and Hethersett struggled to keep the goals out.Again praise has got to go to the team for continuing to battle in hard weather conditions especially to Ben Woodruff who made his debut in goal.Final score 23-2

TEAM - Ben Woodruff, Edgar Waldron, Darcie Dowe, Hector Betteridge, James Cowan, Josh Bradshaw, Aaron Walker, Ollie Hudson-Church, Joe Stennett, Fredi Rodderman, Jack Kirby

October 31st          Hethersett     1     St Andrew's     3

Hethersett Athletic Under-11s bounced back from two very heavy defeats at the hands of Watton. They played well despite going down 3-1 to St Andrew’s. Saints were 2-0 up at half-time with Hethersett squandering chances. Hethersett continued to battle and pulled a goal back through Jack Kirby. Saints added a third goal to make sure of the points. Jack Kirby was man of the match. The team will be losing James Cowan as his family move to start a new life in Australia.

TEAM - Ben Woodruff, Darcie Dowe, James Cowan, Hector Betteridge, Nathan Pell, Josh Bradshaw, Aaron Walker, Ollie Hudson-Church, Joe Stennett, Jack Kirby, Lewis Harris, Edgar Waldron, Fredi Rodderman

November 14th         Hethersett     0    Poringland   12

Hethersett played nice football at times but missed their captain Oli Hudson-Church in midfield. They were well beaten by a strong Poringland side. James Ingham had a great game in centre midfield along with Hector Betteridge at centre half. Man of the match James Ingham.

TEAM - Ben Woodruff, Darcie Dowe, Edgar Waldron, Hector Betteridge, Josh Bradshaw, James Ingham, Aaron Walker, Fredi Rodderman, Joe Stennett, Jack Kirby, Joe Kirkendale

November 21st       Fakenham     19     Hethersett    0

Hethersett were up against a physical Fakenham side who started the day in second position in the league. Hethersett battled hard even though they only had ten players. Regular goalkeeper Ben Woodruff was ill so Joe Stennett played his first game in goal and played well, although he was out of his normal position. Hethersett were unlucky to go in 7-0 at half time as they were playing nice football without reaching the end result. Man of the Match - Tom Anderton. Final Score 19-0 to Fakenham. 

TEAM - Joe Stennett, Joe Kirkendale, Lewis Harris, Hector Betteridge, Josh Bradshaw, James Ingham, Aaron Walker, Ollie Hudson-Church, Tom Anderton, Jack Kirby

December 12th        Toftwood     9      Hethersett   2

TEAM - Morris, Dowe, Bradshaw, Betteridge, Harris, Ingham, Walker, Anderton, Stennett, Kirby, Hudson-Church, Kirkendale, Waldron

January 9th                  Dereham    9       Hethersett    2

TEAM - Woodruff, Dowe, Bradshaw, Betteridge, Harris, Ingham, Walker, Anderton, Stennett, Kirby, Hudon Church, Waldron

January 16th               Hethersett     1      Costessey      4

Hethersett played their best game of the season against a good Costessey side.There were chances at both ends in the first half and Costessey took the lead with agoal from a corner.Hethersett continued to attack which paid off when Jack Kirby scored from the right side of the penalty area to level the scores at half time.Second half Taylor Morris took over in goal and was very unlucky when the ball bobbled passed him to allow Costessey score their second.Costessey scored again before Joe Stennet was brought down in the area.Joe step up to take the penalty which he hit high in the middle of the goal only to see the keeper save it.Costessey scored a controversial fourth goal after four players were in offside positions but the ref allowed play to continue when the linesman flagged.Everyone of the Hethersett players were a credit to the club and James Ingham picked up the Man of the Match award.

TEAM - Woodruff, Dowe, Bradshaw, Betteridge, Waldron, Ingham, Walker, Anderton, Stennett, Kirby, Hudson Church, Kirkendale, Rodderman, Morris

January 23rd               Mattishall        6       Hethersett    0

Hethersett Athletic Under-11s dominated the first half against Mattishall but missed numerous chances with Joe Stennett hitting the post after a run that took his past four defenders. Mattishall scored twice before half-time and scored four more after the break to make the final scoreline 6-0. The scoreline didn’t reflect a match in which Hethersett played good football but just couldn’t score.

TEAM - Woodruff, Dowe, Bradshaw, Betteridge, Waldron, Ingham, Walker, Anderton, Stennett, Kirby, Hudson Church, Rodderman  

January 30th                  Hethersett     0   Watton   18

Hethersett Under-11s were outplayed by a very good and well established Watton side. Hethersett were forced to defend throughout the game but never gave up. Ollie Hudson Church had an outstanding game at centre half to take Man of the Match. The final score was 18-0 which is an improvement on the last two meetings against Watton where Hethersett lost 29-0 in the cup and 23-2 in the league game. James Ingham took the trophy for January's player of the month.

TEAM - Woodruff, Dowe, Waldron, Hudson-Church, Bradshaw, Ingham, Walker, Anderton, Stennett, Kirby, Rodderman

February 6th                    St Andrew's     2    Hethersett     1

Hethersett Athletic Under-11s put on a great performance against St Andrew’s in a bottom of the table clash. St Andrew’s took the lead when the Hethersett defence was unable to clear the ball. Hethersett continued to play attacking football but St Andrew’s were awarded a penalty after Fredi Rodderman raised his hands when heading a ball in the area. The penalty was well taken leaving man of the match Ben Wodruff no chance in the Hethersett goal. Hethersett played the better football in the second half which paid off when Jack Kirby broke through to score. Hethersett went close to equalising near the end when Joe Stennett's shot came back off the post. 

TEAM - Woodruff, Harris, Bradshaw, Betteridge, Waldron, Ingham, Walker, Anderton, Rodderman, Kirby, Hudson-Church, Kirkendale, Stennett.

February 20th                   Poringland    14     Hethersett    1

TEAM - Woodruff, Dowe, Hamling, Betteridge, Waldron, Bradshaw, Walker, Thake, Harris, Kirby, Hudson-Church

February 27th        Hethersett    0    Fakenham    16

TEAM - Woodruff, Dowe, Bradshaw, Hudson-Church, Waldron, Ingham, Walker, Barrett, Stennett, Kirby, Kirkendale

March 6th             Sprowston    14      Hethersett    0

TEAM - Woodruff, Bradshaw, Harris, Betteridge, Ingham, Hudson-Church, Rodderman, Anderton, Walker, Kirby, Kirkendale, Hamling, Waldron

March 13th             Hethersett     0      Wymondham   10

Hethersett Athletic Under-11s went down 10-0 at home to Wymondham. Despite the scoreline stand in keeper Taylor Morris had an outstanding game and Hethersett battled until the end against a skilful Wymondham side who passed the ball well .

TEAM - Morris, Dowe, Waldron, Hudson-Church, Bradshaw, Betteridge, Kirkendale, Ingham, Kirby, Thake, Anderton, Hamling, Walker, Rodderman.

March 20th             Hethersett     0       Sprowston   15

TEAM - Woodruff, Dowe, Waldron, Betteridge, Bradshaw, Hudson-Chuirch, Walker, Ingham, Kirby, Barrett, Harris, Hawkins, Rodderman, Kirkendale