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A National FA Community Charter Club

 2010/2011 Under-15s

September 12 A Dereham Wanderers League 2-3 Cheal, Griffiths
September 19 H Diss League 4-2 Grimes 3, Foster
September 26 A Wymondham League 5-2 Grimes 4, Pfeiffer
October 3 H Firside League 6-1 Foster 2, Grimes, McDonagh, Pfeiffer, Cheal
October 10 A Hellesdon League 1-3 Foster
October 17 H Norman L Cup 1-0 Foster
October 31 A East Coast Wand League 4-1 Grimes 2. Sanders, Tarrant
November 7 H Norwich United League 7-5 Grimes 3, Foster 3, Alton
November 14 A Poringland League 4-3 Caulder 2, Larwood 2
November 21 H Watton League 2-2 Grimes 2
December 12 A Firside L Cup 2-0 Grimes 2
January 9 H Wymondham League 7-2 Grimes 4, Foster 2, Smith
January 16 A Firside League 3-1 Maddox, Alton, Grimes
January 23 H Hellesdon League 2-1 Caulder, Grimes
January 30 A Mattishall League 16-0 Grimes 11, Caulder 2, Foster, Smith, own goal
February 6 A Dereham LCup 0-9
February 13 A Norwich United League 0-14
February 20 H Poringland League 2-3 Grimes 2
February 27 A Watton League 4-2 Smith 2, Caulder, Grimes
March 6 H Costessey League 4-3 Grimes 3, Caulder
March 13 H Mattishall League 8-2 Grimes 3, Larwood 3, Sanders, McDonagh
March 20 A Costessey League 2-1 Caulder 2
March 27 H Dereham Wanderers League 2-0 Grimes 2
April 10 A Diss League 3-5 Pfeiffer, Grimes, Foster
May 1 H East Coast Wand. League 2-4 Caulder, Grimes


      W D L F A W D L F A W D L F A    
1 Norwich Utd 22 9 2 0 63 11 7 0 4 56 33 16 2 4 119 44 75 50
2 Hellesdon 22 8 2 1 44 14 7 1 3 40 19 15 3 4 84 33 51 48
3 Dereham Wanderers 22 9 1 1 42 7 6 1 4 32 17 15 2 5 74 24 50 47
4 Hethersett 22 8 1 2 46 25 7 0 4 44 35 15 1 6 90 60 30 46
5 East Coast W 22 7 0 4 32 19 8 0 3 42 14 15 0 7 74 33 41 42  *
6 Diss 22 7 1 3 49 37 5 2 4 36 31 12 3 7 85 68 17 39
7 Watton 22 6 1 4 37 21 6 3 2 37 18 12 4 6 74 39 35 37  *
8 Poringland 22 4 0 7 33 24 4 0 7 27 34 8 0 14 60 58 2 24
9 Costessey 22 4 0 7 27 34 2 1 8 22 31 6 1 15 49 65 -16 19
10 Wymondham 22 3 0 8 24 45 3 1 7 24 47 6 1 15 48 92 -44 19
11 Firside 22 1 1 9 13 56 2 0 9 15 51 3 1 18 28 107 -79 10
12 Mattishall 22 0 0 11 9 92 0 0 11 10 89 0 0 22 19 181 -162 -3  *




ALTON Curtis 18 2
CAULDER Thomas 22 10
CHEAL Harrison 10 2
CUSHION Matthew 17  
DOUGHTY Jake 21  
FOSTER Will 19 12
GRIMES Scott 24 47
HARVEY Josh 7  
HOPE Scott 10  
KEARNEY Oliver 20  
LARWOOD Charlie 20 5
MADDOX Luke 9 1
McDONAGH Thomas 20 2
PFEIFFER Oliver 13 3
PLUMB Will 25  
PAUL Benjamin 2  
SANDERS Lewis 20 2
SKIPPER James 21  
SMITH Ben 13 4
TARRANT Max 18 1
Own Goals   1



September 12th - Dereham    3    Hethersett   1

A scrappy start of the season game on a sloping pitch that favoured the experienced. Despite going downhill 2nd half we laboured towards the end and thought we had it all sewn up with a well worked free kick eight minutes from time. Our 2-1 lead was turned over by an opposition that showed a greater level of fitness with two painful late goals.

TEAM - Will Plumb, Curtis Alton, Thomas McDonagh, Max Tarrant, James Skipper, Oliver Pfeiffer, Lewis Sanders, Oliver Keraney, Scott Grimes, Charlie Larwood, Will Foster, Harrison Cheal, Jake Doughty, Theo Griffiths

September 19th        Hethersett    4    Diss    2

A strong wind favoured both teams in each half, with hethersett making better use of the advantage to go 3-1 up at half time. It was strength that won it for Hethersett, particularly from Scott Grimes with his first Hat trick for the club. A great  performance from both teams with Hethersett looking more committed on the day and,  with some opposition players resorting to antagonistic behaviour, Hethersett held on for a deserved win.

TEAM - Will Plumb, Curtis Alton, Tom McDonagh, Max Tarrant, James Skipper, Jake Doughty, Matthew Cushion, Oliver Kearney, Scott Grimes, Theo Griffiths, Will Foster, Benjamin Paul, Scott Hope

September 26th   Wymondham    2   Hethersett   5

A very good whole team performance, with a number of players out of position and learning new roles. Both teams were quite equally matched early on , exchanging the lead in the first half before Hethersett sealed the win in the second by adding two more goals. Another good local derby for the players to discuss at school on Monday.

TEAM - Will Plumb, Curtis Alton, Lewis Sanders, Thomas Caulder, James Skipper, Oliver Pfeiffer, Matthew Cushion, Benjamin Paul, Scott Grimes, Theo Griffiths, Charlie Larwood, Harrison Cheal, Scott Hope, Will Foster

October 3rd   Hethersett   6   Firside    1

Another excellent performance from Hethersett

TEAM - Will Plumb, Tom McDonagh, Lewis Sanders, Thomas Caulder, James Skipper, Oliver Pfeiffer, Max Tarrant, Will Foster, Scott Grimes, Oliver Kearney, Charlie Larwood, Harrison Cheal, Matthew Cushion

October 10th       Hellesdon     3     Hethersett     1

What a difference a week makes. A very lacklustre game where Hethersett just didn't turn up as a team. Defence caught napping three times by well placed through balls. Both sides seemed to struggle to play well but Hellesdon delivered when it mattered.

TEAM - Will Plumb, Thomas McDonagh, Jake Doughty, Thomas Caulder, James Skipper, Curtis Alton, Max Tarrant, Will Foster, Scott Grimes. Oliver Kearney, Scott Hope, Theo Griffiths, Ben Smith

October 17th   -    Hethersett    1    Norman   0

TEAM - Will Plumb, Curtis Alton, Tom McDonagh, Thomas Caulder, James Skipper, Matthew Cushion, Oliver Kearney, Will Foster, Scott Grimes, Charlie Larwood, Lewis Sanders, Max Tarrant, Theo Griffiths, Jake Doughty

October 31st          East Coast Wanderers     1     Hethersett    4

A good day by the seaside for Hethersett. They missed a number of chances but good goalkeeping from Will Plumb initially kept them in the match and then protected their lead as they began to score. Scott Grimes hit two and other goals came from Lewis Sanders and Max Tarrant.

TEAM - Will Plumb, Curtis Alton, Tom McDonagh, Jake Doughty, James Skipper, Matthew Cushion, Lewis Sanders, Will Foster, Scott Grimes, Harrison Cheal, Ollie Pfeiffer, Max Tarrant, Oliver Kearney, Charlie Larwood

November 7th     Hethersett      7     Norwich United    5 

Hethersett Athletic Under-15s had a close and goal filled game against Norwich United on a slippery pitch which brought plenty of mistakes. Hethersett raced into a 5-2 lead only to see Norwich hit back in the second half to level at 5-5. Hethersett pulled themselves together and two further goals gave them a 7-5 win. There were hat-tricks for Scott Grimes and Will Foster and a goal for Curtis Alton.

TEAM - Will Plumb, Curtis Alton, Tom McDonagh, Thomas Caulder, James Skippper, Max Tarrant, Ben Smith, Oliver Kearney, Scott Grimes, Will Foster, Theo Griffiths, Scott Hope, Jake Doughty, Josh Harvey  

November 14th     Poringland     3    Hethersett   4

A very exciting game from both sides. Hethersett's rotation system had left our ususal match winner watching from the sidelines. It took a great squad effort to dig deep and come back from 3-1 down to win it with 5 minutes to go.

TEAM - Will Plumb, Jake Doughty, Tom McDonagh, Thomas Caulder, Lewis Sanders, Matt Cushion, Ben Smith, Oliver Pfeiffer, Harrison Cheal, Charlie Larwood, Theo Griffiths, Scott hope, Luke Maddox, Josh Harvey

November 21st        Hethersett      2    Watton  2

A smaller pitch than usual made this one very tight and that is how it finished. Both sides had spells of good football and both could have won it.  A fair result.

TEAM - Will pLumb, James Skipper, Tom McDonagh, Thomas Caulder, Lewis Sanders, Matthew Cushion, Curtis Alton, Luke Maddox, Scott Grimes, Oliver Pfeiffer, Will Foster, Max Tarrant, Charlie Larwood, Oliver Kearney.

December 12th             Firside    0     Hethersett    2

TEAM - Plumb, Doughty, McDonagh, Caulder, Alton, Cushion, Sanders, Pfeiffer, Grimes, Larwood, Foster, Tarrant, Skipper, Kearney

January 9th      Hethersett    7      Wymondham    2

TEAM - Plumb, Skipper, McDonagh, Alton, Doughty, Cushion, Smith, Griffiths, Grimes, Kearney, Foster, Caulder, Larwood, Tarrant

January 16th            Firside        1           Hethersett     3

A rough game on a rough pitch that made the bounce of the ball a lottery. The win for us was very much wind assisted, with one corner curled straight in. A second half penalty gave Firside a consolation goal.

TEAM - Plumb, Skipper, Caulder, Alton, Doughty, Sanders, Larwood, Harvey, Grimes, Cheal, Maddox, Hope, Smith, Griffiths

January 23rd                Hethersett     2       Hellesdon     1

Hethersett Athletic Under-15s were involved in a closely fought game at home to Hellesdon. Hellesdon took the lead with an excellent strike before Hethersett equalised with a rather controversial goal where there was a dispute as to whether the ball had crossed the line. Hethersett then scored the winner and held on through four minutes of added time. Hethersett scorers were Thomas Caulder and Scott Grimes.

TEAM - Plumb, Skipper, Caulder, McDonagh, Doughty, Sanders, Larwood, Tarrant, Grimes, Foster, Kearney, Cheal, Cushion, Maddox  

January 30th               Mattishall    0      Hethersett     16

Hethersett Under-15s hit the goal trail with a 16-0 win over Mattishall. It was a very good performance from Hethersett who pushed forward at every opportunity in an effort to improve their goal difference. Hethersett’s defence found little difficulty in keeping a clean sheet and Scott Grimes scored 11 – the second highest haul by an individual player in the history of the club. Thomas Caulder scored two and other goals came from Will Foster, Ben Smith and an own goal.

TEAM - Plumb, Skipper, Alton, McDonagh, Doughty, Sanders, Cushion, Tarrant, Grimes, Foster, Caulder, Smith, Kearney, Griffiths  

February 6th              Dereham    9       Hethersett    0

Hethersett Athletic Under-15s’ league cup quarter-final at Dereham was dominated by the windy conditions. Two very early goals were literally blown in over the Hethersett ‘keeper. Dereham’s good passing suited the conditions much better than the long ball over the top favoured by too many Hethersett players on the day. The result was a 9-0 win for Dereham.

TEAM - Plumb, Skipper, Alton, McDonagh, Doughty, Sanders, Caulder, Tarrant, Grimes, Larwood, Kearney, Smith, Foster, Griffiths

February 13th             Norwich United  14     Hethersett   0

Hethersett Athletic Under-15s were without key defenders and were completely outplayed by Norwich United and went down 14-0 Hethersett became frustrated by some poor refereeing and physical opposition who proved just too strong.

TEAM - Plumb, Skipper, Caulder, Kearney, Doughty, Sanders, Cushion, Maddox, Grimes, Foster, Larwood

February 20th           Hethersett        2      Poringland    3

TEAM - Plumb, Sanders, McDonagh, Caulder, Skipper, Tarrant, Smith, Griffiths, Grimes, Larwood, Pfeiffer, Hope, Kearney, Cushion

February 27th              Watton         2      Hethersett    4

In very muddy conditions there were lots of mistakes and near misses at either end. A combination of goalkeeper saves and the help of the metalwork meant that both sides squandered chances.

The turning point came at 2-2 when the Hethersett keeper made a fine save from a penalty (that the opposition manager was generous to say was 'extremely harsh').

After that things were very even until inside the last 5 minutes when the tireless efforts of our forwards gave us the chances that finally broke down their defence. 

TEAM - Plumb, Skipper, Caulder, Kearney, Doughty, Sanders, Smith, Maddox, Grimes, Pfeiffer, Larwood, Cushion, Harvey, Hope  

March 6th                Hethersett     4     Costessey     3

TEAM - Plumb, Sanders, Doughty, Caulder, Alton, Tarrant, Kearney, Cushion, Grimes, Larwood, Foster, Griffiths, Maddox

March 13th               Hethersett     8     Mattishall    2

Hethersett Athletic Under-15s beat Mattishall 8-2 on a sticky pitch due to afternoon rain. Mattishall played with plenty of spirit and took the lead before Hethersett began to dominate the game and they eventually cruised to victory. Scott Grimes scored another hat-trick to take his tally for the season to 43. Charlie Larwood also hit three and other scorers were Lewis Sanders and Tom McDonagh.

TEAM - Plumb, Sanders, Doughty, Caulder, McDonagh, Harvey, Cheal, Pfeiffer, Grimes, Larwood, Maddox, Hope, Smith, Griffiths  

March 20th              Costessey      1      Hethersett    2

Hethersett Athletic Under-15s visited Costessey and came away with a 2-1 win. It was a scrappy game on a bouncy pitch. Hethersett had most of the possession but found the Costessey ‘keeper in good form. Tom Caulder scored Hethersett’s opener but the match looked to be heading for a draw at 1-1 until a late penalty saw Caulder slot home the winner.

TEAM - Plumb, Skipper, Caulder, McDonagh, Doughty, Alton, Cushion, Tarrant, Grimes, Foster, Kearney, Smith, Harvey, Hope

March 27th              Hethersett     2       Dereham    0

Hethersett Athletic Under-15s’ top of the table clash against Dereham Wanderers proved to be as close as expected with both teams creating plenty of chances but defences coping well. The difference between the teams turned out to be Hethersett’s top scorer Scott Grimes who found the back of the net twice. The victory must make Hethersett favourites to win the league. They are a point behind Dereham but with a game in hand. Victories in their last two games at home to East Coast and away to Diss will give them the title, but both will be tough games.

TEAM - Plumb, Sanders, Doughty, Caulder, McDonagh, Alton, Skipper, Pfeiffer, Grimes, Larwood, Maddox, Harvey, Smith, Cheal

April 10th                  Diss    5       Hethersett     3

Diss are used to playing on a small pitch and used their knowledge to gain an important advantage . The game was very tight with no real space for players to spread out and as a result it became a game of short passes and very close play that frustrated those used to more room.  

Hethersett were 2 up in the first five minutes only to see the lead overturned by three quick goals . At half time it was 3-3. Hethersett had a lot of chances but let players slip through the defence twice to secure the win for Diss. A disappointing result.


TEAM - Plumb, Skipper, Caulder, McDonagh, Doughty, Pfeiffer, Sanders, Tarrant, Grimes, Foster, Larwood, Smith, Alton, Kearney

May 1st                    Hethersett     2    East Coast   4

The three week layoff didn't help us, and in the game we were out of shape throughout. East Coast got the luck of the very windy conditions picking up two goals in the first half. Hethersett were almost back in the game at 2-1 when a restart kick back to the goalie fell short and, with a poor contact and goalie off the line, east coast lofted the ball into an empty net.  

A late comeback by hethersett through a penalty was thwarted by an equally late goal to put the game beyond reach. Still it has been a good season all round for the team and we intend to have more fun next year.

TEAM - Plumb, Sanders, Doughty, Caulder, McDonagh, Alton, Tarrant, Pfeiffer, Grimes, Larwood, Foster, Cushion, Kearney, Cheal