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A National FA Community Charter Club

 2010/2011 Under-16s

September 12 A Horsford League 0-2  
September 19 H Watton League 1-0 Woods
October 3 H Attleborough League 2-6 Baker, Wilcox
October 10 H Wymondham League 0-4  
October 24 H Horsford League 2-3 Salahi, Baker
October 31 A Firside League 1-8 Wilcox
November 7 H Aylsham CCup 1-8 Baker
November 21 A Horsford LCup 4-4* Wilcox 2, Wilkerson, Finch
December 12 H Norman League 3-4 Everett, Wilkerson, Wilcox
January 9 A Attleborough League 0-1  
January 16 H Thorpe League 3-3 Buxton 2, Wilkerson
January 23 A Norman League 2-3 Wilkerson 2
January 30 A Wymondham League 0-2  
February 6 A Hellesdon League 0-7  
February 20 H Old Catton League 4-0 Bell 2, Wilcox, Wilkerson
March 6 H Hellesdon League 1-2 Wilkerson
March 13 A Fakenham League 2-8 Wilkerson, Fogarty
March 20 A Spixworth League 2-2 Wilcox, Wilkerson
March 27 H Fakenham League 4-6 Reintjes 2, Dix, Lorne
April 3 H Spixworth League 2-1 Wilkerson, Dix
April 10 A Thorpe League 0-4  
April 17 A Old Catton League 3-1 Bell, Everett, Dix
May 1 H Firside League 1-7 Everett

* - Lost 4-3 on penalties after extra-time


      W D L F A W D L F A W D L F A    
1 Hellesdon 20 8 0 2 45 14 9 1 0 32 9 17 1 2 77 23 54 52
2 Fakenham 20 9 0 1 37 16 6 2 2 33 14 15 2 3 70 30 40 47
3 Firside 20 8 1 1 50 12 7 0 3 35 16 15 1 4 85 28 57 46
4 Wymondham 19 5 1 3 16 11 6 0 4 30 19 11 1 7 46 30 16 34
5 Norman 20 5 1 4 31 25 5 1 4 26 25 10 2 8 57 50 7 32
6 Spixworth 20 3 4 3 23 18 5 2 3 38 25 8 6 6 61 43 18 30
7 Horsford 20 4 2 4 23 26 3 1 6 11 18 7 3 10 34 44 -10 24
8 Attleborough 20 3 0 7 14 29 3 1 6 22 30 6 1 13 36 59 -23 19
9 Thorpe 19 3 3 4 15 19 1 3 5 18 29 4 6 9 33 48 -15 15  *
10 Hethersett 20 2 1 7 22 36 1 1 8 10 38 3 2 15 32 74 -42 11
11 Old Catton 20 0 0 10 6 58 0 1 9 9 59 0 1 19 15 117 -102 -2  *




ANNIS Ben 22
BAKER Robert 6 3
BELL Oliver 22 3
BUXTON Oliver 8 2
COONEY Adam 22
DIX Stuart 17 3
EVERETT Tobias 7 3
FINCH Liam 22 1
FOGERTY Nicholas 8 1
HOUSE Luke 11
LEIGH Declan 23
LORNE Alex 17 1
REINTJES Janis 13 2
SALAHI Steven 15 1
TILSLEY David 18
WILCOX Josh 19 7
WILKERSON Ambrose 15 10
WOODS Jonathan 6 1



September 12th - Horsford    2    Hethersett   0

A good contest with both teams playing attractive football. HAFC should have scored in the 1st minute through Oli Bell but the chnce was squandered. Just befor 1/2 time Horsoford took the lead through some indecisive defending by HAFC. 2nd half saw similar battling performance by both teams - HAFC seemed to lack some bite in midfield and this let them down. A very late 2nd by Horsford secured all 3 points fpr the opposition.

TEAM - Declan Leigh, Adam Cooney, Ben Annis, Luke House, Alex Richardson, Liam Finch, Oliver Bell, Robert Baker, Stuart Dix, Janis Reintjes, Josh Wilcox, Alex Lorne, Jonathan Woods, Oliver Buxton

September 19th  Hethersett      1     Watton    0

Both teams worked hard to dominate the play but on balance Hethersett probably had the better opportunities 1st half but failed to convert. 2nd half saw the home team gain some advantage with the wind behind them; Dec's strong goal kicks allowed Hethersett to press forward and continue to apply pressure. The deadlock was broken when a through ball was picked up by Jono Woods who used his strength to shrug off defensive challenges in the penalty area before calmly firing the ball home. Although Hethersett continued to press the game became a tense affair in the last 10 mins as Watton created a number of unsuccessful chances. Good game to watch.   

TEAM - Declan Leigh, Adam Cooney, Ben Annis, Alex Lorne, Alex Richardson, Liam Finch, Oliver Bell, Robert Baker, Stuart Dix, Jonathan Woods, Oliver Buxton

October 3rd     Hethersett          2     Attleborough    6

Hethersett appeared hesitant and lacking confidence throughout the match. Occasional periods where they passed the ball around were overshadowed by play where reliance was upon the individual with little team work in evidence. 2 good periods in the 1st half saw Josh and Robert score with Attleborough score 1 in between. HT 2-1 to the home side.

2nd half saw Hethersett against the wind and poor defensive marking and weak challenges allowed the opposition to dominate and deservedly take all the points. the game was marred by a serious knee injury after a full bloodied but fair challenge to one of the Attleborough players towards the end of the match. The player was taken to hospital for medical assessment. 

TEAM - Declan Leigh, Adam Cooney, Ben Annis, Alex Lorne, Alex Richardson, Liam Finch, Stepehn Salahi, Robert Baker, Stuart Dix, Jonathan Woods, Josh Wilcox, Janis Reintjes, Oliver Bell

Ocotber 10th      Hethersett     0       Wymondham      4

Wymondham are a good team but Hethersett more than matched them in the 1st 20 minutes. Our problem is a brevity of opportunities to score. Wymondham broke the deadlock with an individual run through the defence that should have been stopped. A cool finish made it 1-0. Soon after a corner was met by a well timed run and volley. HT 0-2.

Despite a willingness Hethersett couldn’t create any really good chances and with the game slipping away heads dropped. Wymondham remained resilute and scored 2 more before the game finished. 3 goals now in 4 games speaks for itself, we need to be more clinical and technically competent if we wish to stop this disappointing run.  

TEAM - Declan Leigh, Adam Cooney, Ben Annis, Alex Lorne, David Tilsley, Liam Finch, Stephen Salahi, Robert Baker, Janis Reintjes, Oliver Bell, Josh Wilcox, Stuart Dix, Oliver Buxton

October 24th    Hethersett     2    Horsford    3

Changes were made to the format of HAFC team to shore up the midfield which has, of late, looked rather fragile. This did work to some good effect and both goals came from midfield players. However, still too many wasted opportunities and hesitant play in defence and midfield allowed Horsford back into a game where they went behind twice. We really should have killed the game but paid the ultimate price for sloppy passing play. As a politician might say - some green shoots are appearing.

Declan Leigh, Alex Richardson, Ben Annis, Alex Lorne, David Tilsley, Liam Finch, Stephen Salahi, Robert Baker, Janis Reintjes, Oliver Bell, Josh Wilcox, Stuart Dix, Jonathan Woods, Adam Cooney.

October 31st      Firside    8     Hethersett    1

Hethersett Athletic Under-16s faced a tough game at Firside and gave the home side too much space. Hethersett were 5-0 down by half-time. They put in a much stronger performance in the second half and Josh Wilcox scored a fine consolation goal with a free kick just outside the area. Firside ran in three more goals to make the final scoreline 8-1.

TEAM - Declan Leigh, Alex Richardson, Ben Annis, Alex Lorne, David Tilsley, Liam Finch, Stephen Salahi, Ambrose Wilkerson, Adam Cooney, Oliver Bell, Josh Wilcox, Luke House

November 7th           Hethersett     1    Aylsham  8

TEAM - Declan Leigh, Liam Finch, Adam Cooney, Alex Richardson, Ben Annis, Oliver Bell, Stephen Salahi, Luke House, David Tilsley, Ambrose Wilkerson, Alex Lorne, Jonathan Woods, Robert Baker

November 21st                  Horsford       4    Hethersett    4

This match had everything in terms of twists & turns, heart in mouth incidents and a dramatic penalty shoot out Horsford dominated much of the 1st half but resilient defending and good goal keeping kept them at bay. Half way through a free kick just outside Horsford's goal allowed Josh to hit a beautiful freekick past their keeper.  2nd half saw Horsford more determined and winning much of the midfield contest. Before you could blink they had changed the score around to lead by 3-1. Often this would be game over but HAFC became more competitive and began to create good chances. From a set piece Liam caused havoc in the Horsford area before firing the ball home - 3-2. HAFC had nothing to lose and continued to battle and finally Ambrose outpaced the defender to slot the ball coolly past the keeper. Extra time saw the drama intensify and another free kick taken by Josh mishandled by the keeper gave HAFC the advantage. Horsford kept fighting and in the last 5 minutes forced an equaliser. Penalties saw some good finishing from both teams but Dec saved one but unfortunately then missed with his kick. Toby had to score to keep the game alive but missed giving the result to Horsford 4-3 on penalties.   

TEAM - Declan Leigh, Adam Cooney, Ben Annis, Ambrose Wilkerson, Alex Richardson. Liam Finch, Oliver Bell, Tobias Everett, Stuart Dix, David Tilsley, Josh Wilcox, Alex Lorne, Janis Reintjes, Oliver Buxton 

December 12th              Hethersett     3     Norman    4

TEAM - Leigh, Cooney, Finch, Richardson, Salahi, Bell, Annis, Wilcox, Tilsley, Wilkerson, Elliott, Buxton, Dix, Lorne

January  9th                 Attleborough     1       Hethersett    0

TEAM - Leigh, Cooney, Finch, Richardson, House, Lorne, Annis, Wilcox, Tilsey, Wilkerson, Elliott, Reintjes, Dix, Woods.

January 16th                      Hethersett     3    Thorpe    3

TEAM - Leigh, Cooney, Annis, Richardson, Bell, Lorne, Salahi, Wilcox, Tilsey, Wilkerson, Buxton

January 23rd                          Norman    3     Hethersett   2

TEAM - Leigh, Cooney, Annis, Richardson, Bell, House, Elliott, Wilcox, Tilsley, Wilkerson, Dix, Buxton, Finch

January 30th                         Wymondham    2    Hethersett   0

A good game against a capable team. A more determined effort by the midfield paid off but a lack of fire power up front was our downfall. A goal in each half by Wymondham sealed the fate of this game.      

TEAM - Leigh, Cooney, Annis, Richardson, Bell, Salahi, Elliott, Wilcox, Tilsley, Wilkerson, Dix, Buxton, Reintjas, Finch.

February 6th                           Hellesdon    7       Hethersett     0

Hethersett Under-16s fielded just 11 players at Hellesdon. Hethersett knew the match would be physical and competitive but unfortunately their hearts weren't beating to a passionate, combative drum. Too many unconfident challenges allowed Hellesdon to dominate and three relatively soft goals in the first half killed the game and Hellesdon grew in confidence and strengthened their position to score four more after the break.

TEAM - Leigh, Cooney, Annis, Richardson, Bell, Finch, Elliott, Wilcox, Tilsley, House, Fogarty

February 20th                  Hethersett     4      Old Catton    0

TEAM - Leigh, Cooney, Amis, Richardson, Bell, Finch, Elliot, Wilcox, Tilsley, Wilkerson, Salahi, Lorne, House, Dix

March 6th                        Hethersett       1     Hellesdon    2

TEAM - Leigh, Cooney, Annis, Richardson, Dix, Finch, Reintjas, Bell, Tilsley, Wilkerson, Salahi, Lorne

March 13th                         Fakenham      8      Hethersett      2

Hethersett  went down 8-2 to a strong Fakenham side. Hethersett were 4-0 down at half-time. They improved after the break but there were still too many holes in midfield. Hethersett did manage to score two good goals through Ambrose Wilkerson and Nick Fogarty.

TEAM - Leigh, Cooney, Annis, Richardson, Everett, Finch, Reintjes, Bell, Tilsley, Wilkerson, Salahi, Wilcox, Fogarty  

March 20th                 Spixworth      2        Hethersett     2

Hethersett Athletic Under-16s drew 2-2 with Spixworth with Josh Wilcox opening the scoring before Spixworth hit back to equalise. Spixworth then took the lead. Hethersett dominated the second half and Ambrose Wilkerson had a number of efforts saved before the pressure finally told and Wilkerson ran through to slot the ball home. Overall a draw was a fair result.

TEAM - Leigh, Cooney, House, Richardson, Everett, Finch, Wilcox, Bell, Tilsley, Wilkerson, Salahi, Foggerty, Reintjes

March 27th                   Hethersett     4        Fakenham    6

Hethersett started well, creating chances that rocked the opposition. midway through the 1st half this pressure told when Janis fired in a low long range shot for 1-0.

Fakenham then settled down and stretched HAFC resulting in numerous chances. Eventually the equaliser came and was followed soon after with a great long range effort that rocketed into the net. Half time 1-2.

2nd half was great end to end football with HAFC equalising (Janis again); Fakenham leading again; HAFC equalising again (Stuart) before Fakenham's strength in the last 20 allowed them to score 2 more before Alex scored a consolation 4th for HAFC. Phew!      

TEAM - Leigh, Cooney, House, Richardson, Reintjes, Finch, Wilcox, Bell, Tilsley, Dix, Foggerty, Lorne, Annis

April 3rd                     Hethersett      2     Spixworth     1

The 1st half started in ponderous fashion with HAFC struggling to string passes together. Spixworth gained the initiative when their player was allowed to control, turn and slot the ball home inside the penalty box. Poor defensive work by HAFC.

After that HAFC woke up and played some very good, flowing football and dominated the game but really struggled to find good finishing touches. HT 0-1.

2nd half saw HAFC continue to press and eventually Ambrose danced through after a great build up to slide the ball home.

HAFC kept the initiative and late on scored the winner through Stuart. A tense final 10 minutes saw Spixworth really go for it but HAFC managed to withstand the pressure.       

TEAM - Leigh, Cooney, House, Richardson, Reintjes, Wilkerson, Wilcox, Bell, Tilsley, Dix, Foggerty, Everett, Annis, Finch 

April 10th                  Thorpe       4      Hethersett    0

TEAM - Leigh, Annis, Finch, Richardson, Reintjes, Wilkerson, Everett, Bell, Tilsley. Dix, Salahi, Lorne, Foggerty

April 17th                 Old Catton    1     Hethersett    3

Old Catton's final game of the season made it a fitting bottom of the table clash.

The opposition were really fired up and played with enthusiasm and commitment. But HAFC were equally keen to provide a good performance and some excellent movement off the ball in the first 20 minutes saw 2 great goals where our midfield players out paced the defence and calmly slotted the ball past the keeper. The first half was rounded off with a looping header by Stuart to make it 3-0.

Second half Old Catton still had self-belief but in truth both teams failed to gain purposeful control. Old Catton did get a deserved goal 10 minutes from time to set up a tense finale but HAFC were able to hold out. A good competitive game played in the right spirit.

TEAM - Leigh, Annis, Finch, Richardson, House, Wilcox, Everett, Bell, Foggerty, Cooney, Salahi, Lorne, Dix

May 1st                       Hethersett     1       Firside    7

Nothing to play for but pride and HAFC started reasonably well. During the 1st half we created 2-3 really good chances but the Firside keeper made 2 outstanding saves to keep us at bay. Firside's skill told in the end with our challenges lacking bite. Their confidence increased and they scored 4 fairly quick goals that proved to be fatal to any thoughts we may have savored for a result today.

We managed a riposte through Toby just before 1/2 time but this too little too late. 2nd half was dominated by Firside who score 3 more goals. Although we did create further chances our confidence in front of goal was sorely lacking. A disappointing end to a season that did see some excellent performances by the lads; I hope they are able to take this forward into successful adult football should they wish to do so.

TEAM - Leigh, Annis, Finch, Richardson, Wilkerson, Wilcox, Everett, Bell, Fogarty, Cooney, Salahi, Lorne, Dix