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A National FA Community Charter Club

 2011/2012 Ladies Hearts - Norfolk League


Hearts are pictured above before their 4-1 League Cup semi-final victory over Stalham

Sept 11 A Dereham Town League 6-1 Brister 2, V. Swann, Ferdani, Beckett, og
Sept 18 H Wymondham Town League 4-2 Brister 3, Keane
Oct 9 A Acle United League 1-8 Waters
Oct 16 H UEA League 8-4 Ferdani 5, Waters 2, Brister
Oct 23 H Aylsham League 5-1 Waters 4, Ferdani
Oct 30 H Red Rose L Cup 2-0 Waters, V. Swann
Nov 6 H Stalham League 7-0 Waters 5, Ferdani, Cletheroe
Nov 27 A Waveney League 2-2 Tarrant, own goal
Dec 4 H Waveney League 3-0 Waters 2, Brister
Dec 11 A UEA League 5-2 Charlton 2, Waters, Ferdani, Evans
Jan 8 H Dereham Town League 4-0 Waters 3, Ferdani
Jan 15 H Coltishall Jaguars League 2-2 Tarrant, Waters
Jan 22 A Wymondham Town League 3-0 Ferdani 2, Brister
Feb 19 H Waveney LCup 3-0 Waters 2, Annison
Feb 26 A Aylsham League 2-0 Brister, Ferdani
Mar 4 H Hockering League 6-3 Ferdani 3, Matthews 2, Tarrant
Mar 11 A Stalham League 1-1 Lacey
Mar 18 H Wymondham LCup 3-0 Waters
Mar 25 A Coltishall Jaguars League 6-3 Waters 3, Annison 2, V. Swann
Apr 8 H Acle League 3-1 Cletheroe, Waters, Annison
Apr 15 A Hockering League 6-0 Ferdani, Keene, Brister, Waters 3
Apr 22 H Stalham L CupSF 4-1 Ferdani 2, Waters 2
May 6 A Acle  L CupFnl 4-5 Waters 3, Ferdani. After extra-time
1 Acle United F.C. Ladies 18 17 0 1 51
2 Hethersett Athletic F.C. Hearts 18 14 3 1 45

Coltishall Jaguars Ladies

18 13 1 4 40
4 Wymondham Town F.C. Ladies 18 9 2 7 29
5 U.E.A. WFC 18 7 1 10 22
6 Waveney Ladies 18 6 3 9 21
7 Hockering 18 5 3 10 18
8 Aylsham Town F.C. Ladies 18 5 2 11 17
9 Stalham Town Ladies 18 3 4 11 13
10 Dereham Town F.C. Ladies 18 1 1 16 4


  P W D L F A Ps
League 18 14 3 1 74 30 45
League Cup 5 4 0 1 16 6  
TOTAL 23 18 3 2 90 36  



Season Career Awards
App Goals App Goals
ANNISON Stacey 6 4 60 11 50 appearances
BECKETT Mabel 1 1 22 2
BELL Amy 2 0 50 0 50 appearances
BRISTER Rhianne 21 10 72 25 50 appearances
CHARLTON Abi 1 2 13 10
CLETHEROE Megan 7 2 83 5
DUGDALE Hannah 1 0 69 5
EVANS Beth 11 1 80 18
FERDANI Lisa 17 20 142 53
KEENE Lauren 22 2 23 2
LACEY Alicia 17 1 23 2
LUBBOCK Sophie 1 0 52 5 50 appearances
LUBBOCK Vicki 1 0 46 0
MATTHEWS Lauren 14 2 76 38
NEWMAN Louise 2 0 2 0
PAXTON Stephanie 3 0 11 0
PREECE Ellie 14 0 67 0
STREET Elizabeth 21 0 92 16
SWANN Charlotte 7 0 142 13
SWANN Katie 22 0 54 2 50 appearances
SWANN Vickie 22 3 74 6
TARRANT Polly 21 3 101 21 100 appearances
WATERS Hannah 20 37 100 184 100 appearances 150 goals
WELLS Phoebe 4 0 27 1
WHARTON Rachel 21 0 39 0
Own Goals 2



September 11th      Dereham      1    Hethersett    6

TEAM - Ellie Preece, Rachel Wharton,  Stephanie Paxton, Lizzy Street, Lauren Keene, Katie Swann, Vicki Swann, Lou Newman, Rhianne Brister, Lisa Ferdani, Polly Tarrant, Hannah Dugdale, Mabel Beckett

September 18th       Hethersett     4     Wymondham    2

TEAM - Ellie Preece, Rachel Wharton, Megan Cletheroe, Stephanie Paxton, Lizzy Street, Lauren Keene, Katie Swann, Vicki Swann, Lou Newman, Rhianne Brister, Lisa Ferdani, Polly Tarrant

October 9th            Acle     8     Hethersett     1

TEAM - Ellie Preece, Rachel Wharton, Alicia Lacey, Polly Tarrant, Rhianne Brister, Lauren Keene, Katie Swann, Hannah Waters, Lisa Ferdani, Vickie Swann

October 16th          Hethersett      8     UEA    4

TEAM - Preece, Wells, Wharton, Lacey, Tarrant, V. Swann, Paxton, K. Swann, Street, Ferdani, Keene, Brister, Waters

October 23rd           Hethersett     5    Aylsham    1

TEAM - Preece, Wharton, Street, Lacey, V. Swann, Keene, Ferdani, Tarramnt, K. Swann, Waters

October 30th            Hethersett      2    Red Rose   0

TEAM - Preece, Wharton, Lacey, Street, V. Swann, K. Swann, Tarrant, Waters, Keene, Matthews.

November 6th             Hethersett    7    Stalham     0

TEAM -  Preece, Wharton, Tarrant, Lacey, Street, Keene, Ferdani, V. Swann, K. Swann, Waters, Wells, Brister, Cletheroe.

November 27th      Waveney      2     Hethersett      2

TEAM -  Preece, Wharton, Lacey, Street, V. Swann, K. Swann, Tarrant, Waters, Keene, Brister, Ferdani, Matthews.

December 4   Hethersett     3    Waveney   0

TEAM - Preece, Wharton, Lacey, Keene, Street, K. Swann, V. Swann, Brister, Tarrant, Waters, Matthews.

December 11th   UEA    2    Hethersett    5

TEAM - Lacey, Wharton, Tarrant, Wells, Evans, Brister, K. Swann, V. Swann, Waters, Charlton, Matthews, Keene, Ferdani.

January 8th      Hethersett      4    Dereham    0

TEAM - S. Lubbock, V. Lubbock, Street, Brister, Wharton, K. Swann, Lacey, Tarrant, Cletheroe, Keene, Matthews, Waters, Ferdani.

January 15th       Hethersett      2    Coltishall Jaguars     2

TEAM -  Street, Wharton, Lacey, Keene, V. Swann, K. Swann, Brister, Evans, Wells, Ferdani, Matthews, Waters, Tarrant

January 22nd        Wymondham    0  Hethersett     3

TEAM - Bell, V. Swann, K. Swann, C. Swann, Street, Evans, Brister, Waters, Matthews, Lacey, Ferdani, Tarrant

February 19th                      Hethersett         3         Waveney   0

TEAM -  rhianne brister, rachael wharton, polly tarrant,beth evans, lizzy street,katie swann, vicki swann, charlotte swann, stacy annison,lauren mathews, lauren keene, lisa ferdani,hannah waters

February 26th                        Aylsham    0     Hethersett   2

TEAM - Street, Wharton, Lacey, Tarrant, Keene, V. Swann, K. Swann, Brister, Matthews, Annison, Waters, Ferdani.

March 4th                  Hethersett    6      Hockering   3

TEAM - Preece, Wharton, Tarrant, Street, V. Swann, Brister, Annison, Keene, Matthews, K. Swann, Ferdani

March 11th              Stalham     1     Hethersett    1

TEAM -  Street, V. Swann, C. Swann, Wharton, Ferdani, Tarrant, Waters, Matthews, Brister, Keene, Lacey, Evans

March 18th             Hethersett       3      Wymondham    0

TEAM - Street, Brister, Wharton, V. Swann, Lacey, Tarrant, Keene, K. Swann, Evans, Annison, Waters

March 25th                 Coltishall       3      Hethersett    6

TEAM - Bell, Wharton, Lacey, Tarrant, Street, V. Swann, C. Swann, K. Swann, Annison, Waters, Brister, Keene, Evans

April 8th         Hethersett      3      Acle    1

Hethersett Athletic Ladies Hearts grabbed runners-up spot in the Norfolk Women’s League Division One after destroying Acle’s 100 per cent league record.

Hearts produced a superb display of attacking football that table topping Acle could not handle. The visitors went into the match with 17 wins out of 17 games and victory would see them finish the season with an unblemished record. Hethersett knew that two wins in their final games would ensure second place.

Having lost heavily to Acle earlier in the season, Hearts came out of the traps with fast and incisive football that soon had the league leaders back peddling. Such was Hethersett’s dominance in the first half that Acle only got into the home penalty area on one occasion and could only fashion one wild shot.

Hethersett, on the other hand, carved out chance after chance and could easily have had a first half hatful but had to be satisfied with a cheeky chip shot from top scorer Hannah Waters and a header by Megan Cletheroe from a corner.

The second half proved more even with Acle coming out of their shells only for player of the match Stacey Annison to increase the home team’s lead. Acle pulled a goal back straight from a corner late on but Hethersett were very good value for the win. With runners-up rivals Cotishall losing, second place was confirmed making the result of their final game of the season against Hockering merely academic.

Meanwhile Hethersett Athletic are re-structuring the ladies side of the club in time for the new season. Currently the club runs two teams with the first playing in the Premier Division of the Eastern Region League.

“We have some very talented players coming up into adult football from our Under-16s side and are looking to re-structure our management and coaching set-up. We are also looking for new players for next season,” said club chairman Peter Steward.

Anyone interested in joining the club or receiving more information can contact him on 01603 811052 or via e-mail at petersteward@lineone.net


ellie preece, rachel wharton, lizzy street, katie swann , vicky swann, charlie swann, rhianne brister, lauren keene, lauren matthews,hannah waters, stacey annison,megan cletheroe,beth evans

April 15th        Hockering    0     Hethersett    6

TEAM -  Preece, Wharton, Lacey, Street, V. Swann, Cletheroe, K. Swann. Keene, Waters, Tarrant. Brister, Evans

APRIL 22nd     Hethersett     4      Stalham      1

Hearts made it through to the League Cup Final with a 4-1 victory over Stalham on the Memorial Field with two goals each fro Hannah Waters and Lisa Ferdani.

TEAM - Preece, Wharton, Cletheroe, Street, Keene, Matthews, K. Swann, V. Swann, C. Swann, Brister, Ferdani, Evans, Waters

May 6th        Acle      5     Hethersett       4

Hearts were desperately unlucky to lose the Norfolk League Cup Final to a goal in the dying seconds of extra-time in a match that the advantage swung backwards and forwards throughout.

It was an exciting game with both teams attacking and the lead changing hands on numerous occasions. Hethesett looked to be going down to a big defeat when they were two goals down after 18 minutes. Such is their resilience this season however that by half-time they were level thanks to two goals from Hannah Waters, both of which saw her outpace the Acle defence.

The second half was even until the 84th minute when Hethersett looked to have won the game as Lisa Ferdani fired home to make it 3-2. Just two minutes later, however, Acle poked the ball home after a goalmouth melee to make it 3-3 and take the match to extra time.

Waters made it 4-3 in the first period of extra-time to complete her hat trick only for Acle to equalise again seconds into the final period. Then with just a minute left Acle scored the winner with a fierce drive from a free kick awarded just outside the penalty area.

TEAM - Preece, Street, Lacey, Cletheroe, V. Swann, K. Swann, C. Swann, Tarrant, Ferdani, Brister, Waters, Matthews, Keene, Evans