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A National FA Community Charter Club

 2012/2013 Ladies Hearts - Norfolk Women's League Division One

Sept 9th H Mulbarton Belles League 6-1 Waters 5, Rock
Sept 23rd A Dereham LCup 14-1 Waters 7, Matthews 2, Rock, K. Swann, Brister, Beckett, Bachelor
Sept 30th H Lowestoft FA Cup 4-2 Waters 2, Bachelor, Matthews
Oct 7th A Waveney League 10-0 Waters 3, Stephenson 2,. Batchelor 2, K. Swann, C. Swann, Matthews
Oct 14th H Billericay Town FA Cup 0-2
Oct 28th A Bungay League 2-1 Waters, Stephenson
Nov 4th H Coltishall Jaguars League 0-3
Nov 11th A Fakenham League 4-1 Waters 2, Batchelor 2
Nov 18th H Freethorpe C Cup 6-0 Waters 6
Dec 2nd A UEA L Cup 1-2 Waters
Jan 13th A UEA League 4-6 Rock 2, Waters, Tarrant
Feb 3rd H Thorpe United C Cup 2-3 Matthews, Waters
Feb 10th A Coltishall Jaguars League 4-2 K, Swann, C. Swann, Bennett, Matthews
Feb 24th A Gorleston Rangers League 5-0 Waters 4, Bennett
Mar 3rd A Wymondham League 1-3 Waters
Mar 10th H Aylsham League Awarded to Hethersett
Mar 17th H Hockering League 3-2 Matthews. Waters, Wharton
April 7th A Hockering League 6-0 Stephenson 3, Rock 2, K. Swann
April 14th H Gorleston Rangers League 5-0 Waters 3, Bennett, Matthews
April 17th A Mulbarton Belles League 10-1 Waters 3, Rock 3, Batchelor 3, Stephenson
April 21st H Bungay League 4-3 Rock 2, Waters, Bennett
April 24th H Wymondham League 2-2 Waters 2
April 28th H Fakenham League 3-1 Rock 2, Waters
May 1st A Aylsham League 2-2 C. Swann, Matthews
May 8th H UEA League 0-2


U.E.A. 20 18 0 2 54
Coltishall Jaguars 20 16 0 4 48
Hethersett Athletic 20 14 2 4 44
Wymondham Town  20 11 6 3 39
Bungay Town 20 13 2 5 38 *
Fakenham Town  20 8 2 10 26
Aylsham Town  20 6 3 11 21
Gorleston Rangers  20 5 2 13 17
Mulbarton Belles  20 5 1 14 16
Hockering Ladies  20 4 2 14 14
Waveney Ladies  20 0 0 20 0





Season 2012/13 Career Awards
App Goals App Goals
BACHELOR Nina 24 9 24 9
BECKETT Mabel 16 1 39 3
BELL Amy 18 0 69 0
BENNETT Jess 12 3 12 3
BRISTER Rhianne 21 1 93 26
BUHLER Eve 1 0 4 0
CLETHEROE Megan 5 0 88 5
EVANS Beth 16 0 96 18
KEENE Lauren 1 0 24 2
MATTHEWS Lauren 24 9 100 47 100 appearances
PREECE Ellie 6 0 73 0
ROCK Sophie 18 13 133 184
STEPHENSON Ella 19 7 96 74
STREET Elizabeth 1 0 93 16
SWANN Charli 23 3 165 16 150 appearances
SWANN Katie 20 4 74 6
SWANN Vickie 23 0 97 6
TARRANT Polly 13 2 114 23
WATERS Hannah 22 45 122 229 200 Goals
WELLS Phoebe 6 0 33 1
WHARTON Rachel 22 1 61 1



September 9th   Hethersett Hearts    6   Mulbarton Belles   1

TEAM - Amy Bell, Polly Tarrant, Megan Cletheroe, Vicky Swann, Katie Swann. Charli Swann, Ella Stephenson, Sophie Rock, Beth Evans, Rhianne Brister, Lauren Keene, Hannah Waters, Lizzy Street, Nina Bachelor

Hethersett opened their season with a comfortable win against neighbours Mulbarton Belles. Hethersett were 4-0 up at half-time after playing some excellent football. The team comprised a number of players from last year's Under-16s. Hethersett were 4-0 up at half-time. Hannah Waters scored five times to break the club's all time scoring record.

September 23rd      Dereham       1       Hethersett      14

TEAM - Preece, Bell, Wharton, V. Swann, Evans, K. Swann, C. Swann, Brister, Matthews, Waters, Beckett, Bachelor, Rock.

September 30th        Hethersett       4       Lowestoft      2

Hethersett put in a fine performance in the first qualifying round of the Women's FA Cup against an unbeaten Lowestoft team who obviously thought they only had to turn up to win.

Hearts attacked from start and after 5 mins  a great through ball from Lauren Matthews saw Hannah Waters round the keeper to slot home from 20 yards. Hearts carried on taking the game to Lowestoft   Hearts got a free kick 40 yds out and Charli Swann floated a perfect cross to Nina Bachelor who was at the back post to finish off.. Lauren Matthews added a third after another flowing move from the Hearts. Lowestoft then started to get on top and just on half time scored to make it 3-1. Lowestoft came out for the second half and produced some good football with wave after wave of attacks and eventually, despite some great defending, added a second. Lowestoft continued to be the better team but Hearts carried on playing their game and Amy Bell and the rest of the defence held firm. with 5 mins to go Hannah broke away and scored .
TEAM - Bell, Bachelor, Wharton, V. Swann, K. Swann, C. Swann, Brister, Matthews, Waters, Beckett, Stephenson, Rock, Evans.

October 7th    Waveney   0    Hethersett   10

TEAM - Preece, Evans, Wells, V. Swann, Wharton, K. Swann, Batchelor, Beckett, Waters, C. Swann, Stephenson, Matthews, Brister

October 14th                    Hethersett   0     Billericay     2

TEAM -  Bell, Evans, Wharton, Tarrant, V. Swann, K. Swann, C. Swann, Waters, Rock, Stephenson. Batchelor, Beckett, Matthews, Brister. 

October 28th     Bungay     1     Hethersett     2

TEAM - Preece, Wharton, Tarrant, Batchelor, V. Swann, K. Swann, C. Swann, Beckett, Rock, Brister, Matthews, Stephenson, Waters.

November 4th       Hethersett     0    Coltishall     3


Hethersett got off to a good start but after 25 minutes a Colts midfielder hit a hit and hope shot from the halfway line that dropped over keeper's head into top corner, and with their second shot of game from 30 yards it was 2-0. the second half was the best footballing performance of season , with attack after attack , but once again their only shot of the half made it 3-0  The remaining 20 mins of match was all Hearts, with Sophie , Hannah and Ella all hitting woodwork, Also we met a great defensive colts display with their goalkeeper outstanding, saving shot after shot. It was a great Hearts performance, having about 80% of possession, but a bad result.

TEAM - Amy Bell, Rachael Wharton, Polly Tarrant, Vicky Swann, Nina Batchelor, Charli Swann, Sophie Rock, Ella Stephenson, Lauren Matthews,  Beth Evans, Rhianne Brister.

November 11th          Fakenham       1      Hethersett    4


TEAM - Ellie Preece, Rhianne Brister, Polly Tarrant, Rachael Wharton, Vicki Swann, Katie Swann , Charli Swann, Nina Batchelor, Mabel Beckett, Hannah Waters , Lauren Matthews, Sophie Rock, Ella Stephenson

November 18th        Hethersett      6     Freethorpe    0

TEAM - Bell, Wharton, C. Swann, V. Swann, K. Swann, Rock, Batchelor, Evans, Waters, Beckett, Matthews, Preece, Wells

December 2nd     UEA     2     Hethersett     1

TEAM - amy bell, vicky swann, beth evans, sophie rock, ella stephenson,  lauren matthews, hannah waters, charli swann  , mabel beckett, nina batchelor

January 13th         UEA    6     Hethersett   4

TEAM -Preece, Wells, C. Swann, Tarrant, Wharton, Brister, Batchelor, K. Swann, Matthews, Rock, Waters, Jess Bennett, Beckett, Evans

February 3rd      Hethersett     2      Thorpe     3

TEAM - Bell, V. Swann, Buhler, Tarrant, Wharton, Matthews, Bachelor, Stephenson, Rock, K. Swann, Waters, Brister, Bennett, Beckett.

February 10th     Coltishall Jaguars      2     Hethersett    4

TEAM - Bell, Wharton, Tarrant, Wells, Brister, C. Swann, V. Swann, K. Swann, Matthews, Batchelor, Bennett, Waters, Beckett

February 24th      Gorleston    0     Hethersett     5

TEAM -  Amy Bell, Vicki Swann, Rachael Wharton, Polly Tarrant, Beth Evans, Nina Batchelor, Hannah Waters, Jess Bennett, Ella Stevenson, Charli Swann, Mabel Beckett, Rhianne Brister, Lauren Matthews

March 3rd      Wymondham      3     Hethersett      1

TEAM - Bell, Wharton, Tarrant, Brister, Rock, K. Swann, V. Swann, C. Swann, Batchelor, Matthews, Waters, Evans, Stephenson

March 17th            Hethersett       3     Hockering       2

TEAM - Amy Bell, Lauren Mathews, Polly Tarrant, Rachael Wharton, Phoebe Wells, Katie Swann, Vicky Swann, Charli Swann. Lauren Matthews, Beth Evans, Hannah Waters, Nina Batchelor Ella Stephenson, Mabel Beckett.

April 7th        Hockering    0       Hethersett     6

TEAM - Bell, Wharton, Evans, V. Swann, Cletheroe, C. Swann, K. Swann, Brister, Stephenson, Rock, Batchelor, Bennett, Beckett, Matthews

April 14th       Hethersett      5     Gorleston Rangers    0

TEAM - Amy Bell, Rachael Wharton, Vicki Swann, Megan Cletheroe, Katie Swann,Charli Swann, Nina Batchelor ,Jess Bennett, Ella Stephenson, Hannah Waters, Sophie Rock, Lauren Matthews, Rhianne Brister, Beth Evans

April 17th      Mulbarton     1      Hethersett    10

TEAM - Bell, Wharton, Cletheroe, Brister, K. Swann, V. Swann, C. Swann, Matthews, Bennett, Beckett, Waters, Batchelor, Rock, Stephenson.

April 21st      Hethersett    4    Bungay    3

TEAM - Amy Bell, Rachel Wharton, Beth Evans, Megan Cletheroe, Vicki Swann, Katie Swann, Charli Swann, Nina Batchelor, Jess Bennett, Sophie Rock, Ella Stephenson, Hannah Waters , Lauren Matthews, Rhianne Brister  

April 24th          Hethersett       2     Wymondham      2

TEAM - Bell, Wharton, Brister, Tarrant, V. Swann, K. Swann, C. Swann, Batchelor, Bennett, Matthews, Stephenson, Rock, Waters

April 28th           Hethersett     3      Fakenham     1

TEAM - Bell, Brister, Tarrant, Evans, V. Swann, K. Swann, C. Swann, Waters, Matthews, Batchelor, Bennett, Wharton, Rock

May 1st           Aylsham       2       Hethersett        2

TEAM - Brister, Wells, Batchelor, Wharton, V. Swann, C. Swann, Matthews, Waters, Bennett, Beckett, Stephenson.

May 8th       Hethersett      0     UEA      2

TEAM - Rhianne Brister, Rachel Wharton, Jess Bennett, Vicky Swann, Charli swann, Nina Batchelor, Lauren Matthews, Ella Stephenson, Hannah Waters, Katie Swann, Mabel Beckett