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A National FA Community Charter Club

 2013/2014 Men's Sunday Firsts


Sept 8th H Moles Rest League 9-0 Doggett 5, Waters 3, own goal
Sept 15th A DEF League 3-5* L. Buffin, Anthony, Beck
Sept 29th H Taverham League 0-3
Oct 6th A Salhouse League 3-1 Doggett 2, Waters
Oct 20th A Norman Wanderers CCup 2-3 Raven, Waters
Oct 27th A Briston Wanderers League 6-5 Gray 2, Doggett 2, Waters, Raven
Nov 3rd H Sloughbottom Rev League 1-0 Frost
Nov 10th A One Love Utd League 0-2
Nov 17th A School House League 1-7 Anthony
Dec 1st H School House League 2-5 Raven, Doggett
Dec 8th H William Wanderers League 2-3 Wright, Anthony
Dec 15th A Moles Rest League 2-7 Waters, own goal
Jan 12th A Taverham League 4-1 Bailey 3, Bunn
Feb 9th A Sloughbottom Rev League 2-3 Doggett, Waters
Feb 16th H One Love Utd League 4-3 Doggett 2, Curran 2
Feb 23rd A SDC League 3-0 Doggett 2, Raven
Mar 9th H SDC League 2-1 Doggett, Frost
Mar 16th H DEF League 2-0 L. Buffin, Raven
Mar 23rd A DEF League 1-1 Waters
Mar 30th H Salhouse League 0-1
April 6th H Briston League 4-1 Frost, B. Luther-Veitch, Doggett 2
April 20th A William Wanderers League 2-6 Waters, Doggett

*- Result later declared nul and void due to opposition playing an illegible player



Season 2012/13 Career Club Awards
App Goals App Goals
ANTHONY Lucas 14 3
BAILEY Jonathan 1 3
BECK Steve 10 1
BOREHAM Kristian 21 0
BUFFIN Adam 2 0
BUFFIN Liam 18 2
BUNN George 3 1
BURROWS Craig 1 0
BUTCHER Matt 2 0
COLLIN-REED Christopher 2 0
COOK Will 5 0
CURRAN Alex 1 2
DOGGETT Dominic 13 19
DYSON Henry 1 0
DYSON James 1 0
FROST Dominic 8 3
GRAY Brendan 13 2
HARRIS Oliver 10 0
JACKSON Sam 11 0
KEAN James 1 0
LEMMON Matthew 13 0
LIVING Cain 3 0
LUTHER Neal 4 0
OGILVIE Patrick 2 0
RAVEN Jack 13 5
RICE James 6 0
SAUNDERS Jack 15 0
SHERRY Kyle 3 0
THIRTLE Chris 13 0
THURTLE Dean 12 0
VOSPER Tom 6 0
WADLOW Tom 2 0
WALKER Jack 1 0
WATERS Adam 13 10
WHITE Steven 4 0
WRIGHT Ben 2 0
WRIGHT Jamie 12 1
Own Goals 2



September 8th      Hethersett    9     Moles Rest     0

TEAM - Boreham, Rice, Buffin, Vosper, Harris, Cook, Gray, Anthony, Waters, Doggett, Raven, Saunders, Thirtle, Lemmon, Ogilvie

September 15th      DEF     5    Hethersett     3

TEAM -  Boreham, Lemmon, L. Buffin, Rice, Harris, Cook, Thirtle, Ogilvie, Anthony, Doggett, Beck, Thurtle

September 29th      Hethersett   0   Taverham      3

TEAM - Boreham, Lemmon, L. Buffin, Rice, Harris, Cook, Thirtle, Gray, Anthony, Raven, J. Sanders, Beck

October 6th      Salhouse     1      Hethersett   3

TEAM - Boreham, Lemmon, L. Buffin, Rice, Thirtle, Cook, Beck, Gray, Waters, Doggett, Raven. Anthony, Sanders

October 20th    Norman Wanderers   3     Hethersett   2

TEAM - Boreham, Sanders, L. Buffin, Raven, Thirtle, Harris, Benfield, Gray, Beck, Waters, White, Luther Veitch, Luther, Cook.

October 27th   Briston Wanderers    5    Hethersett     6

TEAM - Boreham, Sanders, L. Buffin, Vosper, Thirtle, Harris, Beck, Gray, Waters, Doggett, Raven, A. Buffin, B. Luther-Veitch, Lemmon

November 3rd     Hethersett      1   Sloughbottom Revolution    0

TEAM - Boreham, Sanders, L. Buffin, Raven, Thirtle, Harris, Beck, Gray, Jackson, Frost, Anthony

November 10th     One Love Utd    2     Hethersett     0

TEAM - Boreham, Rice, L. Buffin, Jackson, Lemmon, Harris, Beck, Gray, Waters, Doggett, Anthony, J. Wright.

November 17th      School House    7     Hethersett    1

TEAM - Boreham, Wright, Jackson, Rice, Sanders, Thirtle, Raven, Gray, White, Dyson, Anthony, Luther

December 1st       Hethersett     2    School House      5

TEAM - Boreham, Lemmon, Sanders, Gray, Frost, Thirtle, Raven, B. Luther-Veitch, Doggett, Waters, Beck, Collin-Reed, Wright.

December 8th       Hethersett     2    William Wanderers    3

TEAM - Boreham, B. Wright, L. Buffin, Luther, Sherry, Living, Gray, J. Wright, Butcher, Anthony, Harris.

December 15th        Moles Rest    7      Hethersett     2

TEAM - Boreham, J. Wright, L. Buffin, Gray, Thirtle, Collins-Reed, Raven, Vosper, Waters, Anthony, Doggett, Dyson, Lemmon

January 12th       Taverham     1     Hethersett     4

TEAM - Boreham, Saunders, Thurtle, Burrows, Riseborough, Bunn, Raven, Holmes, Benfield, Anthony, Bailey, B. Wright, White, Jackson

February 9th       Sloughbottom Revolution   3    Hethersett    2

TEAM - Boreham, Lemmon, L. Buffin, Beck, Sherry, Living, Thurtle, Walker, Waters, Jackson, Doggett, A. Buffin, Thirtle, Sanders.

February 16th         Hethersett     4      One Love United    3

TEAM - Boreham, J. Wright, Thurtle, Sherry, Living, Raven, Curran, Butcher, Frost, Doggett, Waters, B. Luther-Veitch, Sanders

February 23rd        SDC      0    Hethersett      3

TEAM - Boreham, Lemmon, L. Buffin, Thirtle, Thurtle, Harris, B. Luther-Veitch, Raven, B. Gray, Doggett, Frost, J. Wright

March 9th        Hethersett      2      SDC       1

TEAM - Boreham, J. Wright, L. Buffin, Beck, Thurtle, Lemmon, Jackson, Anthony, Waters, Doggett, Frost, Sheppard.

March 16th       Hethersett    2     DEF     0

TEAM -  Boreham, J. Wright, L. Buffin, Sanders, Thurtle, Vosper, Jackson, Raven, Anthony, White, Benfield, Frost

March 23rd           DEF       1      Hethersett     1

TEAM - Wadlow, J. Wright, L. Buffin, Kean, Thurtle, Luther, Jackson, Thirtle, B. Luther-Veitch, Waters, Sheppard, R. Luther-Veitch

March 30th              Hethersett     0    Salhouse     1

TEAM - Boreham, Sanders, L. Buffin, Bunn, Thurtle, Thirtle, Jackson, Vosper, B. Luther-Veitch, Waters, Frost, Sheppard.

April 6th               Hethersett     4     Briston     1

TEAM - Boreham, J. Wright, L. Buffin, Bunn, Thurtle, Lemmon, B. Luther-Veitch, Anthony, Doggett, Frost, Vosper, Sheppard, Jackson, Sanders

April 20th                William Wanderers    6     Hethersett    2

TEAM - Boreham, Lemmon, Sanders, B. Gray, Thurtle, Harris, B. Luther-Veitch, Anthony, L. Buffin, Waters, Doggett, Wadlow, Sheppard, Jackson, J. Wright