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A National FA Community Charter Club

 2013/2014 Men's Sunday Reserves


Sept 1st H Salhouse Res League 2-0 Mardell, Moyes
Sept 8th A Red Lion League 4-0 Bailey 3, Wright
Sept 15th H Costessey Sports League 3-2 Bailey, Riseborough, Moyes
Sept 22nd H Garboldisham CCup 3-2 Bailey 2, Moyes
Sept 29th A Mettingham League 3-2 Bailey 3
Oct 6th H Locksley Athletic League 1-1 Moyes
Oct 13th A POD Reserves League 4-0 Moyes 4
Oct 20th H Seajacks CCup 5-3 Bailey 3, Thurtle, Riseborough
Oct 27th H Cellar House League 3-2 Moyes 2, Burrows
Nov 3rd A Heroes Bar League 4-5 Bailey 2, Moyes, Riseborough
Nov 10th H Windmill Elite League 2-2 Wright, Benfield
Nov 17th H Lord Nelson CCup 2-4 Thurtle, Bailey
Nov 24th A Lakewood League 2-3 B. Wright, Benfield
Dec 1st A Shipdham Rangers League 1-4 Riseborough
Dec 8th A Salhouse Res League 3-3 Bailey, Lin 2
Dec 15th H Red Lion League 5-1 Bailey 3, Moyes, Burrows
Jan 19th A Locksley Athletic League 4-0 Bailey 3, Riseborough
Feb 16th Windmill Elite League 4-3 B. Wright 2, Bailey 2
Feb 23rd H Lakewood League 0-4
Mar 2nd H Shipdham Rangers League 2-1 Bailey, B. Wright
Mar 9th A Costessey Sports League 3-3 Bunn 2, Riseborough
Mar 16th A Cellar House League 2-3 Bailey 2
Mar 23rd H The Pod League 2-0 Bailey, Brooks
April 13th H Heroes Bar League 4-3 Bailey 4
April 20th H Mettingham League 5-1 Lin 3, Riseborough, Mardell


Season 2012/13 Career Club Awards
App Goals App Goals
ALSOPP Josh 13 0
BAILEY Jonathan 22 32
BENFIELD Nick 19 2
BROOKS Sam 7 1
BUFFIN Liam 1 0
BUNN George 21 2
BURROWS Craig 21 2
FINCH Liam 3 0
HALES Tim 20 0
HICKS John 15 0
HOLMES Jack 24 0
LIN 7 5
MARDELL Jake 8 2
McKENZIE Mick 17 0
MOYES Alex 22 12
PUGH Mike 18 0 250 appearances
REEVE Tom 10 0
SMITH Ben 1 0
THURTLE Dean 14 2
VARLEY Rob 4 0
WATERS Adam 1 0
WRIGHT Ben 18 6
Own Goals 0



September 1st    Hethersett     2     Salhouse Res    0

TEAM - Hales, Burrows, Bunn, Holmes, Bailey, Hicks, Moyes, Alsopp, Riseborough, Benfield, Mardell, Mike Pugh, McKenzie, Jackson

September 8th          Red Lion    0     Hethersett     4

TEAM -  Hales, Hicks, McKenzie, Alsopp, Burrows, Benfield, Bunn, Mardell, Holmes, Moyes, Bailey, M. Pugh, Jackson, Wright.

September 15th       Hethersett     3      Costessey Sports     2

TEAM - Hales, Reeve, Riseborough, McKenzie, Holmes, Bunn, Mardell, Benfield, Wright, Moyes, Bailey, Burrows, Jackson, M. Pugh

September 22nd     Hethersett     3      Garboldisham     2

TEAM -  Hales, Reeve, Riseborough, Thurtle, Hicks, Benfield, Mardell, Bunn, Moyes, Bailey, Holmes, M. Pugh, Jackson, Wright.

September 29th    Mettingham    2     Hethersett     3

TEAM - Varley, Reeve, Riseborough, Allsop, Thurtle, Holmes, Benfield, Moyes, Pugh, Smith, Bailey, Finch, Burrows, Jackson

October 6th       Hethersett     1     Locksley Athletic     1

TEAM - Hales, Thurtle, Reeve, Burrows, Soppy, Riseborough, Bunn, B. Wright, Holmes, Bailey, Moyes, M. Pugh, McKenzie, Benfield

October 13th       POD Reserves    0      Hethersett    4

TEAM - Varley, Thurtle, L. Buffin, Burrows, Soppy, Hicks, Holmes, Pugh, Moyes, Bunn, Wright, Jackson, Finch

October 20th       Hethersett   5    Seajacks     3

TEAM - Hales, Thurtle, Alsopp, Mackenzie, Pugh, Wright, Burrows, Bunn, Holmes, Moyes, Bailey, Reeve.

October 27th         Hethersett       3   Cellar House       2

TEAM -  Hales, Pugh, Thurtle, Burrows, Riseborough, Soppy, Benfield, Bunn, Moyes, Wright, Holmes, Hicks, Reeve

November 3rd      Heroes Bar     5     Hethersett     4

TEAM - Hales, Thurtle, Varley, Burrows, Alsopp, McKenzie, Holmes, Moyse, Bailey, Riseborough, Benfield, Brooks.

November 10th        Hethersett     2    Windmill Elite     2

TEAM - Hales, M. Pugh, Thurtle, Burrows, McKenzie, Alsopp, Benfield, Moyes, Bailey, Wright, Holmes, Varley, Reeve

November 17th        Hethersett      2    Lord Nelson      4

TEAM - Allsop, Thurtle, Reeve, Burrows, McKenzie, M. Pugh, Benfield, Holmes, Bailey, Mardell, Morgan, Moyes, Bunn

November 24th        Lakewood     3      Hethersett    2

TEAM - Hales, Thurtle, Mackenzie, Alsopp, Hicks, Holmes, Benfield, Morgan, Burrows, Wright, Bailey, Riseborough, Bunn, M. Pugh

December 1st         Shipdham     4       Hethersett    1

TEAM - Hales, Hicks, Burrows, Riseborough, McKenzie, Thurtle, Wright, Moyes, Bailey, Benfield, Morgan, Lin, Reeve, M. Pugh, Bunn, Holmes

December 8th        Salhouse Res   3    Hethersett    3

TEAM - Hales, M. Pugh, Bunn, Thurtle, Riseborough, B. Wright, Holmes, Bailey, Benfield, Moyse, Lin, Reeve, Alsopp

December 15th       Hethersett     5     Red Lion     1

TEAM - Hales, Alsopp, Mardell, Bunn, Burrows, Riseborough, Holmes, Morgan, Bailey, Moyes, Benfield, M. Pugh, Thurtle, McKenzie

January 19th -    Locksley Athletic    0       Hethersett     4

TEAM - Burrows, Hicks, M. Pugh, Bunn, Riseborough, Allsopp, B. Wright, Moyse, Bailey, Morgan, Holmes, Thurtle, McKenzie, Benfield, Campbell

February 16th         Windmill Elite    3    Hethersett     4

TEAM - Hales, Burrows, MacKenzie, Riseborough, Hicks, B. Wright, Bunn, Mardell, Holmes, Bailey, Moyes, M. Pugh, Benfield

February 23rd             Hethersett      0    Lakewood      4

TEAM - Hales, Alsopp, Burrows, McKenzie, Riseborough, Hicks, Holmes, Moyse, Bailey, Bunn, Brooks, Benfield, Lin

March 2nd      Hethersett      2     Shipdham Rangers      1

TEAM - Hales, Burrows, Riseborough, Mackenzie, Hicks, Holmes, Bunn, Brooks, B. Wright, Moyes, Bailey, M. Pugh, Lin, Benfield

March 9th            Costessey Sports    3    Hethersett    3

TEAM - Hales, Hicks, Holmes, Burrows, McKenzie, Riseborough, Lin, Moyse, Bailey, Bunn, Wright, Benfield, Dyson, Brooks

March 16th           Cellar House    3      Hethersett     2

TEAM - Hales, Burrows, Riseborough, Hicks, Holmes, Bunn, Mardell, B. Wright, Brooks, Moyse, Bailey, Campbell

March 23rd       Hethersett     2   The Pod    0

TEAM - Hales, Hicks, Riseborough, Burrows, Holmes, Campbell, Bunn, Brooks, B. Wright, Bailey, Moyes, Lin, Finch

April 13th       Hethersett    4   Heroes Bar    3

TEAM - Hales, Hicks, Mackenzie, Riseborough, Holmes, B. Wright, Bunn, Brooks, Lin, Bailey, Alsopp, Waters, Benfield.