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A National FA Community Charter Club

 2017/2018 Men's Saturday

Barnes Print South and Central Norfolk League Division One


Sept 2 H Longham League 1-4 Gray
Sept 9 A Sporle League 3-6 Gray, Grimwood, Lance
Sept 16 A Rockland League 2-4 Folkard, Firman
Sept 30 H Dereham Taverners League 1-8 A. Smith
Oct 7 H Gayton Nfk Jun Cup 2-4 Gray 2
Oct 14 H Longham Cup 1-1 Gray
Oct 21 H Hethersett Old Boys League 1-0 Gray
Oct 28 A Mulbarton A League 5-1 Norman 2, Gray, O. Smith, A. Smith
Nov 4 H North Elmham League 5-2 Gray 3, A. Smith  2
Nov 11 A Rockland Cup 3-3 Gray 2, Rolf
Nov 18 A Shipdham League 4-4 Gray 2, Norman, O. Smith
Nov 25 H Rockland League 0-2
Dec 9 A Tacolneston Reserves Cup 4-1 Gray, Hudson-Church, Lance, Norman
Dec 16 A North Elmham League 3-1 Gray, Lance, A. Smith


Season 2016/17 Career Club Awards
App Goals App Goals
COWAN James 3 0
CRANSTON Lewis 2 0
FIRMAN Jonathan 7 1
FOLKARD Dan 11 1
GRAY Daniel 14 16
GREEN Michael 11 0
HAMILL Harley 2 0
LANCE Mark 12 3
LEMMON Matt 9 0
LUND 1 0
MANINGTON Richard 13 0
MULLEN Marc 10 0
NORMAN Paul 11 4
RICE James 11 0
ROLF Jordan 7 1
SIMONS Nick 5 0
SMITH Andy 13 5
SMITH Oliver 5 2
STURMAN Adam 13 0
WRIGHT Jamie 1 0


September 2nd       Hethersett   1    Longham    4

TEAM - Sturman, Lemmon, Green, Benfield, O. Smith, Lance, Folkard, Norman, Rice, Gray, A. Smith, Simons, Mullen, Manington

September 9th       Sporle    6    Hethersett      3

TEAM - Gray, Green, Grimwood, Lance, Lemmon, Manington, Mullen, Norman, Simons, A. Smith, Sturman

September 16th  Rockland    4     Hethersett     2

TEAM - Folkard, Gray, Green, Lance, Lemmon, Mullen, Norman, Rice, Rolf, Simons, Sturman, Cranston, Firman, Manington

September 30th  Hethersett    1    Dereham Taverners     8

TEAM - Folkard, Gray, Green, Hudson-Church, Lance, Lemmon, Manington, Norman, Rice, A. Smith, Sturman, Benfield, Rolf, Simons.

October 7th       Hethersett      2    Gayton    4

TEAM - Manington, Lemmon, Green, O. Smith, Hudson-Church, Benfield, Rice, Rolf, Folkard, Gray, A. Smith, Cowan, Grimwood, Sturman

October 14th      Longham    1     Hethersett      1

TEAM - Benfield, Folkard, Gray, Green, Lance, Lemmon, Mullen, Rice, A. Smith, O. Smith, Sturman, Grimwood, Hudson-Church, J. Wright

October 21st     Hethersett    1    Hethersett Old Boys   0

TEAM - Benfield, Folkard, Gray, Green, Hudson-Church, Lance, Manington, Norman, Rice, A. Smith, Sturman, Rolf.

October 28th      Mulbarton A   1    Hethersett     5   

TEAM - Sturman, Manington, Green, Norman, Hudson-Church, O. Smith, Rice, Lance, Folkard, Gray, A. Smith, Mullen, Grimwood, Cranston

November 4th     Hethersett    5    North Elmham     2

TEAM - Manington, Sturman, Green, Norman, Hudson-Church, Benfield, Rice, Lance, Folkard, Gray, Smith, Mullen, Rolf, Firman

November 11th      Rockland      3       Hethersett     3

TEAM - Benfield, Cowan, Folkard, Gray, Hudson-Church, Lance, Manington, Rolf, Simons, A. Smith, Sturman, Firman

November 18th      Shipdham    4      Hethersett      4

TEAM - Firman, Folkard, Gray, Lance, Manington, Mullen, Norman, Rice, A. Smith, O. Smith, Sturman, Green

November 25th    Hethersett     0     Rockland       2

TEAM - Benfield, Gray, Hudson-Church, Lance, Lemmon, Lund, Manington, Mullen, Norman, A. Smith, Sturman, Firman, Grimwood

December 9th    Tacolneston Reserves   1     Hethersett    4

TEAM - Gray, Green, Hamill, Hudson-Church, Lance, Lemmon, Manington, Mullen, Norman, Rice, A. Smith, Firman, Grimwood, Sturman

December 16th    North Elmham    1    Hethersett    3

TEAM - Folkard, Gray, Hamill, Hudson-Church, Lemmon, Manington, Mullen, Norman, Rice, A. Smith, Cowan, Firman, Rolf