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A National FA Community Charter Club

 2016/2017 Men's Sunday Reserves

Norwich Sunday League Division 2B


Sept 3 H FC Viking League 1-1 Hill
Sept 10 A Nelson Athletic League 6-1 Waters 3. Pummell, Payne, Brownbridge
Sept 17 H Ashill League 6-0 Ben Wright, Bradfield, Hill, White 3
Sept 24th A Woodton League 4-0 Bradfield, Payne, B. Wright, White
Oct 1st H AFC Norwich League 1-2 M. Pummell
Oct 8th A Rackheath Rangers League 7-2 Grimes 2, White 3, J. Wright, Bradfield
Oct 15th A MC Rovers Junior Cup 1-4
Oct 29th A Eaton Park Corinthians League 7-1 Bradfield, Grimes, M. Pummell, White 4


Season 2017/18 Career Club Awards
App Goals App Goals
BOREHAM Kristian 4 0
BRADFIELD Justin 7 4
CLARKE Nick 4 0
GREGORY Luke 7 0
GRIMES Scott 4 3
HICKS John 5 0
HILL Dion 7 2
HORREX Stuart 6 0
LEMMON Matthew 1 0
PAYNE Daniel 7 2
POTTER Jack 3 0
PUMMELL Matthew 6 3
WATERS Adam 1 3
WHITE Steven 5 11
WRIGHT Ben 7 2
WRIGHT Jamie 7 1


September 3rd        Hethersett    1    FC Viking   1

TEAM -  Bradfield, Brownbridge, Gregory, Hicks, Hill, Payne, Potter, Pummell, B. Wright, J. Wright, Horrex.

September 10th        Nelson Athletic   1   Hethersett    6

TEAM - Bradfield, Brownbridge, Hill, Horrex, Lemmon, Payne, Pummell, Waters, B. Wright, J. Wright, Gregory

September 17th    Hethersett   6    Ashill       0

TEAM - Chris Brownbridge, Kristian Boreham, Matt Pummell, John Hicks, Scott Grimes, Luke Gregory, Ben Wright (1), Jamie Wright, Justin Bradfield, Dion Hill, Daniel Payne, Steve White, Nick Clarke

September 24th     Woodton    0    Hethersett      4

TEAM - Boreham, Clarke, Horrex, Hicks, Potter, Gregory, B. Wright, J. Wright, Bradfield, Hill, Payne, Brownbridge, White.

October 1st    Hethersett    1     AFC Norwich    2

TEAM - Chris Brownbridge, Scott Grimes, Matt Pummell, John Hicks, Stuart Horrex, Luke Gregory, Steve White, Jamie Wright, Justin Bradfield , Dion Hill, Daniel Payne, Kristian Boreham, Nick Clarke, Ben Wright, Jack Potter

October 8th     Rackheath    2     Hethersett     7

TEAM - Chris Brownbridge, Matt Pummell, Stuart Horrex, Kristian Boreham, Luke Gregory, Scott Grimes, Ben Wright, Jamie Wright, Steve White, Dion Hill, Daniel Payne, Justin Bradfield, Nick Clarke

October 15th    MC Rovers 4   Hethersett     1

October 29th   Eaton Park Corinthians   1     Hethersett     7

TEAM - Bradfield, Brownbridge, Gregory, Grimes, Hicks, Hill, Horrex, Pummell, White, B. Wright, J. Wright, Payne