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A National FA Community Charter Club

 2017/2018 Under-11s

Norfolk Combined Youth League Development


September 24th A Stoke Development 6-2 Wright 2, Crawley 2, Smith, own goal
October 1st H Tasburgh Development 2-11 Crawley, Henri
October 8th H Bulldog Marvels Development 3-3 Smith, Copeland, Wright
October 15th H Harling Colts Development 4-6 Smith, Wright, Ponomarev, Alberry
October 22nd A Watton Development 0-5
November 5th H Wymondham Falcons Development 2-2 Wright 2
November 12th H Wymondham Development 0-0
November 26th H Stoke Development 5-3 Wright 3, Rich, Henri
December 3rd A Rocklands Development 6-7 Ruiters 3, Henri 2, Sands
January 14th A QH Development
February 11th A Bulldogs Development
March 25th H Brandon Development
April 8th H Morley Development
April 15th H Diss Development
April 22nd H Lakenheath Development
April 29th A New Buckenham Development
May 13th H Rocklands Development


Season 2017/18 Career Club Awards
App Goals App Goals
ALBERRY Oli 14 1 30 2
BRAND Alice 11 0 24 0
BURBERRY Oskar 11 0 16 2
COPELAND Riley 6 1 30 8
CRAWLEY Dylan 14 3 40 17
FORD Isaac 12 0 39 0
HENRI Johnny 13 4 39 10
PONOMAREV Maxim 7 1 14 2
POUNDALL Kieran 14 0 14 0
RICH Jamie 13 1 38 6
RUITERS Joel 8 3 8 3
SANDS Levi 12 1 26 1
SMALL Thomas 13 0 39 0
SMITH Freddy 13 3 20 3
WRIGHT James 14 9 41 24


September 24th  Stoke    2     Hethersett    6

TEAM - Ford, Crawley, Henri, Alberry, Small, Wright, Rich, Burberry, Smith, Brand, Poundall

October 1st       Hethersett    2    Tasburgh    11

TEAM - Crawley, Smith, Wright, Rich, Henri, Sands, Ponomarev, Alberry, Burberry, Copeland

October 8th       Hethersett    3   Bulldog Marvels     3

TEAM - Brand, Crawley, Smith, Ford, Wright, Rich, Henri, Poundall, Sands, Burberry, Copeland, Small

October 15th        Hethersett   4    Harling Colts     6

TEAM - Brand, Smith, Ford, Wright, Rich, Henri, Sands, Ponomarev, Alberry, Burberry, Small

October 22nd      Watton    5    Hethersett     0

TEAM - Brand, Ford, Ruiters, Henri, Poundall, Sands, Alberry, Copeland, Small

November 5th        Hethersett      2      Wymondham Falcons     2

TEAMS - Brand, Crawley, Smith, Ford, Wright, Ruiters, Poundall, Alberry, Burberry, Copeland, Small.

November 12th       Hethersett    0    Wymondham     0

TEAM - Brand, Crawley, Wright, Rich, Henri, Poundall, Sands, Ponomarev, Alberry, Burberry, Small.

November 26th      Hethersett    5     Stoke      3

TEAM - Crawley, Smith, Ford, Wright, Rich, Henri, Poundall, Alberry, Copeland, Small

December 3rd       Rocklands    7     Hethersett    6

TEAM - Brand, Crawley, Ford, Wright, Rich, Ruiters, Henri, Pundall, Sands, Small, Burberry

January 14th - Alberry, Burberry, Copeland, Crawley, Poundall, Rich, Sands, Smith, Small, Tuiter, Wright.

February 11th - Brand, Crawley, Ford, Nanayakkara, Ponomarev, Poundall, Sands, Smith, Wright, Burberry

March 25th - Alberry, Burberry, Ford, Nanayakkara, Poundall, Rich, Ruiters, Sands, Smith, Ponomarev

April 8th - Alberry, Brand, Crawley, Henri, Poundall, Rich, Smith, Small, Wright, Ford, Nanayakkara

April 15th - Alberry, Brand, Burberry, Henri, Nanayakkara, Poundall, Ruiter, Small, Smith, Crawley, Sands

April 22nd - Alberry, Crawley, Ford, Henri, Nanayakkara, Poundall, Rich, Sands, Small, Wrioght, Brand

April 29th - Alberry, Crawley, Henri, Ponomorev, Poundall, Rich, Ruiters, Smith, Small, Sands, Wright.

May 13th - Alberry, Crawley, Ford, Henri, Ponomorev, Ruiters, Small, Smith, Wright, Rich