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A National FA Community Charter Club

Founded - 1991  

Annual General Meeting July 2015

2015 agm minutes

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Hethersett Athletic FC held at Park Farm Hotel, Hethersett, on Monday 20th July 2015 


Apologies were received from Gavin Bromley, Steve Walker and Zoltan Tuma 

There were 15 club members present. 

Minutes of 2014 AGM 

These were taken as read 

Matters Arising 


Welcome and Report from Club Chairman 

Wayne Johnson reported on a successful season with the club moving in the right direction both on and off the field. He felt it was in the healthiest position for a number of years. One of the big challenges will be attracting and keeping volunteers and the club needs to ensure that experienced volunteers and committee members stay with the club. 

The club needs to challenge itself to ensure it is “doing things for the right reasons” and work hard to make individual teams self sufficient. He had enjoyed his first year as chair and was looking forward to the future with great optimism. 

Wayne stated that sponsorship now came almost exclusively from contacts from within a teams via coaches and players. 

Secretary’s Report 

Mel Perkins praised the chairman for his work throughout the year. It had been a very successful year despite the club not winning any trophies, although the Under-12s had won a sporting award. Despite this it had been the most successful year for some time with the club ethos right and everyone working together. The adult sides were working together as a single unit with 20 players signed for both the Saturday and Sunday sides. Younger players were also coming through into adult football. The club currently has 235 playing members and 50 signed on volunteers and officers. Teams played a total of 137 league and cup matches with the under-19s finishing in the highest position of any team. 

The club had enjoyed an excellent season on the discipline front with only 22 cautions and one sending off. The cautions had been – five for dissent, one for persistent infringement, 15 for unsporting behaviour and one for delaying the taking of a free kick. The sending off had been for receiving two yellow cards. The Under-19s had been the subject of a disciplinary charge, which has been dealt with. 

Treasurer’s Report 

Tim Hudson reported that finances were in a healthy position with funds now centralised with Nat West bank. A total of £810 had been raised from the 100 Club and bingo evenings. 

Steve Raven praised the work of the treasurer and assistant treasurer in simplifying the accounts. 

Club Constitution 

There were no proposed changes to the club constitution. 

Election of Officers: 

* - indicate change of post or new post. 




Wayne Johnson


David Bills


Mel Perkins

Assistant Secretary

Peter Steward


Tim Hudson

Assistant Treasurer

David Bills

Welfare Officer

Sue Buffin

Assistant Welfare Officer

Wayne Johnson

Grants Officer*

Ian Fieldhouse

Football Development Officer

Wayne Johnson

Club Development

Steve Raven

Promotions/Marketing/Sponsorship Officer*

Kevin Harvey/Leon Cox

Facilities Officer

Neal Luther

Schools Liaison and Volunteer Recruitment Officer*

Russell Attfield


Steve Raven

Referee Co-ordinator

Neal Luther

Media Officer*

Peter Steward

 Any Other Business